Stress Management

“Stress can produce amazing glitches in the human psyche but none more disconcerting and devastating than that of compounding the elements of an event until they become larger than life and impossible to handle. The anatomy of confusion is the issue here.

Let us assume (tongue in cheek) that life is basically simple. That everything has logic and order and that we can move, rather easily from A to B to C. But then, along comes some outer force to upset this nice balance and we have a “crisis!”  Up to that point we have been traveling along nicely smelling the flowers and gazing at the sky but now all that has been taken away. Where there was simplicity and order there is now confusion and disorder. Where there was harmony there is a cacophony of discord.

Immediately our minds lose the pattern of logic. Body cells receive an emergency panic message from the nervous system warning the that the system is under attack. Each cell immediately closes its water-tight doors, just like in a submarine and literally holds on to all the fluid it can. This water storage, used by the cells as a protective device dilutes the cells electrolyte, the necessary substance to spark the communication impulses between cells. Consequently, inter-body communication ceases and the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, and worse, can’t find out. Meanwhile, the cells of the brain, also having heard the “dive” horn, is holding on to all the fluid it can thereby impairing more than 90% of the brain function in those areas normally used for analysis, logic, and decision. What little does occur has an impossible time communicating its messages to the rest of the body. At this point everything is disarray, disorder and disaster.

What can be done?  First, we must identify what we are trying to accomplish. That can be body harmony but you can’t have body harmony if all the inner and outer conditions are in explosion. No, what we need is SIMPLICITY. Simplicity, so that everything we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell is order and reduced to its simplest and clearest denominator.

If you find yourself dealing with more than one issue then simplify to one issue. If you find yourself dealing with more than one person, ignore the others and concentrate on one individual. If you find yourself running through ten game plans, twenty mental conversations and a half a dozen fears, then reduce each area to ONE!

The effect this has on the body systems is to signal an “all clear.” Through one or more of the five senses, the word gets to the brain that the “overwhelming” condition has been eliminated and that only one unsolved area remains. The brain then gives itself the message to “Un-stress” and begins to release its safety fluid. This allows it to think and eventually pass the message, through the nervous system, that all is O.K. That message, reaching the body cells then triggers the release of water and the restoration of cellular communication. In short, the body system is now thinking and communicating again giving it its full problem solving and decision making capabilities. With that, you are back on track and life becomes simple again. You feel mentally and physically relieved and more in control. Mission accomplished!” – Gregge Tiffen