One of the great buzzwords of modern society is “potential.” We toss it around using it to indicate everything from the promise that the educational system offers to the carrot of corporate chairmanship. The word has become a tongue cluck when referring to someone who has not done well as in, “He had the potential to become successful.” It is a write-off word, meaning nothing but hiding much.

We are involved in major planetary changes and are being pressured and tested to our personal limits by Universal forces. Each of us has the “potential” of gaining great spiritual awareness and advancement in these times, but to do so we need to understand what our potential is.

We should begin with the realization that the word potential begins with the word potent…meaning powerful. Therefore, to recognize our potential our first requirement is to recognize that we are operating from a base of power. What power? It is hard to think of ourselves as powerful when almost everything around us is crumbling. The power of potential is not the power of the human man but rather the spiritual power invested in us on the Universal level. It is the power of Consciousness aware of its omnipotent force in the Universal scheme of things. All great metaphysical teachers have recognized that they are instruments of a Higher Authority, which moves through us if we would but let it.

Our potential is greatly diminished when we think of it only in mundane terms relating it to our careers, or our education or our relationships. The world we live in is nothing more than the effect of our potent force it is not the source! A job does not have a potential. Of itself it is not potent. It is we who bring to the job its power; it is we who give it its potential. To expect the power of our potent force to be handed to us by some physical person, situation or experience is to deny our own Universal power. By failing to see where the source of our potential lies we end up suffering the impotency of experiences that exist without energy and without the power to make them pathways of development.

Each of us has the chance to correct our misconception of our potential. The world is laying before us a vast number of opportunities, each one awaiting our potent use of power to direct it to our benefit. If we look upon our potential in some cursory manner giving it only lip service and letting the situation dictate our actions, we have no one to blame but ourselves when on some morning we awake and find that we have never lived up to our potential.

Now is the time for the potency of potential to be used. You are both a source and a channel of Universal power. Each of us represents the most potent force available on this planet. Each of us has the potential to change the conditions around us. Each of us has the power to establish harmony, joy, abundance and love in our experiences. We are humans with the ever-present potential of being gods. If we refuse to take our proper place then someone or something that will exert power over us will fill it. Whether we like it or not, we will have to live with the realization that we have abdicated our throne and turned our potent forces over to the negative forces of this world who will use that power to keep us in bondage. We should never forget that a rightful force unused will, by the law of its character, become a force misused. – Gregge Tiffen