April 2018 – A Word From Bonnie

I was reading an article awhile back in which the subject of making a choice between a grievance and a miracle was discussed. It had to do with a mundane issue and was not really a belief system piece. It caught my attention because there are so many grievances being openly aired everywhere on our planet right now. With our instant and incessant communication capabilities, energy is magnified and grievance energy can be very draining. While it may relieve some internal physical pressure for those who are yelling the loudest, it doesn’t really help solve the grievance.

What we don’t hear about very much are the large and small miracles taking place in our lives and in those of our fellow travelers each and every day. Those miracles are happening because conscious choices are being made by individuals who trust in the omnipotent good of the Universe and choose  miracles rather than grievances. We are co-creators with the Universe and have not only the power, but the responsibility to choose what we want to create. The Law of Free Will is designed so that we can only choose on an individual basis and not for others. I can’t speak for you, but I hope you will join me in choosing the miracles! Happy April!