Free Will – Part 2 – Cycles

The frequently quoted statement of “Let go and let God” means that we are not meant to mess with timing and must become more sensitive to Universal flow. Our body cells function within such Universal timing.

Be aware of yourself. If you are not doing what you want to do and where you want to do it, you are out of your cycle. Your cells are as directly related to your body as they are to the earth, as they are to the solar system and as they are to the galaxy. Your cells say, “Move now. Sit still. Function.” You are designed to listen.

There is no comparison in cycles to clock or calendar time. The original purpose for calendars was to record cycles for the flow of energy and then split them into logical elements, The Romans changed this so badly that the calendars no longer coordinate with cycles. The major adjustment we must make is to move without calendars as often as possible.

The intention here is to cover the vortexual, molecular and flow cycles of energy. To get a clear idea of one kind of energy cycle, picture an accordion that moves out, compresses, expands, and contracts. A point of momentum operates in a similar way for constant renewal. Renewing is a cycle and uses current knowledge to have an experience that results in change. It all works in this way: We are meant to implement what the Universe puts before us, or we lose energy. We use the energy to meet the requirement when the requirement is there in order to gain from that cycle of “time.” This is functioning according to Universal time. To say, “I don’t want to face this so I will meet this requirement latter” dissipates the impact. You did not meet the requirement in cyclic timing.

It works on your behalf to ask yourself, “What is the cycle of time it will take me to do this?” If it is distasteful and stressful, you try to change the cycle so you do not have to deal with it, and the creativity goes down. In other words, if you do not create when the desire is there, you loose the cyclic energy support of creativity. It is also important to ask yourself, “How much of myself do I have to expend physically, mentally and spiritually to do this?” You have the right to manipulate the cycles. Sometimes you are already stretching a cycle out because you dread what is next when the project you are doing does not deserve that much of your time or effort. By now, you can see that the purpose is to elongate into longer cycles the things you like and shorten the cycles of things you don’t. That is under your control. Universal cycles alter for the creation of the time element. How big will a cycle be? What is the requirement? Do not put that question aside without getting an answer. You can alter time in order to serve as a vehicle for production.

When you increase your energy output, you shorten the cycle. You have a natural awareness when there is more of a demand than you originally thought, or less of a demand that you originally anticipated. Be certain to treat this as cycles at all times and not as clock time, or you invalidate the energy concept. If you break this flow of creative motion you are unproductive and lack a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

The requirement is the first thing directly in front of you. First things first. Get in line with the flow that carries you. The focus is not a limitation of time, but it is how much energy the project will take. You are meant to meet every opportunity offered. However, any attempt to do everything at once reduces your efficiency and your results.

Stay tuned in August 2016 for the conclusion of Free Will and Timing. If you missed the Introduction and Part One, please click here to review.