Retrograde Alert 2018 – Ruler 6


Our first new retrograde to begin in 2018 is Ruler #6 and lasts approximately 5 months. This will give us plenty of time to make the necessary Fixed Star adjustments in the areas of our relationships. Go to your Personal Fixed Star Analysis and review the methodology you agreed to use with regard to the Relationship area. Check your Personal Bicircadian Calendar to see in which event angle the 6th Ruler is currently traveling through as this is the life event area that will be highlighted for this activity. Put your focus there to make the necessary refinements. This is not an easy retrograde but it can certainly help us to make wonderful improvements and discoveries within those realms it touches. Don’t have your personal calendar? Call or email us to order yours.

Gregge provided us with the following information to be used in our awareness, understanding and navigation of these possible conditions during the retrograde activity of Ruler #6:

RULER #6 appears to go retrograde from our vantage point on Planet Earth, beginning March 8, 2018, through July 10, 2018. The energy impress of this ruler focuses on close personal relationships (and self love), and as such, can take its place as one of the most emotional of all the retrogrades. It also has influence on your home, your health, your family and your atmosphere. If you can avoid starting (starting is the key word here) any major home projects during this period or buying and selling your home it would be to your advantage. The same can be said about medical procedures that are not emergencies or life threatening in nature, as recuperation time tends to be slower during a Ruler #6 retrograde.

“On a global scale it tends to pull attention away from large national issues and involve the individual in personal matters of the heart. On the surface, that is not too dangerous, but if we are depending upon world leaders to be WORLD leaders, we can’t be too comfortable knowing that they are struggling through bouts with their mate or ordeals with their significant other. But then humans are human and we are all in the same boat. It is a pity that there isn’t some global valentine that we could send them to make them happy.

Personally, issues can be very difficult. If you’re in a relationship you need to tread lightly. This goes for those family dynamics as well. Feathers can be ruffled in the slightest breeze and misunderstanding is commonplace. Take a long look at timing. Many confrontations can be avoided if you will just delay your comments an hour or so. Remember that the distance between one’s lips and their ear is only about 6 inches. A hasty word however can dig a chasm so wide it can’t ever be filled.

Creative endeavors can suffer somewhat under this retrograde. Give yourself more space to do the things you want to do and be kind to yourself. Creative stress can be devastating because it often promotes self-destructive tendencies. When making purchases for your personal closet or vanity don’t buy on impulse. Sleep on it because it may not look at all enticing the next day. Patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day but Pompeii was destroyed overnight.” – Gregge Tiffen

Time Waits For No One

“Life is not lived on rewind. If you are late for an appointment and move faster, you do not get back the minutes already used. However, you do interrupt the natural flow that is in constant motion. Our minds cannot grasp the concept of something that just keeps going on and on without any edges even though we are hooked into that kind of motion. Proof of this fact is the galaxies constantly moving through space. They just keep going and going. Consider freedom as a forward motion. The natural flow that is constantly moving onward and upward provides a highly individualized timing beat, one that is all your own. This tempo accounts for your ability as to how you harmonize or feel disjointed and also influences how you relate to other people. No two people ever have the same rhythms. If we break this down through the lens of time, we have to realize no two people are moving along at the same beat. Everyone and everything has a different rhythm.
Many years ago there were scientific studies that proved everyone had their own circadian rhythm, their own built-in time clock and no two are ever alike. Some may be close and equal in harmony. Others are very distant making it difficult to accomplish anything. Part of understanding your own particular circadian rhythm is the awareness that interacting with certain people will obstruct your natural timing because the two different beats are out of tune with one another. This is like a huge symphony orchestra where every musician is playing its own note. There is no disharmony unless someone is disharmonious with himself and tries to play someone else’s note. To pay attention and play your own “musical score” at your own tempo provides you with a sense of caution or opens doorways to opportunities. There are variables in individualized patterns that are affected by four major issues:
1. WEATHER: It is a large factor in affecting circadian rhythms. Some people are upset by thunderstorms and others love them. Some people find long winters enjoyable and others go south with the migrating birds.
2. FOOD: People who are ingesting food that is not harmonious with their bodies are out of synchronization with their own timing.
3. CLOTHING: Your body absorbs the colors, patterns and textures of fabrics that cover your body.
4. SURROUNDINGS: Where you are at any given moment has an enormous effect on your circadian rhythms. This is particularly true in your sleeping space because your sleeping conditions affect a restful night’s sleep or lack of sleep. Part of the atmosphere you create around you during the day comes from being boosted by accomplishment and excitement or depleted from hard work that can be traced to sleep patterns and their effect on circadian rhythms. Any one of these four elements, individually or collectively, can affect the circadian rhythms of your body.
The one thing I want to get across to you is how essential it is that you have an awareness of your own timing and your own rhythm because problems occur when you are not in control of your tempo. You are then in a state of chaos. Conditions become chaotic when you are not in a position to manage the harmonic of your individual core energy to create. “I don’t know what that beat is” is a valid statement. You need to pay attention and discover the basic harmony of your mind, body, and spirit. No one can make this discovery for you. The focus is on you with the thought that you want to listen to that beat and feel it. Use your own rhythm to create and move yourself through life with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. You do know what that is and you do know this does not mean you impose your demands and timing on someone else. 
Many people use goals to make demands and agitate their circadian rhythm. “I must do, must call, must use this time effectively, must be home by 6:30pm” are all forced issues. Build, moment-by-moment, on what you have identified as your circadian rhythm because where you were a moment ago is no longer there. The only thing you can do is to establish a new flow. Circadian rhythms depend on flow. Time travels, and whoever you are and wherever you live, the future is something that you reach at the rate of your own rhythm.” – Gregge Tiffen

A word from Bonnie…

Well, January 2018 blew right past me with so many end of year details meeting head on with setting up the new year details that I simply ran out of time to post the last update. So a belated Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2018 to each of you!
It looks like we are beginning this new year with some of pressures most of us experienced in 2017. That can take its toil when we are not fully aware that pressure requires some form of release. An earthquake is one of Mother Nature’s methods of releasing pressure from the deepest recesses of our planet. How many deep recesses of pressure are forming in own lives? Are we aware of what those pressures are and where they originate? Are we willing to discover and release them in a controlled and non-self-destructive way? Are we headed for a personal earthquake by ignoring our uniquely individual signals of pressure building? Do we understand ourselves well enough to know when to effectively release the pressure valves? Are we wise enough to depressurize long before we cause harm to ourselves (or others) mentally, physically and spiritually? Hopefully these questions will encourage us to use, discover or create those valves and apply them to help us circumvent the unpleasantness of personal earthquakes both minor and major. If you have any humorous, unique or creative methods you would like to share please let us know and we’ll make sure they get passed on!
Currently the heavens are clear of any retrograde activity and we certainly deserve a little break before we start the next round. On March 8, 2018 Ruler 6 will start its annual rebalance dance. A more detailed alert will be posted in early March.

Winter Solstice Gift 2017

Our gift to you this year from G-Systems International is presented below. Have a joyous “letting go” of the old cycle and a gentle and peaceful “welcoming” of the new.

“The Winter Solstice is an annual event when Nature reaches a peak point and, by habit, releases all the activity and pressures that have occurred upon Her during the past twelve months. At the point of Winter Solstice when Nature releases Her year, a new cycle instantly begins. This has occurred since Planet Earth came into existence, or the Planet would be extinct by now. However, humans are possessors by nature, and we are unwilling to let go. Changes are then forced upon us year after year from the pressure of energy that builds up within the syndrome of the unwillingness to let go of all that occurred during the previous twelve months.

The decades of the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s have not been quiet, simple years. The intensity of energy and the excessive pressures were and are higher than they have been in a quarter of a million years. The test of fire for purification, physically, mentally and spiritually is not a test of survival about how strong we are, but rather of how wise we are. Change is essential.” – Gregge Tiffen


The following is a brief introduction to special information Gregge has provided for us to use with our Bicircadian Charts and calendars as it pertains to the position of the first ruler at The Winter Solstice. This ruler’s position on December 21, 2017 is at 2.7 degrees. Pull out your Bicircadian and locate that degree on your natal chart. Now look at the life event angle in which that 2.7 degrees is located. (Your personal Bicircadian calendar will automatically give you this information) The life event angle at that 2.7 degree mark is where your new cycle starting December 21, 2017 until December 20, 2018 will be. Look at the list below to identify the life event angle and the characteristics of the life events it represents for you in the coming new cycle.

ANGLE I – This is a cycle to adjust your activities around self focus and self intensity in order to get the most out of your year ahead.

ANGLE II – This is a cycle to be careful about taking on more than you can do or more than you need. Acquiring excesses will cause you delays.

ANGLE III -This is a cycle where there will be an intense increase in your creative output. You will see spontaneous results before you understand what you are doing.

ANGLE IV – This is a cycle where you will find yourself doing things that you avoided doing in 2017 as it pertains to world systems of all kinds.

ANGLE V – This is a cycle where a geographical house move is almost certain. You will also find yourself moving into new attitudes that have significance for a very long time.

ANGLE VI – This is a cycle for positive selfishness and getting things that enhance your vitality and self improvement.

ANGLE VII – This is a cycle where you practically stumble upon startling information from sources that were previously obscure to you.

ANGLE VIII – This is a cycle of monetary abundance that might take control over you unless you exercise a great deal of discipline. Expect a year of material gain.

ANGLE IX – This is a cycle where you will find yourself very sensitive to world events. Be aware of how affected you allow yourself to become.

ANGLE X – This is a cycle where you feel like a reluctant dragon either being dragged into the future by a chariot or tied behind it with ropes. Decide upon your fashion of participation.

* If you have not had your Bicircadian Chart done, wish to order your Personal Bicircadian Calendar, or if you would like a consultation regarding these life event angles and ruler positions indicated on your personal Bicircadian Charts or Calendars, please call our office to set up an appointment.

Have a beautiful Winter Solstice and my very best to each and EveryONE of you!

Are We Willing To Receive And Willing To Give Thanks As An Integral Part Of Creation?

“We have an abundant Universe. We have an infinite Universe. We have an omnipotent, creative Universe, and all of these things are available to us. We are willing to receive and willing to give thanks as an integral part of creation. The essence of such power is the essence of the creative force not only of the Universe but also of us as creative individuals. What must be understood is the natural course of an abundant Universe. The Universe can no more withhold than it can, in effect, destroy itself.
How does that affect you and me as a natural part of Universal power? To withhold ourselves from receiving Universal energy as a result of negative thinking and negative action, or to resist giving thanks from our point of awareness is to work against the flow of Universal energy. How often do we refute receiving? Every time we say, “I don’t have…I wish I had…and every time we look at our life and find some limitation. Every time we do that we are turning our back on receiving our harvest from the Universe to our spirit. We are refusing the abundance that is ours. We are saying to the Universe and to our spirit, “no thank you.”
We cannot transfer anything that we have refused to receive from the Universe and take into our own. We cannot give love if we cannot accept love from our Source. There is infinite love out there. There is infinite wisdom. There is infinite Joy. There is the same amount to the same degree for ourselves as there is for others. To think in terms of more fortunate or less fortunate locks us into ignorance that tells us we do not have right to harvest what we plant, what we nurture, and what we harvest. How do we accept what is rightfully ours? It is essential that we recognize what is given to us is a one-of-a-kind. There is not another one like you, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be. Such recognition allows us to accept, to give thanks and to use what the Universe provides for each of us. The power of giving thanks gives life its vitality!”

– Gregge Tiffen

New 2012 Booklet “Echo” from The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen – Now Available

G-Systems International is pleased to announce the 2012 First Annual Booklet edition in The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen. 

Echo reverberates the ancient mystical communications derived from Gregge’s specific training in the Far East. Prior to that time and in preparation for some very specialized training, he experienced intimate astral communications much of which is now revealed to us.

As you read along, listen to how the words resonate within you. Spend some time and watch your thoughts, words, and attitudes in action. It’s you who gives direction to energy. It’s you who gets back exactly what you put out; no more and no less. Sound familiar?

To order this 7″ x 4″ 25 page cover stock edition booklet printed in the USA you can go to the link below to order online or send your payment for $10.00 (which includes shipping) to:

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New Book from The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen – Now Available

The next publication in The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen is hot off the press. The Story of Infinity is the next book Gregge wanted published and is dedicated to those mystical storytellers, whose discipline and dedication provide us with the keys to how Planet Earth and all its inhabitants are designed to “live and prosper.” That’s just a hint of what you have in store for you when you begin to unravel what has been a mystery up to now. Gregge’s quest lead him out of the military and off the battlefields to pursue intense mystical training in the application of mystical law. Here are the particulars leading us away from our personal battles into what was originally intended for us centuries ago all contained within 130 pages of a soft cover bound volume. The following is your link to order online:

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First Encounter Series – Now Available

Your Travel Guide for First Encounter Series: The Trilogy*

First Encounter Series: Volume No. 1 Into the Universe – Extraterrestrial Activities.

This science is no fiction. Gregge tells us that the time has come to understand how we have been pioneers about life in outer space, about the ability of that life to transport itself, and about extraterrestrials’ abilities to communicate with us. He introduces us to experiences he has had in order to give us a perspective on the part we play as participants on Planet Earth. It matters very little if you share the on-going interest in extraterrestrial activities or not. Itís never too soon to be prepared to understand your part in the Grand Design.    Now Available.

Here’s the link to view the front and back cover:

First Encounter Series: Volume No. 2 Down to Earth – Terrestrial Activities.

We delve deep into the earth. Gregge is our tour guide into the subterranean society some fifty miles below the crust of earth’s surface. He gives us a perspective into the details of living with empowerment, the cause and effects of losing control, and the means of how to maintain control once we are aware of the responsibilities to use the Power wisely. Here is a perspective you won’t want to live without.    Now Available.

Here’s the link to view the front and back cover:

First Encounter Series: Volume No. 3 – Earth and Second Earth.

This is your call to a Higher Intelligence. No matter what knowledge you seek, no matter what guidance you seek, and no matter what your circumstances, there is a place in the Universe that is directly accessible for you to meet any one of your requirements. Take advantage of Gregge’s knowledge, experience, and training to raise yourself above earth’s energy level and tap into another level with deliberate intent and preparation. This volume provides you the specifics about the transference of energy between earth incarnate and second earth discarnate.  Now Available.

Here’s the link to view the front and back cover:

*Although each volume is complete and can be enjoyed without the others, The Trilogy provides three distinct aspects of your on-going journey here and wherever else you find yourself.

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