As Your World Turns – Part 1

“The business out in front of you, which is the world around you cannot be ignored. It’s not a great deal of fun with communication systems that put us on a global basis. Turning on your computer, television, or picking up your newspaper is the basis for non-creative energy that you don’t want. There are some individuals who say that they want to cut that kind of input out of their lives. That’s okay. You don’t have to read the news or know what is going on everywhere in the world. I’m referring to your personal life. What you don’t have a right to do is to cut yourself off from your own life. It’s an option if you want to cut off the rest of the world. You have a right to do that. However, you can’t then turn around and say, “I have nothing to create or to live for.” Your own life is the parameter of your experience which is your own world. To begin to accept this provides you with the incentive to take responsibility for the power you have over your own world. What comes out of your world is not the world around you.

Whether your view is positive or negative about the activity of the world surrounding you, it has nothing to do with the creative energy that deals with your availability to have an experience that leads to a proper level of knowledge.

Are you aware of how many celestial bodies have collided today? Do you know how many galaxies have been created today? Do you know how many stars have been burned out today? You don’t know, but it is going on. Suppose you could turn on channel 155, the Universal Channel, on your television. All of a sudden you have a panoramic view of what’s going on in this galaxy right now. It’s going on, but you’re not putting any focus on what you think doesn’t affect you because you don’t know about it.

Is that much different than focusing on all these horrible things going on in the world around you? The issue is choice. I’m not indicating it isn’t going to affect you overall in terms of life activity if you don’t want to focus on the conditions in the Middle East. The point is what you do need to focus on. You focus on your world, which is directly in front of you, should be in the terms of what it is you want to do. I do not want to overwork this point, nor do I want anyone to take the following statement too far:  Most everything we read in the book we know as the Bible is a reiteration of basic metaphysical codes. The statement made by the individual attributed to the man that has become known as Jesus is, “I am in this world, but I am not of this world.” There’s your key. He was saying exactly what I’m trying to get across here. He was saying that he knows there’s a world out there. He knew what was going on in the world. He knew what power people claimed to have, but that wasn’t his world. His world was him. He is quoted as saying, “My Father and I are one,” which is saying the Universe is my world, and I establish my own parameter, my own world. Don’t put those statements way out there as if it were some mystic or some great teacher who had no relation to the rest of us. Those are very real statements about the way you and I are meant to live. What gets you overwhelmed is that you are too concerned that you have to interact with the big world outside of you.

At that point, you think there has to be someone else in your life, or that there has to be some other condition such as the bank foreclosing on your house to make the day interesting. It’s as if something has to be going on to threaten your survival. If you want to take into consideration that all these things are threatening your survival, then all you are going to be doing is worrying about your survival. You’re not going to be learning anything other than in a reverse way about how to survive. You’ve already proved that you are going to survive. Survival is no longer an issue. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to go through your life proving it over and over. We already know you can survive. Let’s get on with something that is worthwhile. Simply follow your nose.

If your overall incentive is that you would like to improve and come back to a better world, how do you bring that into a moment-to-moment reaction to the world you actually live in? That isn’t very hard to do, first of all, you were given five physical senses. Those senses are primarily there to keep you alive. You hear, see, taste, touch and smell. Those physical senses are basically there to make sure your body can meet conditions and survive. The beauty is that you are also capable of super-senses. Your super-senses are capable of going though experiences that do not deal primarily with survival. They deal with the acquisition of knowledge. To function in YOUR world, you must wake up! You have senses all of which allow you to be aware of the seen and the unseen. When you give yourself to these senses, you are excited into an action. That action is not a labor. It’s a willingness to participate in your own development. Nothing you find in front of you is a job. It is an opportunity.” – Gregge Tiffen

Knowledge – Part 2

The total amount of knowledge that can be given to you as single consciousness at any given time is unlimited.  It’s relative only to the capacity of consciousness to learn, which means to use the knowledge. At the point of utilization, consciousness increases a certain undefined resiliency by virtue of its experience. Words fail me beyond this point. I don’t know how to describe and define resiliency, as I mean it here because what I really mean is the strength of consciousness. The more I know, the stronger I am. You may pull a gun on me, put sword to my throat, and do away with me physically (which is basically immaterial) because you can’t do away with my consciousness. Period. If you realize that your strength is in knowledge, which is your experience and the resiliency of consciousness, no one can affect you. Not even the Universe can diminish that one whit.

One of the most marvelous examples of this is those few who lived through the concentration camps of World War II. If you examined their backgrounds, you would find that they lived through those conditions through knowledge. They were wise people, and they did it in a way that maintained a resiliency of consciousness rather than giving up or giving in. That shows us just what a warped view we have of what’s valuable and what isn’t.

If you evaluate the way you eat, sleep, entertain yourself, and the processes by which you work, you’re likely to recognize that most of that time is wasted. Very little of it is put into the direct utilization of knowledge in terms of your individual learning requirements. It’s a waste to eat bad food that destroys your body. It’s a waste to go to a job for eight hours when you could do exactly the same amount of work in two hours and thirty minutes. Why spend the additional five house and thirty minutes doing something that doesn’t teach you anything? Such activity doesn’t build any resiliency of consciousness because it doesn’t give you any learning experience. Longings and dissatisfactions occur from just such a waste.

To ask “What do I know?’ is the same thing as asking your consciousness, “What did you do?” The smallest of your learning experiences should never be ignored. What you might consider the most insignificant, might add some tremendous stature to you provided (and assuming) the knowledge within the experience is used. This is why it isn’t wrong to say “I’ not going to do that because it doesn’t contribute to my own growth experience.” You are the one that has to make those decisions. If we all did this, you would find that we harmonize and are never in each other’s way. The cells in our bodies arrange themselves in exactly the same way. They transfer vital information to each other. It is also an absolute requirement that you always know where you are. Otherwise, how do you know where you’re going? You know your position not by knowing what country you’re in or what goals you’ve attained. Your position of knowing where you are is the knowledge of self-experience which is literally the knowledge itself.  The message from consciousness is, “This is what I did; therefore, I know where I am.” This is not as far-fetched as it seems in words because the question you keep asking yourself is the one thing you are here to learn. For example, if you are here to learn tolerance, every time you scratch you head you are to ask yourself if you’re learning something about tolerance. The onboard computer in consciousness then runs through the whole experience and immediately tells you where you are, and where you should be going. This allows you to figure out your whole procedure in stages.

Advancement in life experience suffers because individuals start off in directions that are irrational and individually non-productive. It’s sheer ignorance for people to say that they don’t want to know where they are because they don’t want to know where they are going. Leave them alone in their ignorance. On the other side of the coin (the polarity); once you know where you are, you are responsible to do something about where you are going. What else is there to do with your life?

Be emphatic about finding out what you need to know. There are always means of finding out. However, in the human aspect of the mind, there is that little voice that says, “Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter.” Nevertheless, sooner or later, you learn that there is a Law of Cause and Effect, a Law of Karma operating. For instance, the way you learn about death is what you learn about life by using what you have on hand. What you see around you is dying all the time. Old ideas die, cells die, people die out of your life.  You see, you do know about death by what you know at your particular point of existence. If it’s important to you to know, it’s important for you to learn.  Let it register in your thinking from this day forward that First Cause has already created everything. The answer is simple. Use what has already been created. For you to be aware of what that means, put the necessary energy into what you can recognize with one or more of your five physical senses and go from there. – Gregge Tiffen

Knowledge – Part 1

You will never know anything I try to teach you that you don’t need to know. If that were not true, there wouldn’t be any learning experience because you wouldn’t even accept the teachings. Everything that I teach you that you do need to know will automatically be accepted by you. You will learn something, in your own right, relative to your own need because it’s usable for you.

Life is knowledge and knowledge is Life. When we talk about life development we’re talking about the universal movement of gathering knowledge. This is how the Universe operates. This is how consciousness operates. We should feel some degree of ecstatic passion involved in the realization that this planet, this solar system, and this galaxy exist for our knowledge gathering and learning benefit. No matter where we are, the Universe produces an infinite variety of ways and means for us to gather knowledge through our life experience. As part of the learning arena on earth there is a great magnitude of energy within the spiritual, mental and physical frequencies. Literally everything you learn well at the physical level gives you a look at the things you can’t see. You’ve been placed here to do a job that lets you become fully aware of the teaching values available to you. 

The marvelous thing about the Universe (and infinity) is that the Universe cannot deal with Itself in infinite terms. There wouldn’t be any point of recognition. And, in an infinite Universe, you are an infinite consciousness. You must forever have obtainable to you an undefined amount of knowledge that is always available to you. That is a striking realization. 

Do you know that your consciousness can’t ever loose what you’ve learned and used? Consciousness absorbs knowledge. It feeds on knowledge in such a way that it doesn’t diminish itself nor does it add to it its mass. It uses knowledge just like the body uses food but it is done in such a way that it ingests the knowledge without changing its mass. How does it do this? Isn’t it true that you can be taught today, tomorrow, next week and next month without making yourself any larger? You can take in more and more knowledge without showing any change in your physical size. You can eat food; drink water and breath air with a marked difference, yet you can take in knowledge without changing your stature one whit. Consciousness absorbs and becomes the thing it learns. Since it has the means of devouring knowledge without changing its mass, it doesn’t need to store the knowledge it acquires on our sojourns. The total amount of knowledge that can be given to you as a single consciousness at any given time and place is unlimited. It is relative only to the capacity of consciousness to learn, which means to USE the knowledge. Knowledge not used is not knowledge. – Gregge Tiffen


One of the great buzzwords of modern society is “potential.” We toss it around using it to indicate everything from the promise that the educational system offers to the carrot of corporate chairmanship. The word has become a tongue cluck when referring to someone who has not done well as in, “He had the potential to become successful.” It is a write-off word, meaning nothing but hiding much.

We are involved in major planetary changes and are being pressured and tested to our personal limits by Universal forces. Each of us has the “potential” of gaining great spiritual awareness and advancement in these times, but to do so we need to understand what our potential is.

We should begin with the realization that the word potential begins with the word potent…meaning powerful. Therefore, to recognize our potential our first requirement is to recognize that we are operating from a base of power. What power? It is hard to think of ourselves as powerful when almost everything around us is crumbling. The power of potential is not the power of the human man but rather the spiritual power invested in us on the Universal level. It is the power of Consciousness aware of its omnipotent force in the Universal scheme of things. All great metaphysical teachers have recognized that they are instruments of a Higher Authority, which moves through us if we would but let it.

Our potential is greatly diminished when we think of it only in mundane terms relating it to our careers, or our education or our relationships. The world we live in is nothing more than the effect of our potent force it is not the source! A job does not have a potential. Of itself it is not potent. It is we who bring to the job its power; it is we who give it its potential. To expect the power of our potent force to be handed to us by some physical person, situation or experience is to deny our own Universal power. By failing to see where the source of our potential lies we end up suffering the impotency of experiences that exist without energy and without the power to make them pathways of development.

Each of us has the chance to correct our misconception of our potential. The world is laying before us a vast number of opportunities, each one awaiting our potent use of power to direct it to our benefit. If we look upon our potential in some cursory manner giving it only lip service and letting the situation dictate our actions, we have no one to blame but ourselves when on some morning we awake and find that we have never lived up to our potential.

Now is the time for the potency of potential to be used. You are both a source and a channel of Universal power. Each of us represents the most potent force available on this planet. Each of us has the potential to change the conditions around us. Each of us has the power to establish harmony, joy, abundance and love in our experiences. We are humans with the ever-present potential of being gods. If we refuse to take our proper place then someone or something that will exert power over us will fill it. Whether we like it or not, we will have to live with the realization that we have abdicated our throne and turned our potent forces over to the negative forces of this world who will use that power to keep us in bondage. We should never forget that a rightful force unused will, by the law of its character, become a force misused. – Gregge Tiffen

Symbology Of The Body

We operate on this planet through three levels, spiritual, mental and physical. Because this is a physical planet our body responds to these three areas by assigning its parts as representatives of one or more of these levels.

The left side of the body is the spiritual side while the right side represents the physical plane. Internal organs represent the mental state. Consequently, one can easily judge in what area there is a deficiency by being aware of what side of the body is being affected. Problems on the right side indicate a misuse of physical law and on the left side indicates a misuse of spiritual law. Internal problems indicate that the thought process is holding some negativity.

Body sections are valuable indicators in the symbolical structure. Their shape and condition can tell us a lot about what is going on with our attitude and our life.

Because the head has so many separate features (and is almost always exposed to view) it is a marvelous indicator of one’s condition. The forehead relates to the mental plane. It’s size; expanse and lines tell a complete story of our state of mind. The eyes are assigned to the spiritual level. Their size, shape, color, the lids and any abnormalities such as muscle ticks, give a good indication of our spiritual awareness. The nose represents the physical level. Size and shape are indicators as are problems associated with stuffiness, susceptibility to pollen, colds, etc. The mouth and lips are mental indicators. Size and shape mean something here but not as much as what the mouth and lips do when in motion. Their action during conversation is a dead giveaway as to what is really going on in a person’s head. The ears are assigned to the spiritual level. How they are placed on the head and their shape tell us about a persons spiritual attitude. Ear problems indicate a clear problem with spiritual consciousness.

Extremities are also indicators. Shoulders are physical plane indicators. Arms tell us mental attitude. Hands are spiritual symbols. The torso is physical. Hips are mental indicators. Thighs are also mental. Calves are physical markers and the feet are very sensitive indicators of spiritual attitude.

In short we are a walking story of our physical, mental, and spiritual awareness and concepts. Among ancient mystics it was a common practice to read the body of a stranger or one making a proposal to be assured that what was being said was coming from a source of truth. So accurate was this evaluation that the Orientals designed clothing that covered everything and draped fully to hide the body. Long sleeves with large cuffs were employed to hide the hands so they could not be read. To combat this practice, potentates made it mandatory that visitors prostrated themselves before the throne, arms extended and hands flat. The emperor’s courts mystic would then read the hands of that person and advise the ruler.

In society we like to think that we have our secrets. Little do we know that we are a walking broadcast of what we know, what we think and what we believe. The Universe holds no secrets and we are not made to violate that law. – Gregge Tiffen

Consciousness And The Body – Part 2

Now we will turn to the body as the vehicle for consciousness. We turn from the clapper to the bell’s container. I want you to consider Nature and your body as one thing.

The power of the planet is the power you have available to you in totality. Your body is representative of the planet, comes from the planet, and belongs to the planet. Hardly anyone wants to deal with this as a reality. However, as interested developers and metaphysicians, this is something that needs to be imparted, in our present time, in order to take the knowledge and do something with it.

When we take vacations, we go to see the planet. We go back to Mother Nature as the source to give us what we need and want. Harmony, rest, entertainment, and beauty all come from the planet. When I want peace I go to the planet for peace. We have many people who live harmonious lives in tune with nature. If you go back into the initial lore, the native Indians were big in knowing how to translate the laws of the planet. They prayed to the wind, the sun, the trees and the clouds. They were always aware of an ultimate Intelligence. They identified those “gods” that belonged to the planet.

If you go back in mythology you will see this over and over again. Even when the gods come from heaven, they manifest down here, which is symbolic of nature gods. To pray, you pray to nature except when you are going to move out of your body and work with consciousness. In that case, consciousness would not pray at all. It has nothing to pray for since is has awareness of what IS.

The necromancer and the magician (black or white) will use tools that are the elements drawn from the planet whether using mercury, a bat’s eye, a willow stick or pure silver and gold. These all come from the planet. Power did not come from calling in angels but rather by calling upon the “gods” of the planet – animal, vegetable and mineral.

Every celestial body has definitive root characteristics. The root characteristic of this particular planet is that it is a receptive womb. Planet Earth is female and produces a mothering, nurturing base. Everything on this planet seems to come out like a family comes out. Look at how everything is related in family units. There are families of trees, families of animals and families of mankind.

Everything on Planet Earth is created new. Nothing here is ever lost. We burn a log that turns into ashes that turns into something else. Another characteristic is that this planet nurtures and it feeds. This is one of the most abundant planets you are ever likely to see. Metaphysically, it is difficult to understand why there could ever be people starving in this world. Wherever you go there is something that nurtures the body. There should never be a reason for anyone to go hungry on a planet that nurtures, or for anyone to be starved in any one of the five physical sense capacities.

Another characteristic of this planet is that it manifests. Nothing works here until it becomes tangible. The greatest idea in the world is worthless until the idea becomes tangible. In other words, the planet will not allow anything to exist for any period of time without manifestation. You cannot keep things on this planet from happening. If you are angry, that anger will manifest whether you try to hide it or not. In the same respect, if you are a warm and loving person, those qualities will manifest even if you do not point out that is what you are. One of the first keys of learning how to get along here unusually well is to remember that whether you like it or not, manifestation is going to occur. You might as well set up a positive sense to start manifesting all the positive elements.

One more characteristic for this planet is that it is a change maker. Nothing on this planet will remain stable. It must change. We are not talking about next month or next year. This planet is changing every microsecond of time. Nature has all sorts of systems for change; snakes shed their skins, the inchworm crawls into a cocoon and comes out a butterfly and animals shed their fur. This is all very visual and obvious, but we, as humans, tend to ignore the obvious.

What we are facing is that we have continuity, wisdom, will and Law in consciousness. Do you see anything very tangible there? No! You have consciousness in a vehicle on a planet that is mothering, creative, nurturing, manifesting and changing. You cannot match up the basic characteristics of consciousness to the basic characteristics of the planet. You cannot go in the Laws of the Universe and conquer a kingdom. That is antagonistic to Universal Law so consciousness must adapt to wherever it finds itself. It cannot change or conquer where it finds itself. For decades, a lot of metaphysical activity has been focused on getting a hold on consciousness and changing everything in life. You can work with what you have here and get the most out of it, but you cannot change the basic ingredients. You cannot usurp natural law on this planet.

An elephant is an elephant, and you cannot come along and change it into a flower. This is true because the planet is created with a Universal design. How can the Universe send one element of Itself against another element of Itself? That would be inconsistent. What the Universe creates will not send anything to overcome it. It is terribly important that you come to the realization that Planet Earth will never be a natural home for consciousness and that consciousness is not trying to usurp change or conquer the planet. It does not look upon the planet as a warm secure little niche that it can enjoy for a few million years.

It is your body that belongs to the planet, and it finds the environment perfectly okay. It is your body that is made up of animal, vegetable and mineral. It responds to the laws of nature, works to the laws of nature and develops to the laws of nature. It does not respond at all to consciousness. The master of the body is the planet.

For ages metaphysics has come along and tried to sell the other theme that consciousness controls the body. Experience will tell you that it never works. There is no such thing as mind over matter. There is matter over matter. If we could isolate consciousness and say, “How would you like to change this life?” consciousness would say, “What life? I am not in any life. What I am doing is registering an experience. I do not know what you are talking about.” Consciousness is not in a position to critique; it is in a position to maintain will, to support Universal Law and to store knowledge and wisdom.

Now we come to another point. What we need to realize is that we are two individualized units operating in a one point mass. Consciousness does exist. The body does exist. They both belong to us, and we have to operate two units as one. We are asking the most unusual of conditions to take place. This is good news/bad news. The good news is we have a broad range of categories we can address. One category is consciousness and the other category is the physical body. For example, consciousness might say in effect, “I must go to that school (meaning Planet Earth) because I want to learn about relationships.” Now, how many ways are there to learn about relationships? Consciousness doesn’t care how it is going to learn just as long as it learns in relation to what it wants to store as wisdom. Consciousness is always aware of itself. It knows what its needs are. If the issue is relationships, it says, “Well, I went through all of my records, and what I need is some experience about relationships. There is a good school. I will go to that one.” Consciousness has no idea the terms of working out the experience.

If you want a word to attach to consciousness, use conscience. It is that angel on your shoulder that reminds you that you are, in truth, universal and part of the Universe. Therefore, all of the Laws of the Universe apply. Consciousness does not make those Laws apply. Meanwhile, the body’s attitude towards consciousness is, “I do not know what you are doing here, but I am not going to listen to you. You do not belong to my family. I do not see any of my characteristics in you.” Your body is always looking at the planet through its five physical senses. It never looks beyond the planet. It looks at physical action only. Your body will not look at meta-action.

You will find living here easier and a lot more fun when you respond to the planet and nature as you are designed to do. You understand that experience is here to increase your awareness at a certain point for a certain reason. Major or minor, your experiences are there for your physical experience at that moment. Meanwhile, your consciousness is observing the show because it is already in perfection.

If consciousness had the quality of the will of survival the way we talk about survival, how could you physically die? You could not. To consciousness, what we call death is an experiential passage. Let’s say you are facing a problem, an experience, a challenge, or an opportunity. Metaphysically, your first inclination is to attack this thing through consciousness. Right there you are in trouble, which is why many times, your initial output to an action falls flat on its face. Doing something spiritually to you initially meant doing it by consciousness. Doing it spiritually to the body means doing it according to nature’s law – the spirit of nature.

The physical person is the one who conforms to nature’s needs and wants using five physical senses. The mental person is the one who conforms to nature’s action of creativity. The spiritual person is the one who conforms to nature’s law to use and produce a manifestation. – Gregge Tiffen – September 2008

Consciousness And The Body – Part 1

A bell without a clapper does not have the experience of being a bell. There is no action, no sound. And so it is with the physical body. Without consciousness, there is no life force. We live on a planet of manifestation. Just as there is no sound in a bell without a clapper, there is no manifestation from just having a thought.

Behind every thought pattern is an element that comes out of the Universe and belongs to the Universe. The thought pattern is the same make-up as Universal Intelligence. This element is called by many names – soul, spirit, consciousness. It is without form and has no beginning and no end. It is the expression of Universal Intelligence as Its smallest point, atomic if you like.

We are going to borrow the word “Consciousness” to identify Universal Intelligence at the point we find ourselves. In metaphysics, we must borrow words as symbols in our attempt to communicate what lies hidden beneath the surface. In the mystical schools, there are ancient and on-going conversations that explore the deeper meaning of Life. The relationship of thought to consciousness is definitely one of those subjects.

If there were a problem with the Universe, it would be Its enormity and infinity. Anything that is infinite can never know Itself because it is forever infinitely aware of an infinite amount that never stops. The way the Universe finds Its elements is by giving the same quality of awareness to Its parts. Some of the parts in the Universe are called Consciousness. There are an infinite number of “parts.” Do they come into being and out of being? No. Like the Universe, they have always been. Have the same number always existed? No, because it is an infinite Universe. It is like the chicken and the egg puzzle. You cannot wrestle with that kind of reasoning. There has always been a Universe. There has always been consciousness. Therefore, if you identify you as consciousness, and as one of these parts, you have always existed. Consciousness has continuity. The big factor regarding your on-going existence is to maintain a continuity of life force in the Universe. This occurs by virtue of the continuity of your experience. The Universe knows Itself by the fact that Its parts go through experiences. For example, we can tell a lot about a car if we take the engine apart and look at the parts. We can tell by the parts that are worn and the parts that are coated just how hard the engine was run, and how efficient it was. In a more refined sense, the Universe can tell about Its history (the worn parts) by the fact that consciousness carries the experience and continuity. Consciousness has well coated experience after experience and efficient wisdom ad infinitum.

The big metaphysical cry has always been, “Well, if I am all of this in consciousness, then why am I not terribly bright and able to do everything?” You can! You just don’t know how to get to it, or in some cases, in getting to it you cannot stand the power involved so you run back to what you consider a familiar safe place. Wisdom has never been denied you. What you need to remember is that we are talking about wisdom. We are not talking about intelligence in terms of learning details. Wisdom is very hard to put your finger on because it is essence. It knows without knowing how you know. In many cases, you find that too intangible so you do not pursue the power in the wisdom.

If I pose a problem to you, you immediately start to solve it. In consciousness you would not start to solve it because it is already solved. The answer, if there is any answer at all, is already there. All consciousness would say is “look in front of your nose. Everything you need and want is there.” There are reasons you do not do this and we will get to that later. 

Consciousness is the historian, the recorder, for the Universe. Consciousness does not have a problem with volume. It can store infinitely as a storage unit for wisdom. The Universe does not store Its knowledge. Consciousness stores the parts – the knowledge, of the Universe. It is the parts that tell you what happens when you take apart the car engine. It is the same principle with the Universe. Since the Universe is the totality, it simply feels the parts. You know when you are feeling well. It is the individual cells telling you that they feel great or that they are under stress. When you put the message all together, you know how you feel.

Consciousness is the keeper of the will. Will presages action. You cannot have action without will initiating action just as you cannot have a bell without a clapper. A bell without a clapper is a cup turned upside-down. That is no bell at all! What is will? It is indefinable. It is the characteristic of the Universe that produces action and motion. It is an indefinable Universal energy that has infinite ramifications so there is no way of saying “Will is…….” Will stands on its own, It holds on to the ability to initiate action.

Consciousness sustains Universal Law. Consciousness, as a part, becomes the supporter of the whole in its out-workings. Look at this unique thing that we truly are. Consciousness maintains continuity, it sustains action and it stores wisdom. It keeps and initiates will. It supports Universal Law. Consciousness is, in effect, anything the Universe is, could be, and would ever want to be. What we have are little encapsulations of the Universe living in only a small infinitesimal corner of the room. The very character of Consciousness is magnificent! How could we even presume to let it encapsulate in a body (in this little place) compared to what it is? How can Consciousness express all its wisdom? How can it carry on its continuity? How can it use its will? It is like entrapping a beautiful stallion into space one half the size of a horse. Yet, it is done.

We must not look at Consciousness as if it does not belong here. Of course it belongs here, and it is here willingly. It just has a different methodology in which to exist. It carries with it all the storage information it has. What is does not have is the arena by which it can use and put out all of this energy and knowledge. However, there is no conflict between consciousness and the body. Consciousness sits within the body watching, observing and recording. Your strength and power come from your Consciousness because you have always had the wisdom. You are adding to that wisdom from experience. – Gregge Tiffen, September 2008

To be concluded in October 2016…

Free Will– Part 3 – The Finale

If you abandon a project that interests you, you lose creativity and you cannot recapture the original vitality. This is because the body loses its vitality if it operates outside of its cycle and after a while the body just quits. You are meant to understand your dual polarity needs: the work and the play, the private and the professional. If you keep to just one single polarity, you diminish productivity. One gives you the energy to accomplish and enjoy the other.

A cycle operates in the law of perpetual motion. For example, you start a project, you get into it and you finish it. The cycle then renews itself and you are exhilarated. This is in direct contrast to running your life by clocks and calendars that indicate you have completed a time frame and are now exhausted.

As you get involved in living your days in cycles, you fulfill self cycles where there are no measurements. Anyone who is disaster prone is someone who is trying to stop a cycle and hold still. If you are considering a problem and it is not answered in 3 minutes, drop it. You are holding the cycle back, and if you give it more time there will be cellular stress. You can get back to it later and give it another 3 minutes IF you have not already got the answer.

Cellular stress occurs from being trained away from your natural cycle. In terms of your cellular structure, this causes a lack of development. All cells must respond to their natural cycle.

Nature is a great example of time and creative efficiency. Nature creates time by using the requirement when the requirement appears. We call those seasons.

This brings us to the subject of change and the seasons of your life. All change is the result of Universal cycles. Any effort you make to withhold change is to break cycles. That translates to mean that no good occurs if you try to stop change, or if you try to stop changing. As humans, we are often disappointed when time does not bring expected changes. We expect certain things to occur but the longer and more insistent we are to hold on to our expectations, the more we increase the pain because we are not moving with the cycle. We are dealing here with time as cycles. It is a fact that no single moment is recorded in which change has not occurred.

Therefore, you must look at the consistency of life in order to see how well you move within a cycle. To deal in logical terms without increasing any interior pressures, you can tell yourself, “I will not at any point in this day allow myself to be rushed.” You will, in turn, increase productivity.

The methodology for determining and modifying cycles is:

                  Here is my requirement.

                  Here is my energy.

                  Here is my priority.

Now… Take your Time!

If you missed Parts One and/or Two of this Free Will and Timing series, please click here to review them at your leisure.

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Free Will – Part 2 – Cycles

The frequently quoted statement of “Let go and let God” means that we are not meant to mess with timing and must become more sensitive to Universal flow. Our body cells function within such Universal timing.

Be aware of yourself. If you are not doing what you want to do and where you want to do it, you are out of your cycle. Your cells are as directly related to your body as they are to the earth, as they are to the solar system and as they are to the galaxy. Your cells say, “Move now. Sit still. Function.” You are designed to listen.

There is no comparison in cycles to clock or calendar time. The original purpose for calendars was to record cycles for the flow of energy and then split them into logical elements, The Romans changed this so badly that the calendars no longer coordinate with cycles. The major adjustment we must make is to move without calendars as often as possible.

The intention here is to cover the vortexual, molecular and flow cycles of energy. To get a clear idea of one kind of energy cycle, picture an accordion that moves out, compresses, expands, and contracts. A point of momentum operates in a similar way for constant renewal. Renewing is a cycle and uses current knowledge to have an experience that results in change. It all works in this way: We are meant to implement what the Universe puts before us, or we lose energy. We use the energy to meet the requirement when the requirement is there in order to gain from that cycle of “time.” This is functioning according to Universal time. To say, “I don’t want to face this so I will meet this requirement latter” dissipates the impact. You did not meet the requirement in cyclic timing.

It works on your behalf to ask yourself, “What is the cycle of time it will take me to do this?” If it is distasteful and stressful, you try to change the cycle so you do not have to deal with it, and the creativity goes down. In other words, if you do not create when the desire is there, you loose the cyclic energy support of creativity. It is also important to ask yourself, “How much of myself do I have to expend physically, mentally and spiritually to do this?” You have the right to manipulate the cycles. Sometimes you are already stretching a cycle out because you dread what is next when the project you are doing does not deserve that much of your time or effort. By now, you can see that the purpose is to elongate into longer cycles the things you like and shorten the cycles of things you don’t. That is under your control. Universal cycles alter for the creation of the time element. How big will a cycle be? What is the requirement? Do not put that question aside without getting an answer. You can alter time in order to serve as a vehicle for production.

When you increase your energy output, you shorten the cycle. You have a natural awareness when there is more of a demand than you originally thought, or less of a demand that you originally anticipated. Be certain to treat this as cycles at all times and not as clock time, or you invalidate the energy concept. If you break this flow of creative motion you are unproductive and lack a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

The requirement is the first thing directly in front of you. First things first. Get in line with the flow that carries you. The focus is not a limitation of time, but it is how much energy the project will take. You are meant to meet every opportunity offered. However, any attempt to do everything at once reduces your efficiency and your results.

Stay tuned in August 2016 for the conclusion of Free Will and Timing. If you missed the Introduction and Part One, please click here to review.

Free Will – Part 1 – Timing

Fundamental mystical knowledge, applied in daily life, is to use your Life power in order to direct energy. That means using your Free Will.  It is in your power to stand on the banks of an empty pond demanding fish. It is also in your power to recognize that the elements you are interested in bringing forth in your life are to support your learning and your advancement – fish or no fish. Do you tolerate the world setting up delays and obstacles? Do you allow the world to force you into action?

You can tell the difference between operating at your tempo compared to being forced out of your tempo. If others are driving you, you are always struggling and tugging at the fishing rod. You cannot get your intended results and move ahead.

It is Free Will that coordinates your individual development. You are not here by mistake. You are mistake-free because you are here at exactly the right time for you to be here. You started out this lifetime at the perfect time with no variance. It is your Free Will and your experience that determines the variations for direction. These are your intellectual judgments.

Before we go any further, let us consider some major changes the planet is going through with the solar system. In this transitional cycle, there no firm fabric. Standard conditions are being replaced by totally unfamiliar patterns of change. We see this in erratic weather patterns with storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. Seasons are more undefined. We also see major changes in the attitude of successful companies making labor upheavals with no human concern. There is a chasm created from irritation between the young looking forward and the older looking back to lifestyles from the focal point of a quality of life being overlooked. Be kind to yourself. Create Time.

Yes! You can create “time.” The basic rule is to listen to the timing of the Universal heartbeat. Take notice of the natural cycles in nature. There is something going on within each cycle of growth. “Now is the only time” is a frequently quoted statement, but what does it actually mean?  It means that the current cycle is the only one occurring because you never see a whole cycle. You only see one immediate point in time. It is impossible to be ahead or behind on a cycle. Everything preceding this point no longer exists, and what is ahead does not exist. In fact, there is no roadway in a cycle. That means that momentum is all that there is at any given point.  Energy produces its own cycle.

How much momentum are you running on? The answer to that question is the only way you can know your cycle. Your Free Will provides momentum, which results in a desire to act. Ask yourself if you are where you want to be. Are you moving with as much energy as you have, or are you fishing on the banks of an empty pond? It is you who moves. Activity is the direct result of you providing the momentum, not the things around you moving.

Stay tuned as this gets really interesting…more to come in July 2016.