The Law Of Positive Selfishness

“You can’t be around metaphysics for very long without hearing “if you can’t love yourself, you can’t love someone else.” That’s certainly a valid statement. But what is also true is “if you can’t give to yourself, you can’t really give to another.” Most of us have been brought up to feel that any act of self-giving is an act of selfishness. But what we haven’t been taught is that the Universe operates on a Law of Positive Selfishness. The outworking of that law is for us to serve our needs before serving the needs of others. It’s also another way of saying, “Straighten up your own mess before you start mucking about with someone else’s stuff.” – Gregge Tiffen

Until meeting Gregge, I sincerely didn’t know about the Law of Positive Selfishness or the premise of giving to, loving and putting myself first. Gregge taught it, lived it, and pounded this Law into every person he ever counseled. Only after an earnest commitment to the exploration and application of this law in my own life did my comprehension evolve into a profound realization of how essential it was to my personal self-development. He presented the Law of Positive Selfishness and then said “teach yourself.” This was a true gift of love!

As we approach the annual celebration of Valentine’s Day “teach yourself” to be active in positive selfishness. After all, you are, always have been, and always will be your own very best Valentine!