Free Audio Samples

We must get questioned by people at least a hundred times a year “What do I need to know next to enhance my metaphysical knowledge?”  We always refer them to our Audio CD list on our Web Site:

Mysticism and Metaphysics are hidden messages awaiting the seekers discovery.  Being the Mystic that he is, Gregge’s titles don’t always describe what the subject matter entails. Out of our extensive CD Library, we have chosen free audio sample portions of two available CD’s for your listening pleasure.  They are each 10 minutes long and are now permanently listed at our web site under the Products button. Click the media link in the products area to bring up these free samples and a complete list of all available titles. To get there quickly just click on the following link:

These two CD samples can be enjoyed by any visitor to our site.  Contact our office to order the complete CD’s and any other available title.  In the near future we hope to add more free samples so please visit us often.