Stress – Part 2 of 3

“Energy is the bloodline of life so let’s use energy in a positive way. How you ask? First, use inexhaustible Universal energy to bring your level of awareness up to the point  that you can quickly recognize the initial impress of spirit that a condition is being formed that requires change and movement on your part. Next, use your energy to take the necessary steps.

Stress has no real effect on consciousness or spirit.  It is a physical condition.  The psychological part of you is physical and is not part of our consciousness.  Its character is physical. Psychological stress is not only produced by our unwillingness to face unwanted conditions, but also by our refusal to do anything about them. Do you wait for actions to move you about? Ask your body. The quantity of stress and how long you have had it always shows on your body.

What you must realize is that we produce our own stress. Spirit, which is at the core of consciousness, impresses us to create a situation that will set up stress conditions in order to allow us to change and move forward with our growth. No one creates stress for anyone else, and it is never correct to look at others as a stress obstacle. Everything is a stress producing situation encouraging us to move through life.

Stress effects the body for the purpose of allowing the body to identify it. Stress will close down the flow lines which cause disease. Bones absorb stress and show up in the joints sometimes creating arthritis. The skin reacts with pallor, blemishes, shingles, and hives.  Muscles will spasm and cramp. Nerves go into exhaustion. Our five senses are gathering devices, and when stress is high they fail to gather information rendering us less effective. Our thoughts do not register or move smoothly through our complex and diverse body systems when there is a lack of information from these senses.” – Gregge Tiffen

In Part 3 of this series we will introduce you to some unique services, techniques, diet suggestions, nutritional supplements, and therapeutic grade essential oils to help your body deal with what your spirit wants you to accomplish.