Retrograde Alert 2021 – Ruler 10


Ruler #10 appears to go retrograde, from our vantage point on planet Earth, beginning August 18, 2021, through January 18, 2022. 

The energy impress of this ruler emphasizes the future, goals, and innovation areas. No fancy footwork or slipshod methods are allowed if you are going to use this retrograde to your advantage. It’s to your benefit to reference your Fixed Star contract in the area of Future and Goals for further support in identifying how you agreed to use your specific tools in this area. This is the energy that identifies attitudes about long-range plans and how we manage, innovate and create our future goals. 

The following information is for your consideration as possible conditions to be aware of during the retrograde activity of Ruler #10: 

1. The effect of this retrograde is almost never felt in the present time frame but rather lies in relative obscurity until some later date when it tends to hit like a bomb.

2. Globally it is particularly devastating because its results can come so far after the fact that almost everyone has forgotten about the original issue and is not prepared for the late reactions. War issues fall into this category and regardless of how issues are resolved for now, future repercussions will come back to haunt us. 

3. On a personal level the retrograde has strong implications around the planning and execution of future goals.  You should follow the carpenter’s advice; measure twice, cut once. 

4. Consider that hardly anything you see now will be the same in the future.  Even slight changes can have major effects down the road. 

5. Important lifestyle changes should be measured carefully.  If activation is not a particular necessity, you would be better off in delaying action until this ruler turns direct.

6. None of us have accurate crystal balls and the future is never cast in stone.  Therefore it is wise to weigh and balance all the elements when considering long-range plans or future commitments. 

Ruler #10 retrograde will transit one of the ten different event angles in your personal Bicircadian chart. That specific event angle will give you insight into which area you need to be extra mindful of for the long range plans and future commitments process. Reviewing your Personal Bicircadian Calendar for the Ruler #10 position during this transit time will give you that event angle information. Don’t have your calendar? Call or email us for ordering details.

The more we are aware of retrograde conditions and their possible influences, the more we are able to navigate through our life experiences with greater control and clarity.

Retrograde Alert 2021 – Ruler 9


The energy impress of this ruler emphasizes areas of spirituality, humanitarianism, and emotionalism. It is the Spirituality energy that identifies how we agreed to communicate with the Universe. It shows where we create our unique spiritual connection and also where we can sometimes be so emotional that we become stuck in unproductive patterns. 

This retrograde works way beneath the surface and more of its effect is felt than seen. In global areas it effects the state of humanity, often bringing out some of the worst in mankind and initiating some of the best in us at the same time. Hidden agendas can manifest in cruel actions and the affliction of spiritual pain can be overwhelming. Emotions about the smallest or largest issues can go on a rampage leaving logical thinking as a last resort. Understanding that the Universe is forever moving in perfect form, we can suffer the mean and the ugly by reinforcing our own conviction that right and love WILL prevail.

On personal levels it is time to look deep within. The caverns of your spirit need to be rediscovered. You should be looking for the motivation for your life, not from mundane sources, but from the source that gives you the breath of life. You are a co-creator with the Universe and for as powerful as that makes you, you are also no more than the smallest of life spores in an infinite forest of life-chain activity. Forget the books and mantras and all these other turban wrapped concepts and get down to your own bone marrow. Life is replicating itself there. Cells are being born and the YOU of tomorrow is trying to surge to the surface of your skin. Can you feel that?  Can you accept its design? Does the process delight you?

This retrograde period is the one time this year that you’ll truly get to go back to the raw clay, before the Master’s fingers begin to poke and pull and mold. It’s your one clear opportunity for incomparable self-discovery. This is the chance to move inside the seed before it breaks its covering, drinks its first drink of water and confronts the light of day. If you find the wonder in this you will be rewarded. If you shirk from going into those deep caverns of your soul there will be nothing to possess. The Lord giveth but (unfortunately) it is you who taketh away.” – Gregge Tiffen

Ruler #9 affects our spirituality and our emotions; it will last approximately 5 months. This will give us plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments in the areas of our relationships and with our emotions. Go to your Personal Fixed Star Analysis and review the methodology you agreed to use with regard to these areas. Check your Personal Bicircadian Calendar to see in which event angle the 9th Ruler will be traveling through during this retrograde time period. This will be the life event area that will be highlighted for those activities. Put your focus there to make the necessary refinements. This is not an easy retrograde but it can certainly help us make positive improvements and new discoveries within the event angles it will touch. Don’t have your personal calendar? Call or email us to order yours today! Keep breathing deeply and remember to be extra kind to yourself and then to all your fellow travelers.


Retrograde Alert 2021 – Ruler 6


The energy impress of this ruler focuses on close personal relationships (and self love), and as such, can take its place as one of the most emotional of all the retrogrades. It also has influence on your home, your health, your family and your atmosphere. If you can avoid starting (starting is the key word here) any major home projects during this period or buying and selling your home it would be to your advantage. The same can be said about medical procedures that are not emergencies or life threatening in nature, as recuperation time tends to be slower during a Ruler #6 retrograde.

On a global scale it tends to pull attention away from large national issues and involve the individual in personal matters of the heart. On the surface, that is not too dangerous, but if we are depending upon world leaders to be WORLD leaders, we can’t be too comfortable knowing that they are struggling through bouts with their mate or ordeals with their significant other. But then humans are human and we are all in the same boat. It is a pity that there isn’t some global valentine that we could send them to make them happy.

Personally, issues can be very difficult. If you’re in a relationship you need to tread lightly. This goes for those family dynamics as well. Feathers can be ruffled in the slightest breeze and misunderstanding is commonplace. Take a long look at timing. Many confrontations can be avoided if you will just delay your comments an hour or so. Remember that the distance between one’s lips and their ear is only about 6 inches. A hasty word however can dig a chasm so wide it can’t ever be filled.

Creative endeavors can suffer somewhat under this retrograde. Give yourself more space to do the things you want to do and be kind to yourself. Creative stress can be devastating because it often promotes self-destructive tendencies. When making purchases for your personal closet or vanity don’t buy on impulse. Sleep on it because it may not look at all enticing the next day. Patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day but Pompeii was destroyed overnight.

Ruler #6 affects our relationships, home, health, atmosphere, and family will last approximately 4 months. This will give us plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments in the areas of our relationships and with our emotions. Go to your Personal Fixed Star Analysis and review the methodology you agreed to use with regard to these areas. Check your Personal Bicircadian Calendar to see in which event angle the 6th Ruler will be traveling through during this retrograde time period. This will be the life event area that will be highlighted for those activities. Put your focus there to make the necessary refinements. This is not an easy retrograde but it can certainly help us make positive improvements and new discoveries within the event angles it will touch. Don’t have your personal calendar? Call or email us to order yours! Keep breathing deeply and remember to be extra kind to yourself and then to all your fellow travelers.

Retrograde Alert 2021 – Ruler 7

This ruler when retrograde affects the area of mental problem solving by forcing you to go back and rethink all issues that keep you from attaining satisfactory results.  You should look at this period as one for re-building.  Slow down and check your plans and your overall style of operation.  This is a period of reconstruction and should not be viewed as a negative passage.  After all, it would be impossible lives if we were not allowed to stop our forward progress long enough to go back and clean up the mistakes we had previously made.  Without this opportunity we would find ourselves more and more burdened with old errors that would finally be so taxing that no forward progress would be possible.
Get rid of the junk in your thought processes.  This will require very intense introspection and retrospection and more than anything a great deal of self-honesty. Get your groundwork properly in place so that only minor adjustments will be required when the atmosphere changes.
Make sure that you are operating from logic rather than emotion and that you exercise mental discipline and think about consequences.  Your ability to hone and use the qualities of your mind will be tested so that at the end of this period the thought/planning pattern will be on a stronger foundation upon which you can build your new experiences. Make sure that you are using the correct methodology in the Mind/Problem Solving area as outlined in your Personal Fixed Star Analysis.
The brain could well benefit from some extra nutritional support found in amino acids.  Be aware of your mental stress levels and take mental  “time outs” when necessary. In every situation during a 7th Ruler retrograde, RETHINK and CORRECT are the keys!Your personal Bicircadian Calendar will identify the life event angle in which all Rulers both retrograde and direct will be transiting during 2021. In the case of both the Retrograde Ruler #7, the information will help you to identify where your mind energy (problem solving) requirements will need some extra re-working. Don’t have your calendar? Call or email us for ordering details. It is as unique to you as you are to the Universe.

The more we are aware of retrograde conditions and their possible influences, the more we are able to navigate through our life experiences with greater control and clarity.

My very best to each and EveryONE of you!

Retrograde Alert 2021 – Ruler 8

This retrograde effects two areas; finances and success. Globally, the financial areas can be unsettled and often gains made now can easily be lost later. On the world scene, everyone wants to be at the head of the line and there is more than enough ego bellowing to last for the rest of the year. This is a retrograde that can appear sometimes more than once a year (it will not in 2021) and accounts for fluctuating fiancial markets and business trends more than any other condition. High financial risk by countries who have nothing else to lose can disrupt economic stability throughout the world.
On a personal level this retrograde calls for balancing the financial ship. It is an especially GOOD TIME to go back and look at financial blunders that have hurt your bottom line or played havoc with your budget. Stop making the same financial mistakes over and over again. Increasing debt with the pie-in-the-sky belief that the lottery will save you is inviting long lasting disaster. Quick money or money falling from the sky is not something you will likely see during this retrograde. Lending and borrowing should be managed with a tight fist. Financial contracts should be read with a fine tooth comb to make sure that you do not miss anything in the fine print. And, in all cases, financial dealings should be backed in writing. Verbal agreements are very likely to turn out badly.
Career and job conditions will depend on what you’ve done in the past that has brought you to your current position. Old mistakes or poor performance can now jump up to hurt your advancement. Pushing for a raise or a promotion is not likely to go in your favor unless you can point to a very positive track record in your past output. Watch the political in-fighting at work. The knives are very sharp now and your back is as vulnerable as a turkey’s neck in November. It can be a good time to reposition yourself and solidify your status if you do it quietly and without making waves. Once this retrograde is over, you will be able to move much more aggressively. During this 8th Ruler retrograde, RE-WORK and CORRECT are the keys!

Winter Solstice 2020 – Our Gift To You

Hello EveryONE:

As many of you know, at G-Systems International the Winter Solstice is considered the most important metaphysical event of our year. We treat it just as the ancients did, with the greatest respect, purity and celebration. The Winter Solstice takes place on Monday December 21, 2020. The exact time(s) for this most special planetary event are 0502 EST, 0402 CTS, 0302 MST, 0202 PST and at 1002 UTC. This is the time when nature pauses in silence, softly emptying herself of the old cycle pattern for 2020 and prepares herself to receive the brand new cycle being born for 2021. It is a wonderful and very special event for our beautiful little planet and for all her inhabitants. It is most beneficial to put yourself into that gentle flow of the earth’s cyclic rhythm change on this day. Your participation mentally, physically and most especially spiritually in this harmonic event is an exercise that will be most helpful to you throughout the next twelve months. Below is a lovely and simple way to close out the old cycle and enter the new one that will be born on this day.

Remove yourself completely from the world, its noise and its demands. Weather permitting, do this outside in a quiet nature setting. If not, pick a peaceful place in your home or wherever you may be. Close your eyes and sit quietly letting your physically senses flow outward until you feel calm and empty. Contemplate our current home, Planet Earth, by thinking of Nature. Feel yourself in attachment to Nature, to its vegetation, animals, the flow of its waters and the strength of its rocks and mountains.

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly releasing everyone who has come into your life this year so that they are free to move in whatever direction they so choose. Take another deep breath and exhale slowly and release yourself to do the same.

And then, one by one, reintroduce your senses. First touch, then smell, then taste, then sound and lastly sight. Light a single candle and let its radiance bathe across your face.

Look into the night sky and behold the majesty of the heavens as they are visible from your perspective and then multiply your vision by infinity as you remind yourself that you are an important member of the Universal family. Your position here is exactly what it is supposed to be, and your role is as important and singularly needed as that of any element of the Universal Whole.

May the beauty, harmony, peace, love, joy, gratitude and celebration
of this very special time be with you now and Always.


Our 2020 Winter Solstice gift to you

The following is a brief introduction to special information Gregge provided for us to use with our Bicircadian Charts as it pertains to the position of the First Ruler at The Winter Solstice. This ruler’s position on December 21, 2020 is at 2.4 degrees. Look at your natal Bicircadian chart and locate that degree. Now look at the life event angle in which that 2.4 degree it is located. The life event angle at that 2.4 degree mark is where your new cycle will be starting on December 21, 2020. Refer to the list below to identify the life event angle and the characteristics of the life events it represents as being available to you in the new cycle for 2021.

ANGLE #I – This is a cycle to adjust your activities around self focus and self intensity in order to get the most out of your year ahead.

ANGLE #II – This is a cycle to be careful about taking on more than you can do or more than you need. Acquiring excesses will cause you delays.

ANGLE #III – This is a cycle where there will be an intense increase in your creative output. You will see spontaneous results before you understand what you are doing.

ANGLE #IV – This is a cycle where you will find yourself doing things that you avoided doing in 2020 as it pertains to world systems of all kinds.

ANGLE #V – This is a cycle where a geographical house move is almost certain. You will also find yourself moving into new attitudes that have significance for a very long time.

ANGLE #VI – This is a cycle for positive selfishness and getting things that enhance your vitality and self improvement.

ANGLE #VII – This is a cycle where you practically stumble upon startling information from sources that were previously obscure to you.

ANGLE #VIII – This is a cycle of monetary abundance that might take control over you unless you exercise a great deal of discipline. Expect a year of material gain.

ANGLE #IX – This is a cycle where you will find yourself very sensitive to world events. Be aware of how affected you allow yourself to become.

ANGLE #X – This is a cycle where you feel like a reluctant dragon either being dragged into the future by a chariot or tied behind it with ropes. Decide upon your fashion of participation.


To say that 2020 has been a most extraordinary year would be a major understatement. As Gregge taught us long ago, this school we find ourselves in this time around is set up to provide each of us with experiences that will give us the opportunities to hone our skills in pursuit of the mastery surrounding the subject of “Adaptability!” We have certainly been given an accelerated and intense study course in the last twelve months. As we close out this cycle my fondest wish is that each of us will recognize and reflect upon the individual adaptations we have made and how those have facilitated our progress in one form or another for our greatest good. The Silver Lining? Adaptation fosters and encourages both creativity and innovation. And, for that we are eternally grateful.

My very best to each and EveryONE of you,


PS: G-Systems offices will be closed for the holidays from December 22 until December 28, 2020. We will open again on December 28 through the early afternoon of December 31, 2020 and then take a little more time off to rest and refurbish. We will be back to our normal schedule beginning January 4, 2021.

THOUGHT FOR DECEMBER 2020: “Winter Solstice is the time when you give up what you have and accept what is being born as the new power within you, the new awareness within you and the new person within you.” – GT


“The big factor regarding your on-going existence is to maintain a continuity of life force in the Universe and consciousness has this continuity by virtue of the continuity of your experience. If there were a problem with the Universe, it would be Its enormity and infinity. Anything that is infinite can never know Itself because it is forever infinitely aware of an infinite amount that never stops. The way the Universe finds Its elements is by giving the same quality of awareness to Its parts. Some of the parts in the Universe are called consciousness. The Universe does not store Its knowledge. Consciousness stores the parts, the knowledge, of the Universe since consciousness does not have a problem with volume. Consciousness is the historian, the recorder for the Universe.

Consciousness is the keeper of the will. Will presages action. You cannot have action without will initiating action. What is will? It is indefinable. It is the characteristic of the Universe that produces action and motion. It is an indefinable Universal energy that has infinite ramifications so there is no way of saying, “Will is……” Will stands on its own. It holds on to the ability to initiation action.

Consciousness sustains Universal Law. Consciousness, as a part, becomes the supporter of the whole in its out-workings.

Look at this unique thing that we truly are. Consciousness maintains continuity, its sustains action and it stores wisdom. It supports Univerversal Law. Consciousness is, in effect anything the Universe is, could be and would ever want to be.

What we have here on earth is a little encapsulation of the Universe living in only a small infinitesimal corner of the room. The very character of consciousness is magnificent! How could we even presume to let it encapsulate in a body (a very little place) compared to what it is? How can consciousness express all its wisdom? How can it carry on its continuity? How can it support Universal Law? How can it use its will? It is like entrapping a beautiful stallion into a space of half the size of the horse. Yet it is done.

We must not look at consciousness as if it does not belong here. Of course it belongs here and it is here willingly. It just has a different methodology in which to exist. It carries with it all the storage information it has. What it does not have is the arena in which it can use and put out all of this energy and knowledge. Consciousness sits with the body, watching, observing, and recording. Your strength and power come from your consciousness because you have always had the wisdom. You are adding to that wisdom from experience.” – Gregge Tiffen

Beams Of Light

How often do we tune in to who we truly are? How much thought do we give each day to the reality that we are beams of light before incarnating into physical form? And just like those beams of light that are buoyant, vivacious, sparkling and free, our physical form holds within itself those same qualities. These qualities produce a joy that vibrates through all life. They throb in all the harmony of form around us. When we embrace these qualities and give them our individual attention and expression we discover again the REAL US; beams of beautiful light both infinite and eternal. Our source, or the Light Beam Maker if you will, cannot contain grief or sadness or dissonance. It has never, nor will it ever, have an intention to either threaten or harm us in any way.

May the understanding that we can never be separated from our source bring us great comfort and real strength in times of worldly disquiet. May us each find more valuable and abundant pathways to express our individual light as we physically walk through our experiences in this terrestrial school.” – Bonnie Beck

Experience = Knowledge = Wisdom

“1. The way you feel about yourself physically, and what you do with your body indicates self love. However, the body is not a metaphysical unit. It is intended to be a vehicle for consciousness to get you through your experiences here. What we are dealing with on this plane is a physical body that belongs to the planet. That body is part of the animal kingdom. You pick it up when you are born and you leave it when you go. The body is on loan to you and its issue is survival. You cannot spiritualize your body. There is nothing you can do to the body that increases its metaphysical quality or awareness. The quality of survival is the foundation for our consciousness to work through the daily events and the experiences that it is going to have, and therefore gain knowledge that will then eventually be translated into wisdom. That is what the system is all about.

2. Now we turn to consciousness whose concern is the Universe. Consciousness is attached to the Universe and accesses all that is available from the Universal level. We are in the middle with one part of us looking up to the Universe saying, “This is what I want” and the other part of us looking down and saying “This is what I want.” What are we doing? The key is experience. If we do not get the experience here, we do not get knowledge. If we do not get knowledge, then when we leave this lifetime, we do not have any wisdom. If we do not have wisdom, the whole event of the Universe has been for naught. The middle road between consciousness and the physical body is having an experience.

3. You can never hear this enough. The difference between knowledge and wisdom: When you know how to do something but you do not know how you know how to do it, you are talking wisdom. However, if I come along and ask you how you know how to do something and you give me all the details about how to do it, you are talking knowledge. You bring a huge amount of wisdom from previous experience to every event that you are not even aware of, and as you proceed in this lifetime, you are acquiring knowledge through experience. If it is “good” knowledge, it will distill itself down, and when you die that distillation of your knowledge from experience will end up as a drop of wisdom to be stored in consciousness. That too is the system.

4. No event touches our life that does not have a use in our overall development. No experience lies beyond our ability to deal with what is set before us. There is value in every step we take to move onward and upward.” – Gregge Tiffen

Stress Management

“Stress can produce amazing glitches in the human psyche but none more disconcerting and devastating than that of compounding the elements of an event until they become larger than life and impossible to handle. The anatomy of confusion is the issue here.

Let us assume (tongue in cheek) that life is basically simple. That everything has logic and order and that we can move, rather easily from A to B to C. But then, along comes some outer force to upset this nice balance and we have a “crisis!”  Up to that point we have been traveling along nicely smelling the flowers and gazing at the sky but now all that has been taken away. Where there was simplicity and order there is now confusion and disorder. Where there was harmony there is a cacophony of discord.

Immediately our minds lose the pattern of logic. Body cells receive an emergency panic message from the nervous system warning the that the system is under attack. Each cell immediately closes its water-tight doors, just like in a submarine and literally holds on to all the fluid it can. This water storage, used by the cells as a protective device dilutes the cells electrolyte, the necessary substance to spark the communication impulses between cells. Consequently, inter-body communication ceases and the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, and worse, can’t find out. Meanwhile, the cells of the brain, also having heard the “dive” horn, is holding on to all the fluid it can thereby impairing more than 90% of the brain function in those areas normally used for analysis, logic, and decision. What little does occur has an impossible time communicating its messages to the rest of the body. At this point everything is disarray, disorder and disaster.

What can be done?  First, we must identify what we are trying to accomplish. That can be body harmony but you can’t have body harmony if all the inner and outer conditions are in explosion. No, what we need is SIMPLICITY. Simplicity, so that everything we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell is order and reduced to its simplest and clearest denominator.

If you find yourself dealing with more than one issue then simplify to one issue. If you find yourself dealing with more than one person, ignore the others and concentrate on one individual. If you find yourself running through ten game plans, twenty mental conversations and a half a dozen fears, then reduce each area to ONE!

The effect this has on the body systems is to signal an “all clear.” Through one or more of the five senses, the word gets to the brain that the “overwhelming” condition has been eliminated and that only one unsolved area remains. The brain then gives itself the message to “Un-stress” and begins to release its safety fluid. This allows it to think and eventually pass the message, through the nervous system, that all is O.K. That message, reaching the body cells then triggers the release of water and the restoration of cellular communication. In short, the body system is now thinking and communicating again giving it its full problem solving and decision making capabilities. With that, you are back on track and life becomes simple again. You feel mentally and physically relieved and more in control. Mission accomplished!” – Gregge Tiffen