Awareness Is The New Wealth – Part 3 Of 3: The Spiritual Body

“The average person would read this and say, “You’re crazy. There’s no such thing as a spiritual body.” Yes, there is and it has a real consideration when you are looking at the over-all theme and value of an individual. The spiritual body is a direct constituent of the physical body. In metaphysics, we use the word “consciousness” pretty easily without stopping to understand what it is trying to represent. Consciousness can be interchanged with words such as spirit, soul and many other words meaning the same thing. The reason the word “conscious-ness” is metaphysically considered a better identifier is that it indicates awareness. Consciousness equals awareness. When you say “spirit” you are not necessarily indicating spiritual awareness, but the term consciousness implies awareness. I am that Universe, and I am in a state of intelligence. We know what is going on.

Since consciousness is an on-going experience, you need to look at it on two different levels. One level is that its actual existence is there because the Universe is there. Therefore, its existence is total to the Universe. The other level of consciousness is that its experience is on-going and infinitely expanding. The character of consciousness is complete. The experience of consciousness is on-going.

It’s not a question of consciousness being born. It has always existed as if it were one cell of a universal body. However, each individual consciousness is having an individualized experience. Metaphysically speaking, an experience is always new.
We are equal in character, but we are not equal in experience, and we will never be equal in experience. Every consciousness is having an experience true only unto itself, and it’s never having another consciousness’ experience, nor will it ever. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? You can’t tell me that we’re not dealing with a spiritual body. Of course we are. Consciousness is inside your physical body representing an energy form which is equal to and shaped as your physical body based on your frequency rate. This accounts for why some people can go through a horrendous experience and thrive while another person can go through a similar experience and not be able to tolerate it.

Consciousness doesn’t have any use for the body because its connection is to the Universe. But, it is locked inside the body in order to have a learning experience at this level. Consciousness realizes it’s never going to die and it knows that its character is complete but that its experience isn’t. However, it will embrace the experience as it understands the quality of the experience.

When you begin to enjoy life, you begin to learn, but you can’t learn under pressure or negativity. The only learning atmosphere is a joyful one. It behooves you to realize that anytime you’re not joyful about what you’re doing, you’re not learning. When you’re not learning, consciousness isn’t benefiting and it wants out of the body. This manifests as simply blocking out what is in front of you. However, when you begin to learn, you embrace the experience and consciousness says, “Hey, this is a lot of fun. This is great. Look at all these things I can do with this vehicle. I think I will stick around and do this.” If you’re going through a life experience that is a drag, that is consciousness saying, “This is a pain. Let’s get out of here. We’re not having any fun.”

Can you see the advantage to invest some of your quality time in consideration of all of this? The returns are an awareness of what joy really means. Consciousness sees everything as joy and harmony.” – Gregge Tiffen