Knowledge – Part 1

You will never know anything I try to teach you that you don’t need to know. If that were not true, there wouldn’t be any learning experience because you wouldn’t even accept the teachings. Everything that I teach you that you do need to know will automatically be accepted by you. You will learn something, in your own right, relative to your own need because it’s usable for you.

Life is knowledge and knowledge is Life. When we talk about life development we’re talking about the universal movement of gathering knowledge. This is how the Universe operates. This is how consciousness operates. We should feel some degree of ecstatic passion involved in the realization that this planet, this solar system, and this galaxy exist for our knowledge gathering and learning benefit. No matter where we are, the Universe produces an infinite variety of ways and means for us to gather knowledge through our life experience. As part of the learning arena on earth there is a great magnitude of energy within the spiritual, mental and physical frequencies. Literally everything you learn well at the physical level gives you a look at the things you can’t see. You’ve been placed here to do a job that lets you become fully aware of the teaching values available to you. 

The marvelous thing about the Universe (and infinity) is that the Universe cannot deal with Itself in infinite terms. There wouldn’t be any point of recognition. And, in an infinite Universe, you are an infinite consciousness. You must forever have obtainable to you an undefined amount of knowledge that is always available to you. That is a striking realization. 

Do you know that your consciousness can’t ever loose what you’ve learned and used? Consciousness absorbs knowledge. It feeds on knowledge in such a way that it doesn’t diminish itself nor does it add to it its mass. It uses knowledge just like the body uses food but it is done in such a way that it ingests the knowledge without changing its mass. How does it do this? Isn’t it true that you can be taught today, tomorrow, next week and next month without making yourself any larger? You can take in more and more knowledge without showing any change in your physical size. You can eat food; drink water and breath air with a marked difference, yet you can take in knowledge without changing your stature one whit. Consciousness absorbs and becomes the thing it learns. Since it has the means of devouring knowledge without changing its mass, it doesn’t need to store the knowledge it acquires on our sojourns. The total amount of knowledge that can be given to you as a single consciousness at any given time and place is unlimited. It is relative only to the capacity of consciousness to learn, which means to USE the knowledge. Knowledge not used is not knowledge. – Gregge Tiffen