Free Will – Introduction

Gregge taught that ignorance of the Law is no excuse and that certainly does apply here. We cannot go shaking our fist at the Universe and be mad because we are not experiencing the pleasures we think are necessary to get us through this sojourn in good shape. It is up to each of us to open some doors to look where we have never looked before, and to see what has been there all along.

You and I have absolutely more than we can possibly conceive of and then some! What is needed is to understand that Free Will is an integral part of the Universe, and that Free Will is automatically imparted to all consciousness in the Universe. Free Will cannot be increased or decreased. We cannot have more or less of it. We have all we can possibly want without upper or lower limits. The Universe has invested Free Will in us. There is NO way that the Universe is going to interfere with our Free Will.

For example, people get into a jam and they start praying to a “God” or whatever they think is “out there” to help and to take care of them. Whoa! Wait just one minute. Even if that were possible and some kind of action could be taken directly on their behalf, it would violate Free Will.

One of the basic rules of Free Will is that we cannot inhibit it in any way for application. By inhibiting, it means interfering with that which issues forth from one person to another. That is the only rule, the only criteria. I can do anything I want in life as long as I do not interfere with your Free Will. If on the other hand I am the one who interferes, then I am not free. How this translates into the issue of application is always up to each of us.

For example, let’s say I ask you to come with me, and then I tell you that you must come with me. You do not have a choice. See how that violates Free Will? If you demand to come, but I do not want you to, that is violating my Free Will. The Universe is not going to modify Free Will. We have all of it.  It just IS.

Look at all the things that come up on a day-to-day basis where we are so quick to empower someone in some way. That occurs because we are determined not to apply ourselves. Then we wonder where the pleasure in life is to be found and maintained. The more we empower other people and conditions, the less we use the invested power in ourselves and the less we understand about what we have available. Every time I empower you to do something for me, I have immediately discharged any effort from myself to gain my own knowledge. I have also discharged any effort on my part to learn and apply what I may need to learn and apply.

Whatever we do in life, we need to ask ourselves two questions: Should I take care of this as an issue of my responsibility? Can I take care of this?  If we are really honest with ourselves, we are going to stop empowering so many people to take away our knowledge. The learning occurs in how we take care of our self. That is our yardstick of measurement. Free Will is a gift and especially when we understand how its application affects our development on so many levels.