Free Will– Part 3 – The Finale

If you abandon a project that interests you, you lose creativity and you cannot recapture the original vitality. This is because the body loses its vitality if it operates outside of its cycle and after a while the body just quits. You are meant to understand your dual polarity needs: the work and the play, the private and the professional. If you keep to just one single polarity, you diminish productivity. One gives you the energy to accomplish and enjoy the other.

A cycle operates in the law of perpetual motion. For example, you start a project, you get into it and you finish it. The cycle then renews itself and you are exhilarated. This is in direct contrast to running your life by clocks and calendars that indicate you have completed a time frame and are now exhausted.

As you get involved in living your days in cycles, you fulfill self cycles where there are no measurements. Anyone who is disaster prone is someone who is trying to stop a cycle and hold still. If you are considering a problem and it is not answered in 3 minutes, drop it. You are holding the cycle back, and if you give it more time there will be cellular stress. You can get back to it later and give it another 3 minutes IF you have not already got the answer.

Cellular stress occurs from being trained away from your natural cycle. In terms of your cellular structure, this causes a lack of development. All cells must respond to their natural cycle.

Nature is a great example of time and creative efficiency. Nature creates time by using the requirement when the requirement appears. We call those seasons.

This brings us to the subject of change and the seasons of your life. All change is the result of Universal cycles. Any effort you make to withhold change is to break cycles. That translates to mean that no good occurs if you try to stop change, or if you try to stop changing. As humans, we are often disappointed when time does not bring expected changes. We expect certain things to occur but the longer and more insistent we are to hold on to our expectations, the more we increase the pain because we are not moving with the cycle. We are dealing here with time as cycles. It is a fact that no single moment is recorded in which change has not occurred.

Therefore, you must look at the consistency of life in order to see how well you move within a cycle. To deal in logical terms without increasing any interior pressures, you can tell yourself, “I will not at any point in this day allow myself to be rushed.” You will, in turn, increase productivity.

The methodology for determining and modifying cycles is:

                  Here is my requirement.

                  Here is my energy.

                  Here is my priority.

Now… Take your Time!

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