Awareness Is The New Wealth – Part 1 Of 3: The Physical Body

“No matter how much energy you use, you can’t use it up, nor can you add anything to it. This doesn’t make you more of what you are, but it does make you more aware of your worth. Awareness is a new wealth. When you’re aware, you find that there are hidden works in what you discover which include the worth of your physical body. First and foremost, it’s your vehicle for consciousness on this planet, and it’s something you have to live with comfortably during your sojourn here. If you haven’t already discovered this, it’s your body that does a lot of hollering and screaming when you don’t pay attention to it. The need is to invest yourself in understanding your body’s distinct requirements. Invest in the search at your own pace and reap the benefits.

Since the physical vehicle is going to be our main concern in Part One of this three part series, it’s obviously wise to begin with a metaphysical definition of health: Health is the state of natural harmony producing optimum performance. The first consideration out of this definition is the word “natural”. Natural is a big issue in our day and age, but it can be overworked and become very confusing. Simply put, natural is what would belong to the body under an absorbable circumstance. A drug produced by a laboratory isn’t natural because a drug insinuates itself on the body. It forces a reaction that is not in the natural state of the body. An herb may produce the same results, but an herb is natural because the body absorbs it, and it doesn’t have to force its way into the blood stream or organs.

Natural then, in this definition of natural harmony, is whatever the body is willing to absorb. Natural is a very distinct, identifiable condition for each individual. It will be different for everyone. The key is what your body will absorb. You eat a cheeseburger and your body may see that as very natural. I may eat a cheeseburger and be sick for the next twenty-four hours because my body does not see that particular input as particularly natural. Therefore, natural is whatever your body is willing to absorb with it being forced fed. Doesn’t that change the whole picture of what natural is to you? We are not talking about a standard but rather an individual condition which is terrific. This whole idea of natural should give you the sense that if it feels good to you, your body must be in a state of absorbing it.

The next consideration out of the definition is the word “harmony” which modifies “natural”. Harmony is anything that doesn’t disrupt the body’s individual flow. I don’t mean normal function. I mean individual flow. Flow in this case is everything; internal organ flow, blood system flow, coordination. It’s those things that allow for the natural movement and function of your body, whatever that may be. Natural and harmony obviously work together, but you need to understand the modification in the word “natural” before you can really understand harmony. In metaphysics, these words are bandied around way too much. What’s harmony? Harmony is really a matter of flow and not a matter of balance because you can have flow and not necessarily have a balance.

The next key word is “optimum”. As far as we are concerned, optimum is the same as natural. Optimum is what optimum is for you. Every individual has a different level of strength and a different set of health equations that they are going to use. In our society, we have attached optimum to standards. If an individual cannot run as fast, leap as high, or have perfect 36-24-36 measurements, they don’t have the right body. This is a disaster. You’ll never find any two people with the same optimum condition in their bodies.

The next word in the definition is “performance”. Unfortunately, the word performance has been used for too long to try to indicate some definitive task, and usually one in which the body has a physical commitment that has to show a result. Taking a day off and lying on the beach while enjoying the sun and air may be just as much a performance as sitting in the office, painting a picture, or doing tasks in your garden. Performance does not necessarily mean running a race. Performance means anything that your body has committed itself to doing.

Let’s look at the meaning of health once again. Health is the state of natural harmony producing optimum performance. That’s it!  If you can say that you are in a state of natural harmony producing optimum performance, then as far as you are concerned you are healthy. Maintaining the wealth of a healthy body over an extended period of time is a tough job. However, if you understand this definition and you understand the break-down meaning, it can relieve a tremendous amount of pressure for you. One of the things you can do when you are feeling out-of-sorts is to stop and ask yourself four questions out of this definition.

1. Is something unnatural?
2. Is something dis-harmonious?
3. Is something way below your optimum? Or, in some cases, you may be pushing yourself way beyond your optimum.
4. Am I in a performance level that I want to commit to?

If you answer these questions, even in a generalized form, you will become very aware of what you need to do to take corrective action. This is important because there are many situations that can be upsetting. However, regardless of the circumstances around you, you can immediately identify what you need to do to adjust and bring yourself back to that level of functioning health that is worthy of your body.

If you distill all of the options you have in life, I mean all of the things you can think of in life, it all comes back to this: The body is the only thing you own. It’s the only thing you have a total right to work on. It’s the only thing that will bring you absolute results without any other outside addition. There’s nothing else that you can name that will do that. The learning experience that brought you to the point of incarnation has to operate through the physical vehicle and knowledge is part of the body experience. You are missing the point if you wonder what the point of all this is since we die and leave the body behind. The body is the method by which you learn The issue is how far you advanced with it while you were here because when you come back (and you probably will come back) you want to come back in a more refined vehicle with greater opportunities to expand beyond where you are now.

Doesn’t it ever grab your attention that when we talk about a creative Universe we are not just talking about creating celestial bodies? Creating a celestial body isn’t that much different than creating an individual physical body. Common sense tells you that bodies must have some important significance if that very same Intelligence went through such a systems to develop these physical vehicles, which are extremely intricate and amazing. If it’s that important, how can we ignore it? Your physical vehicle is the big issue of your life.” – Gregge Tiffen