Where The Power Lies

“In a world that gives more lip service to freedom than it supports in practice it is little wonder that we find ourselves questioning how much effect we can have over our life. The continued encroachment of governments at all levels and the general acceptance of that encroachment as the common standard is changing, perhaps forever, the individuality of our society. From bedroom to boardroom we seem to be haunted by incessant demands all of which, when put together, appear to take away our rights and freedoms. It is in metaphysics that we learn how to deal with the world by learning how to “use” ourselves. The individual who attacks the windmills of Caesar’s Laws is wasting time and energy.
To live is to focus on oneself; to recognize that in any condition we are left with the power of choice. Whether freely roaming the beaches of a tropical island or laying impassively on the cot of a prison cell, choice is always our companion. We can choose to think – positively or negatively. We can choose to accept a statement as truth or lie. We can choose who we will share ourselves with and in our society how we will use our talent. If all is taken from one, the power of choice still remains as the strongest weapon of the Universe. Our problem is that we fail to use it, or we use it only sparingly as if we somehow believe that only a small amount of it was allotted to us when we came here. But the reality is that we have unlimited use of this unlimited power. Facing any condition, any event, any circumstance, it is in our own best interest to STOP and think of our CHOICES. There are always two ways to go and almost always there is the right and wrong. To complain that we do not know the difference is a cop-out. No one knows you as well as you do and if you would but listen to yourself; deeply and willingly, you will always make the right choice. That is not to say that events will manifest exactly the way you want them to. We often see our choices producing upheaval, change and disengagement. But if we stay true to the power, we will see that it has all worked out rightly.
Every day gives you a multitude of opportunities and if you used no other power than the power of choice, clearly and with intention, you would control your life and the events in it. Choice is the mustard seed of abundance. Its continual planting provides a fruitful harvest. To leave it in the storehouse is to invite bareness. Every minute, every hour and every day, the choice is yours. Empower yourself!” – Gregge Tiffen