Consciousness And The Body – Part 2

Now we will turn to the body as the vehicle for consciousness. We turn from the clapper to the bell’s container. I want you to consider Nature and your body as one thing.

The power of the planet is the power you have available to you in totality. Your body is representative of the planet, comes from the planet, and belongs to the planet. Hardly anyone wants to deal with this as a reality. However, as interested developers and metaphysicians, this is something that needs to be imparted, in our present time, in order to take the knowledge and do something with it.

When we take vacations, we go to see the planet. We go back to Mother Nature as the source to give us what we need and want. Harmony, rest, entertainment, and beauty all come from the planet. When I want peace I go to the planet for peace. We have many people who live harmonious lives in tune with nature. If you go back into the initial lore, the native Indians were big in knowing how to translate the laws of the planet. They prayed to the wind, the sun, the trees and the clouds. They were always aware of an ultimate Intelligence. They identified those “gods” that belonged to the planet.

If you go back in mythology you will see this over and over again. Even when the gods come from heaven, they manifest down here, which is symbolic of nature gods. To pray, you pray to nature except when you are going to move out of your body and work with consciousness. In that case, consciousness would not pray at all. It has nothing to pray for since is has awareness of what IS.

The necromancer and the magician (black or white) will use tools that are the elements drawn from the planet whether using mercury, a bat’s eye, a willow stick or pure silver and gold. These all come from the planet. Power did not come from calling in angels but rather by calling upon the “gods” of the planet – animal, vegetable and mineral.

Every celestial body has definitive root characteristics. The root characteristic of this particular planet is that it is a receptive womb. Planet Earth is female and produces a mothering, nurturing base. Everything on this planet seems to come out like a family comes out. Look at how everything is related in family units. There are families of trees, families of animals and families of mankind.

Everything on Planet Earth is created new. Nothing here is ever lost. We burn a log that turns into ashes that turns into something else. Another characteristic is that this planet nurtures and it feeds. This is one of the most abundant planets you are ever likely to see. Metaphysically, it is difficult to understand why there could ever be people starving in this world. Wherever you go there is something that nurtures the body. There should never be a reason for anyone to go hungry on a planet that nurtures, or for anyone to be starved in any one of the five physical sense capacities.

Another characteristic of this planet is that it manifests. Nothing works here until it becomes tangible. The greatest idea in the world is worthless until the idea becomes tangible. In other words, the planet will not allow anything to exist for any period of time without manifestation. You cannot keep things on this planet from happening. If you are angry, that anger will manifest whether you try to hide it or not. In the same respect, if you are a warm and loving person, those qualities will manifest even if you do not point out that is what you are. One of the first keys of learning how to get along here unusually well is to remember that whether you like it or not, manifestation is going to occur. You might as well set up a positive sense to start manifesting all the positive elements.

One more characteristic for this planet is that it is a change maker. Nothing on this planet will remain stable. It must change. We are not talking about next month or next year. This planet is changing every microsecond of time. Nature has all sorts of systems for change; snakes shed their skins, the inchworm crawls into a cocoon and comes out a butterfly and animals shed their fur. This is all very visual and obvious, but we, as humans, tend to ignore the obvious.

What we are facing is that we have continuity, wisdom, will and Law in consciousness. Do you see anything very tangible there? No! You have consciousness in a vehicle on a planet that is mothering, creative, nurturing, manifesting and changing. You cannot match up the basic characteristics of consciousness to the basic characteristics of the planet. You cannot go in the Laws of the Universe and conquer a kingdom. That is antagonistic to Universal Law so consciousness must adapt to wherever it finds itself. It cannot change or conquer where it finds itself. For decades, a lot of metaphysical activity has been focused on getting a hold on consciousness and changing everything in life. You can work with what you have here and get the most out of it, but you cannot change the basic ingredients. You cannot usurp natural law on this planet.

An elephant is an elephant, and you cannot come along and change it into a flower. This is true because the planet is created with a Universal design. How can the Universe send one element of Itself against another element of Itself? That would be inconsistent. What the Universe creates will not send anything to overcome it. It is terribly important that you come to the realization that Planet Earth will never be a natural home for consciousness and that consciousness is not trying to usurp change or conquer the planet. It does not look upon the planet as a warm secure little niche that it can enjoy for a few million years.

It is your body that belongs to the planet, and it finds the environment perfectly okay. It is your body that is made up of animal, vegetable and mineral. It responds to the laws of nature, works to the laws of nature and develops to the laws of nature. It does not respond at all to consciousness. The master of the body is the planet.

For ages metaphysics has come along and tried to sell the other theme that consciousness controls the body. Experience will tell you that it never works. There is no such thing as mind over matter. There is matter over matter. If we could isolate consciousness and say, “How would you like to change this life?” consciousness would say, “What life? I am not in any life. What I am doing is registering an experience. I do not know what you are talking about.” Consciousness is not in a position to critique; it is in a position to maintain will, to support Universal Law and to store knowledge and wisdom.

Now we come to another point. What we need to realize is that we are two individualized units operating in a one point mass. Consciousness does exist. The body does exist. They both belong to us, and we have to operate two units as one. We are asking the most unusual of conditions to take place. This is good news/bad news. The good news is we have a broad range of categories we can address. One category is consciousness and the other category is the physical body. For example, consciousness might say in effect, “I must go to that school (meaning Planet Earth) because I want to learn about relationships.” Now, how many ways are there to learn about relationships? Consciousness doesn’t care how it is going to learn just as long as it learns in relation to what it wants to store as wisdom. Consciousness is always aware of itself. It knows what its needs are. If the issue is relationships, it says, “Well, I went through all of my records, and what I need is some experience about relationships. There is a good school. I will go to that one.” Consciousness has no idea the terms of working out the experience.

If you want a word to attach to consciousness, use conscience. It is that angel on your shoulder that reminds you that you are, in truth, universal and part of the Universe. Therefore, all of the Laws of the Universe apply. Consciousness does not make those Laws apply. Meanwhile, the body’s attitude towards consciousness is, “I do not know what you are doing here, but I am not going to listen to you. You do not belong to my family. I do not see any of my characteristics in you.” Your body is always looking at the planet through its five physical senses. It never looks beyond the planet. It looks at physical action only. Your body will not look at meta-action.

You will find living here easier and a lot more fun when you respond to the planet and nature as you are designed to do. You understand that experience is here to increase your awareness at a certain point for a certain reason. Major or minor, your experiences are there for your physical experience at that moment. Meanwhile, your consciousness is observing the show because it is already in perfection.

If consciousness had the quality of the will of survival the way we talk about survival, how could you physically die? You could not. To consciousness, what we call death is an experiential passage. Let’s say you are facing a problem, an experience, a challenge, or an opportunity. Metaphysically, your first inclination is to attack this thing through consciousness. Right there you are in trouble, which is why many times, your initial output to an action falls flat on its face. Doing something spiritually to you initially meant doing it by consciousness. Doing it spiritually to the body means doing it according to nature’s law – the spirit of nature.

The physical person is the one who conforms to nature’s needs and wants using five physical senses. The mental person is the one who conforms to nature’s action of creativity. The spiritual person is the one who conforms to nature’s law to use and produce a manifestation. – Gregge Tiffen – September 2008