“The big factor regarding your on-going existence is to maintain a continuity of life force in the Universe and consciousness has this continuity by virtue of the continuity of your experience. If there were a problem with the Universe, it would be Its enormity and infinity. Anything that is infinite can never know Itself because it is forever infinitely aware of an infinite amount that never stops. The way the Universe finds Its elements is by giving the same quality of awareness to Its parts. Some of the parts in the Universe are called consciousness. The Universe does not store Its knowledge. Consciousness stores the parts, the knowledge, of the Universe since consciousness does not have a problem with volume. Consciousness is the historian, the recorder for the Universe.

Consciousness is the keeper of the will. Will presages action. You cannot have action without will initiating action. What is will? It is indefinable. It is the characteristic of the Universe that produces action and motion. It is an indefinable Universal energy that has infinite ramifications so there is no way of saying, “Will is……” Will stands on its own. It holds on to the ability to initiation action.

Consciousness sustains Universal Law. Consciousness, as a part, becomes the supporter of the whole in its out-workings.

Look at this unique thing that we truly are. Consciousness maintains continuity, its sustains action and it stores wisdom. It supports Univerversal Law. Consciousness is, in effect anything the Universe is, could be and would ever want to be.

What we have here on earth is a little encapsulation of the Universe living in only a small infinitesimal corner of the room. The very character of consciousness is magnificent! How could we even presume to let it encapsulate in a body (a very little place) compared to what it is? How can consciousness express all its wisdom? How can it carry on its continuity? How can it support Universal Law? How can it use its will? It is like entrapping a beautiful stallion into a space of half the size of the horse. Yet it is done.

We must not look at consciousness as if it does not belong here. Of course it belongs here and it is here willingly. It just has a different methodology in which to exist. It carries with it all the storage information it has. What it does not have is the arena in which it can use and put out all of this energy and knowledge. Consciousness sits with the body, watching, observing, and recording. Your strength and power come from your consciousness because you have always had the wisdom. You are adding to that wisdom from experience.” – Gregge Tiffen