Nothing In The Universe Renews

“This is the time of year when most of us look to Nature and see everything in a state of reawakening. We think of spring as a time of renewal. However, the word “renewal” is a contradiction in terms. If something is new, it cannot be re-newed. New is that which has not been produced before, yet renewal is simply the act of remaking a condition that has existed before. In metaphysics, repetition is considered one of the most negative of conditions. The reason is simple and obvious if one were to watch Nature and the surrounding Universe. On close inspection, it becomes apparent that the Universe does not renew.

Nature is always moving forward and manifesting that which is truly new! The blossoms on the peach tree are not the blossoms of a year ago. The grass on the lawn comes up and overs the yard, but each blade is completely different from the grass of last year. Everything begins its own life in in own place with its own purpose. Within this truth is a great metaphysical lesson. Humans are creatures of habit. Repetition is not only a major characteristic of our make-up, but we even strive to follow previous patterns. We are experts at staying within the lines and therein lies our downfall. By failing to make an experience new, we recycle ourselves into stunted growth patterns. By making such choices, we fall out of synchronicity with the Universe and produce boredom instead of development. A marketing survey taken some years ago revealed that the two most effective words in advertising were “new” and “free.” This should not be so surprising since “new” is the very word that automatically unlocks our basic Universal longing for improvement and development.

Springtime. It is the season to shake out the metaphysical carpet and throw off the heavy winter blankets that may still seem so cozy even as the fresh breeze calls us outside. It is time to let our mind and spirit, still groggy with winter stories and pictures, move out to embrace the fun of spiritual adventure and inner blossoming. If you are in a rut, sit down in some quiet place. Start saying, “new” over and over again. Watch what happens. Doesn’t your body feel as if you have thrown off constriction? Is there not a sense of expansion? You are most likely going to feel lighter, happier and more anticipatory.

Life seems to fail us because we do not make new space for ourselves. This is a pattern that affects relationships, health and most certainly, creative output. We seem to worship at the altar of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” A wise thought to be sure, however life is a continuum of things being “broke.” Unless you are willing to take a new stance, walk a new path, find a new answer, develop a new character, build a new body, express in new terms, and see through new eyes, everything will remain the same. Go forth. Look for something to do and seek out a truly NEW approach feeling confident that a positive pathway is in front of you!” – Gregge Tiffen