Knowledge – Part 2

The total amount of knowledge that can be given to you as single consciousness at any given time is unlimited.  It’s relative only to the capacity of consciousness to learn, which means to use the knowledge. At the point of utilization, consciousness increases a certain undefined resiliency by virtue of its experience. Words fail me beyond this point. I don’t know how to describe and define resiliency, as I mean it here because what I really mean is the strength of consciousness. The more I know, the stronger I am. You may pull a gun on me, put sword to my throat, and do away with me physically (which is basically immaterial) because you can’t do away with my consciousness. Period. If you realize that your strength is in knowledge, which is your experience and the resiliency of consciousness, no one can affect you. Not even the Universe can diminish that one whit.

One of the most marvelous examples of this is those few who lived through the concentration camps of World War II. If you examined their backgrounds, you would find that they lived through those conditions through knowledge. They were wise people, and they did it in a way that maintained a resiliency of consciousness rather than giving up or giving in. That shows us just what a warped view we have of what’s valuable and what isn’t.

If you evaluate the way you eat, sleep, entertain yourself, and the processes by which you work, you’re likely to recognize that most of that time is wasted. Very little of it is put into the direct utilization of knowledge in terms of your individual learning requirements. It’s a waste to eat bad food that destroys your body. It’s a waste to go to a job for eight hours when you could do exactly the same amount of work in two hours and thirty minutes. Why spend the additional five house and thirty minutes doing something that doesn’t teach you anything? Such activity doesn’t build any resiliency of consciousness because it doesn’t give you any learning experience. Longings and dissatisfactions occur from just such a waste.

To ask “What do I know?’ is the same thing as asking your consciousness, “What did you do?” The smallest of your learning experiences should never be ignored. What you might consider the most insignificant, might add some tremendous stature to you provided (and assuming) the knowledge within the experience is used. This is why it isn’t wrong to say “I’ not going to do that because it doesn’t contribute to my own growth experience.” You are the one that has to make those decisions. If we all did this, you would find that we harmonize and are never in each other’s way. The cells in our bodies arrange themselves in exactly the same way. They transfer vital information to each other. It is also an absolute requirement that you always know where you are. Otherwise, how do you know where you’re going? You know your position not by knowing what country you’re in or what goals you’ve attained. Your position of knowing where you are is the knowledge of self-experience which is literally the knowledge itself.  The message from consciousness is, “This is what I did; therefore, I know where I am.” This is not as far-fetched as it seems in words because the question you keep asking yourself is the one thing you are here to learn. For example, if you are here to learn tolerance, every time you scratch you head you are to ask yourself if you’re learning something about tolerance. The onboard computer in consciousness then runs through the whole experience and immediately tells you where you are, and where you should be going. This allows you to figure out your whole procedure in stages.

Advancement in life experience suffers because individuals start off in directions that are irrational and individually non-productive. It’s sheer ignorance for people to say that they don’t want to know where they are because they don’t want to know where they are going. Leave them alone in their ignorance. On the other side of the coin (the polarity); once you know where you are, you are responsible to do something about where you are going. What else is there to do with your life?

Be emphatic about finding out what you need to know. There are always means of finding out. However, in the human aspect of the mind, there is that little voice that says, “Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter.” Nevertheless, sooner or later, you learn that there is a Law of Cause and Effect, a Law of Karma operating. For instance, the way you learn about death is what you learn about life by using what you have on hand. What you see around you is dying all the time. Old ideas die, cells die, people die out of your life.  You see, you do know about death by what you know at your particular point of existence. If it’s important to you to know, it’s important for you to learn.  Let it register in your thinking from this day forward that First Cause has already created everything. The answer is simple. Use what has already been created. For you to be aware of what that means, put the necessary energy into what you can recognize with one or more of your five physical senses and go from there. – Gregge Tiffen

Knowledge – Part 1

You will never know anything I try to teach you that you don’t need to know. If that were not true, there wouldn’t be any learning experience because you wouldn’t even accept the teachings. Everything that I teach you that you do need to know will automatically be accepted by you. You will learn something, in your own right, relative to your own need because it’s usable for you.

Life is knowledge and knowledge is Life. When we talk about life development we’re talking about the universal movement of gathering knowledge. This is how the Universe operates. This is how consciousness operates. We should feel some degree of ecstatic passion involved in the realization that this planet, this solar system, and this galaxy exist for our knowledge gathering and learning benefit. No matter where we are, the Universe produces an infinite variety of ways and means for us to gather knowledge through our life experience. As part of the learning arena on earth there is a great magnitude of energy within the spiritual, mental and physical frequencies. Literally everything you learn well at the physical level gives you a look at the things you can’t see. You’ve been placed here to do a job that lets you become fully aware of the teaching values available to you. 

The marvelous thing about the Universe (and infinity) is that the Universe cannot deal with Itself in infinite terms. There wouldn’t be any point of recognition. And, in an infinite Universe, you are an infinite consciousness. You must forever have obtainable to you an undefined amount of knowledge that is always available to you. That is a striking realization. 

Do you know that your consciousness can’t ever loose what you’ve learned and used? Consciousness absorbs knowledge. It feeds on knowledge in such a way that it doesn’t diminish itself nor does it add to it its mass. It uses knowledge just like the body uses food but it is done in such a way that it ingests the knowledge without changing its mass. How does it do this? Isn’t it true that you can be taught today, tomorrow, next week and next month without making yourself any larger? You can take in more and more knowledge without showing any change in your physical size. You can eat food; drink water and breath air with a marked difference, yet you can take in knowledge without changing your stature one whit. Consciousness absorbs and becomes the thing it learns. Since it has the means of devouring knowledge without changing its mass, it doesn’t need to store the knowledge it acquires on our sojourns. The total amount of knowledge that can be given to you as a single consciousness at any given time and place is unlimited. It is relative only to the capacity of consciousness to learn, which means to USE the knowledge. Knowledge not used is not knowledge. – Gregge Tiffen