Control, Faith and Trust

“Getting control and keeping control seems to be a full time passion in our current lifestyle. We like to think that we are in charge, at least most of the time, and we are very reluctant to give up our controlling interests in any area of our activities. Yet, the most vital requisite for a complete and joyous life is the ability to share control with the Universe so that you can receive the support and opportunities that make life complete.

Let’s explore the issue of life control and cover the elements of when to have it and how to go about letting loose of it at the right time for maximum advantage.

To give up control is a threat to survival and means certain death because survival, according to the laws of the jungle, means staying in control. The physical body says, “As long as I am in control, I am going to live.” Its only interest is survival. However, you cannot give up control until you have it so let’s consider the meaning of control from a metaphysical and mystical vantage point. Control is the direct application of energy for the purpose of influencing destiny (destination) of a person or an event.

I am not in control over you unless I influence your destiny. That is true generally as well as individually. From the day you were born, parents schools, jobs and rules (wherever you go) have provided situations of control. Obviously, it is hard to regain your destiny and reverse the process of control after all these years in the making. But, of course it can be done. Begin with the recognition that you have been in situations of control from the very beginning of your life. Isn’t it time to give your body cells the option to make choices and decisions in a loving and caring way? What you are trying to do is gain control of yourself in order to stop fighting the habitual messages the cells have been giving you from, at the very least, this one lifetime of situations.

Ask yourself, “How intense has the control been in every aspect of my life?” How long and how deep has it settled into the cells of my body?” How else can you increase or decrease your control if you do not know what you are dealing with from this point forward? It is the willingness at my point of faith that indicates to me if I am making a dogma, a person or my work a controlling factor. Are you in the drivers seat or not?

Once you have begun to gain control of control, you can act on faith, but faith in what? Faith in a government, a society, a person? What do we mean by faith? Faith is conviction that relinquishing control is in your best interest. What this all comes down to is letting go and letting go requires having possession of control. Without trust, many people appear to be letting go when all they are doing is shifting gears. What do we mean by trust? Trust is the act of conviction that faith will not harm you. Trust is an act of faith that your consciousness is operating by universal direction. At this point, it is essential to understand that the Universe will not show you anything more while an error is being made that needs to be corrected. The responsibility to make those corrections belongs to each of us in our own way. No progress is possible until the necessary corrections are made at your point of awareness because there is no forward motion without harmony.

Understand the Universe exerts pressure for the purpose of re-balancing, and that control never reverts to the Universe. Your consciousness is always aware of what constitutes advancement. Consciousness serves the ultimate purpose directed by the Universe.

The body has no destiny of its own. It is mundane. It is you who is designed to keep the flow of energy open between you and your body and between you and your consciousness. This takes focus and attention on your consciousness, with awareness about which is which. The flow occurs by you relinquishing and accepting, relinquishing and accepting ad infinitum.

Consciousness has no trouble relinquishing anything because it is the expansion of consciousness to determine its destiny through relinquishing and acceptance. Consciousness is destiny and has faith and trust as its Source.
– Gregge Tiffen

Awareness Is The New Wealth – Part 3 Of 3: The Spiritual Body

“The average person would read this and say, “You’re crazy. There’s no such thing as a spiritual body.” Yes, there is and it has a real consideration when you are looking at the over-all theme and value of an individual. The spiritual body is a direct constituent of the physical body. In metaphysics, we use the word “consciousness” pretty easily without stopping to understand what it is trying to represent. Consciousness can be interchanged with words such as spirit, soul and many other words meaning the same thing. The reason the word “conscious-ness” is metaphysically considered a better identifier is that it indicates awareness. Consciousness equals awareness. When you say “spirit” you are not necessarily indicating spiritual awareness, but the term consciousness implies awareness. I am that Universe, and I am in a state of intelligence. We know what is going on.

Since consciousness is an on-going experience, you need to look at it on two different levels. One level is that its actual existence is there because the Universe is there. Therefore, its existence is total to the Universe. The other level of consciousness is that its experience is on-going and infinitely expanding. The character of consciousness is complete. The experience of consciousness is on-going.

It’s not a question of consciousness being born. It has always existed as if it were one cell of a universal body. However, each individual consciousness is having an individualized experience. Metaphysically speaking, an experience is always new.
We are equal in character, but we are not equal in experience, and we will never be equal in experience. Every consciousness is having an experience true only unto itself, and it’s never having another consciousness’ experience, nor will it ever. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? You can’t tell me that we’re not dealing with a spiritual body. Of course we are. Consciousness is inside your physical body representing an energy form which is equal to and shaped as your physical body based on your frequency rate. This accounts for why some people can go through a horrendous experience and thrive while another person can go through a similar experience and not be able to tolerate it.

Consciousness doesn’t have any use for the body because its connection is to the Universe. But, it is locked inside the body in order to have a learning experience at this level. Consciousness realizes it’s never going to die and it knows that its character is complete but that its experience isn’t. However, it will embrace the experience as it understands the quality of the experience.

When you begin to enjoy life, you begin to learn, but you can’t learn under pressure or negativity. The only learning atmosphere is a joyful one. It behooves you to realize that anytime you’re not joyful about what you’re doing, you’re not learning. When you’re not learning, consciousness isn’t benefiting and it wants out of the body. This manifests as simply blocking out what is in front of you. However, when you begin to learn, you embrace the experience and consciousness says, “Hey, this is a lot of fun. This is great. Look at all these things I can do with this vehicle. I think I will stick around and do this.” If you’re going through a life experience that is a drag, that is consciousness saying, “This is a pain. Let’s get out of here. We’re not having any fun.”

Can you see the advantage to invest some of your quality time in consideration of all of this? The returns are an awareness of what joy really means. Consciousness sees everything as joy and harmony.” – Gregge Tiffen

Awareness Is The New Wealth – Part 2 Of 3: The Mental Body

“Before we transition into the worth of the mental body, I want to reinforce that the physical body is your big issue as long as your vehicle is needed. And it is! If we were to weigh the value of your body,  the physical value would be ninety-percent while you are in an incarnated form on Planet Earth. The worth of your mental body is five-percent, and the worth of your spiritual body is five-percent.

Now we are getting into what gets to be interesting, metaphysical and exciting. This opens up vistas that I have not known anyone else to touch upon. The average person would say that if you are talking “mental”, you’re not talking about a body. However, you do have a mental body and it plays a very strong role as an interconnection between your physical and spiritual body. These are not disconnected units. The health of the mental and spiritual body has a definitive effect upon the way the physical body may or may not take in and process information. How does this work? You can understand this visually if you draw an outline of a physical body and within that outline trace another body outline to indicate a mental body. The one thing it has that you don’t have yet is experience, which you are hopefully gaining now.

Let’s get metaphysically practical. In energy form, there’s encompassed inside your physical body another living body. It is your background life body. It is now in the mental form as energy, but it is there. You have it in size, shape, function and experience. It is the background life residual mental energy in your body that has already had its experience. Isn’t this becoming interesting? You had a previous life experience. This means that you had and used a physical body. You are now dealing with current events as learning opportunities in a different physical body. Common sense tells us that the health of the background body must be included as residual. Is that part of your physical make-up? No, residual energy is not part of your physical make-up.

The stored residual energy is the foundation of your mental body because the background body doesn’t exist anymore. Residual is in a non-physical energy form, which you translate through your body cells, mix up with your current experience, and manifest. The manifestation includes your residual form, but it is not a physical reality. It is a residual mental reality that has been carried through from your background life. Therefore, it is there, but it doesn’t have any substance. Residual is there by energy vibration.

The mental body form pushes its way to the fore and becomes a real part of what you are trying to do. Is the current body equal in size to your background life body? Not necessarily. If you’re six foot six inches tall in your background life, you would not necessarily be six foot six inches tall in this lifetime. If you were male in your background life, you are not necessarily a male now. Of course, that is one of the huge changes. It’s as if a different person lives inside of you in a non-physical form, but it is you as a result of your connection to it. Why is the background residual body a mental thing? That is the only place it exists. The background physical body is already gone, but the residual mental body is laid into your cells in an energy form. In your day-to-day reality, you show that mental body energy form a lot. You show it as a result of its mental energy impress within your physical body.

If your body was masculine and it’s now feminine, you will start showing a lot of that specific aggressive masculine strength. One of the things you will try to do is get your body to develop that kind of masculine strength, which is all wrong. That is getting back to what you shouldn’t be, just as being in a state of regret if that background body is something you liked. I run into this situation all the time: an individual had a male life in the background life and had a very interesting, active, aggressive and successful masculine life. Now in this lifetime as a result of a balancing experience, the individual incarnates as a female. That female really doesn’t like her body at all. She sees it as something is wrong. She looks at her arm and can’t find the muscles. She stands up and sees she is five foot five inches, but she thinks she should be six foot six. The pain of that mental body that she is attached to can be enormous. Another example is the individual who’s background life body suffered a great deal. Such an individual wants to go back to that mental body because it was taken care of and that meant a form of security. Individuals most often refuse to let go of their mental bodies.

If the mental body doesn’t like it then the physical body isn’t going to like it much better. However, like it or not, it’s the body the mental body has had and it is very demanding. You do not get anything positive out of the mental body because it was the body that was there to set up the vehicle which set up the learning lesson. Do not take this to mean that the mental body is bad. The point is that you don’t want any of that residual mental body energy impinging upon your current life. It’s insidious and seeps its way into everything in your life, and it’s not going to go away on its own. The more aware you are, the more you can see, sense and tell what that energy is trying to tell you in terms of affecting your current physical body and experience. The mental body aways grabs a hold of you if you are not dealing with your physical body. The mental body says, “I am you.” – Gregge Tiffen

Awareness Is The New Wealth – Part 1 Of 3: The Physical Body

“No matter how much energy you use, you can’t use it up, nor can you add anything to it. This doesn’t make you more of what you are, but it does make you more aware of your worth. Awareness is a new wealth. When you’re aware, you find that there are hidden works in what you discover which include the worth of your physical body. First and foremost, it’s your vehicle for consciousness on this planet, and it’s something you have to live with comfortably during your sojourn here. If you haven’t already discovered this, it’s your body that does a lot of hollering and screaming when you don’t pay attention to it. The need is to invest yourself in understanding your body’s distinct requirements. Invest in the search at your own pace and reap the benefits.

Since the physical vehicle is going to be our main concern in Part One of this three part series, it’s obviously wise to begin with a metaphysical definition of health: Health is the state of natural harmony producing optimum performance. The first consideration out of this definition is the word “natural”. Natural is a big issue in our day and age, but it can be overworked and become very confusing. Simply put, natural is what would belong to the body under an absorbable circumstance. A drug produced by a laboratory isn’t natural because a drug insinuates itself on the body. It forces a reaction that is not in the natural state of the body. An herb may produce the same results, but an herb is natural because the body absorbs it, and it doesn’t have to force its way into the blood stream or organs.

Natural then, in this definition of natural harmony, is whatever the body is willing to absorb. Natural is a very distinct, identifiable condition for each individual. It will be different for everyone. The key is what your body will absorb. You eat a cheeseburger and your body may see that as very natural. I may eat a cheeseburger and be sick for the next twenty-four hours because my body does not see that particular input as particularly natural. Therefore, natural is whatever your body is willing to absorb with it being forced fed. Doesn’t that change the whole picture of what natural is to you? We are not talking about a standard but rather an individual condition which is terrific. This whole idea of natural should give you the sense that if it feels good to you, your body must be in a state of absorbing it.

The next consideration out of the definition is the word “harmony” which modifies “natural”. Harmony is anything that doesn’t disrupt the body’s individual flow. I don’t mean normal function. I mean individual flow. Flow in this case is everything; internal organ flow, blood system flow, coordination. It’s those things that allow for the natural movement and function of your body, whatever that may be. Natural and harmony obviously work together, but you need to understand the modification in the word “natural” before you can really understand harmony. In metaphysics, these words are bandied around way too much. What’s harmony? Harmony is really a matter of flow and not a matter of balance because you can have flow and not necessarily have a balance.

The next key word is “optimum”. As far as we are concerned, optimum is the same as natural. Optimum is what optimum is for you. Every individual has a different level of strength and a different set of health equations that they are going to use. In our society, we have attached optimum to standards. If an individual cannot run as fast, leap as high, or have perfect 36-24-36 measurements, they don’t have the right body. This is a disaster. You’ll never find any two people with the same optimum condition in their bodies.

The next word in the definition is “performance”. Unfortunately, the word performance has been used for too long to try to indicate some definitive task, and usually one in which the body has a physical commitment that has to show a result. Taking a day off and lying on the beach while enjoying the sun and air may be just as much a performance as sitting in the office, painting a picture, or doing tasks in your garden. Performance does not necessarily mean running a race. Performance means anything that your body has committed itself to doing.

Let’s look at the meaning of health once again. Health is the state of natural harmony producing optimum performance. That’s it!  If you can say that you are in a state of natural harmony producing optimum performance, then as far as you are concerned you are healthy. Maintaining the wealth of a healthy body over an extended period of time is a tough job. However, if you understand this definition and you understand the break-down meaning, it can relieve a tremendous amount of pressure for you. One of the things you can do when you are feeling out-of-sorts is to stop and ask yourself four questions out of this definition.

1. Is something unnatural?
2. Is something dis-harmonious?
3. Is something way below your optimum? Or, in some cases, you may be pushing yourself way beyond your optimum.
4. Am I in a performance level that I want to commit to?

If you answer these questions, even in a generalized form, you will become very aware of what you need to do to take corrective action. This is important because there are many situations that can be upsetting. However, regardless of the circumstances around you, you can immediately identify what you need to do to adjust and bring yourself back to that level of functioning health that is worthy of your body.

If you distill all of the options you have in life, I mean all of the things you can think of in life, it all comes back to this: The body is the only thing you own. It’s the only thing you have a total right to work on. It’s the only thing that will bring you absolute results without any other outside addition. There’s nothing else that you can name that will do that. The learning experience that brought you to the point of incarnation has to operate through the physical vehicle and knowledge is part of the body experience. You are missing the point if you wonder what the point of all this is since we die and leave the body behind. The body is the method by which you learn The issue is how far you advanced with it while you were here because when you come back (and you probably will come back) you want to come back in a more refined vehicle with greater opportunities to expand beyond where you are now.

Doesn’t it ever grab your attention that when we talk about a creative Universe we are not just talking about creating celestial bodies? Creating a celestial body isn’t that much different than creating an individual physical body. Common sense tells you that bodies must have some important significance if that very same Intelligence went through such a systems to develop these physical vehicles, which are extremely intricate and amazing. If it’s that important, how can we ignore it? Your physical vehicle is the big issue of your life.” – Gregge Tiffen

Nothing In The Universe Renews

“This is the time of year when most of us look to Nature and see everything in a state of reawakening. We think of spring as a time of renewal. However, the word “renewal” is a contradiction in terms. If something is new, it cannot be re-newed. New is that which has not been produced before, yet renewal is simply the act of remaking a condition that has existed before. In metaphysics, repetition is considered one of the most negative of conditions. The reason is simple and obvious if one were to watch Nature and the surrounding Universe. On close inspection, it becomes apparent that the Universe does not renew.

Nature is always moving forward and manifesting that which is truly new! The blossoms on the peach tree are not the blossoms of a year ago. The grass on the lawn comes up and overs the yard, but each blade is completely different from the grass of last year. Everything begins its own life in in own place with its own purpose. Within this truth is a great metaphysical lesson. Humans are creatures of habit. Repetition is not only a major characteristic of our make-up, but we even strive to follow previous patterns. We are experts at staying within the lines and therein lies our downfall. By failing to make an experience new, we recycle ourselves into stunted growth patterns. By making such choices, we fall out of synchronicity with the Universe and produce boredom instead of development. A marketing survey taken some years ago revealed that the two most effective words in advertising were “new” and “free.” This should not be so surprising since “new” is the very word that automatically unlocks our basic Universal longing for improvement and development.

Springtime. It is the season to shake out the metaphysical carpet and throw off the heavy winter blankets that may still seem so cozy even as the fresh breeze calls us outside. It is time to let our mind and spirit, still groggy with winter stories and pictures, move out to embrace the fun of spiritual adventure and inner blossoming. If you are in a rut, sit down in some quiet place. Start saying, “new” over and over again. Watch what happens. Doesn’t your body feel as if you have thrown off constriction? Is there not a sense of expansion? You are most likely going to feel lighter, happier and more anticipatory.

Life seems to fail us because we do not make new space for ourselves. This is a pattern that affects relationships, health and most certainly, creative output. We seem to worship at the altar of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” A wise thought to be sure, however life is a continuum of things being “broke.” Unless you are willing to take a new stance, walk a new path, find a new answer, develop a new character, build a new body, express in new terms, and see through new eyes, everything will remain the same. Go forth. Look for something to do and seek out a truly NEW approach feeling confident that a positive pathway is in front of you!” – Gregge Tiffen

You Being You

“Maturity is an enormously important element in metaphysics. The change from where you are non-metaphysically to metaphysically is a matter of maturity. Take responsibility and realize that this is totally your life from beginning to end. Once you get into that, your life can change dramatically. Happiness becomes a commonplace thing in your life beyond what you have yet to experience.

It becomes a value in life to have an identification of individual direction. That will never stay the same because changes occur event to event. Although I like to talk in terms of the ultimate, there are bad days. My panacea for that is to stay in bed, pull the covers over your head, and forget it. Tomorrow, start all over again. The idea to go around and think you are goin to change the world when you are having a bad day is ridiculous. You are just having a bad day. You made a mistake. So what? That is not the end of the world. What you have to understand is that, for the most part, you are focusing and trying. That is all that really counts. You are not, by any stretch of the imagination, supposed to be a saint.

You show me anybody who makes a grand effort to focus and give only to other people, and I will show you a bell without a clapper. Their life is practically worthless. They try to build their life on the basis of other people’s response to them, and that is how they live. They haven’t got much in the way of their own life. The bell is there. The clapper isn’t.

You don’t go out and push the darkness back. You glow, and the darkness pulls back. If you are good as individuals, everybody close to you benefits and responds to that. They use that as they see fit, and you are very happy in letting them use it because you didn’t really give. It was just YOU being YOU.” – Gregge Tiffen

True For All Time

“The purpose of life throughout time is to reach optimum control over your experience through the fulfillment of your needs, wants, and desires. The objective of your life, yesterday, today and tomorrow is to use the control you have developed to advance your awareness and learn within your own framework.  When you were released by the Universe into existence, you were given a specific space in the cycle of motion that we refer to as time. That motion in space was not available, and will never be available to any else but you. You have never given up your identity and you never can. The fact is, you have a Universal base of energy support that is all yours.

As an integral part of the Universe, you must know that you are not designed to be weak, angry or impotent. You exist with the potential to recognize conditions for what they are without any condition rattling the core of your being. This is true for all time. An experience does not do anything to you that you do not want it to do. Lying to yourself and hiding from yourself is very hard work! Such habits come from invalid identifiers that are ingrained inside of you in cellular storage units from past experiences. They are invalid because they act as layers upon layer of insulation that you have created from what you think is the need to protect yourself.

Take back what is yours! Recognize the quality of your experience without guilt or obligation. Recognize that the world does not owe you anything and get some fresh air into your thinking. First steps need to be done in small enough ways in order for you to notice the results.

Believe in the importance of everything you do. What seems like the most insignificant things in our lives often turn out to have the largest benefits. Likewise, what often seems like the biggest things turn out to actually be quite insignificant. How you do anything is how you do everything.” – Gregge Tiffen

Humanity – Part 2

“Control is neither assumed correctly, administered correctly, nor is it accepted correctly by humanity. Everything here is ours, and as the natural progression of creation, we have the responsibility for taking dominion right down the line. Until we can get back to the concept of our Source, our dominion, and the planet in line with the Universal Plan, we make very little, if any, progress. Consciousness was produced from the non-physical state into the manifested state of humanity and now, because of free will, mankind can do its own thing. Are we not in a larger family? This is a very important point. If you keep tracing along this line, you will discover the true meaning in terms of Universal unity beyond that which you even dare dream. What you will find are very finite points of relationships, molecule to molecule, image to image and likeness to likeness.

What do we know about reflection? We know to have a reflection there must have been an image from which to reflect. That image was originally spiritual, humanity was manifested as a spiritual reflection and then left in charge to take dominion of the planet. Within the normal Universal Life Force, manifestation was done in a spiritual form by reflection, in the image of spirituality. The physically manifested form is the image of humanity’s spirituality through its phases.
Back to basics: The Universe creates Itself. How? By reflection. We know the image is a reflection of spirituality. I, as one-of-one reflect off of you as my polarity, and I create me. What I see reflected from you is me, and I create myself. I create by my spiritual awareness because all of creation has already been created before mankind was manifested on the planet. I am not creating something that does not already exist. I reflect off of you, and I create my spirituality. I can only match up what I see with that Universal form of spirituality that I can recognize.
What is the most logical thing to do if you are going to manifest anything in an area that is brand new to you? You draw upon that which you already know and what you had already imaged. You manifest an expression of you. The only thing you can manifest clearly is an expression of you. The whole concept of individuality and independence comes into your awareness at that point. The planet Earth creates from its characteristic of animal, vegetable and mineral. The Universe magnifies and multiples that creation and reinforces a greater action so that the whole cycle of life goes on. You act. The Universe magnifies your action and reinforces that action into a vital Life Force for greater action.
Security is to know that you are connected to Universal Source and that you are safe. Your consciousness always sees its experience in Universal terms and stores those experiences as wisdom. Those stored experiences are seldom available to your awareness on a day-by-day basis because of the intense demands of the current experiential requirements. Consequently, we are out of touch with that part of us that provides the greatest comfort and sense of wholeness. The demands of conditions, and other people can diminish your ability to stay in touch with your consciousness. It is your choice as to where you put the emphasis. You gain control over your surroundings by freeing your consciousness to feel the strength of the Universe. We are born with two eyes in order to have one eye on the Universe and one eye on the planet at all times! Getting back to consciousness is to let it have time and space. Let it do wat it wants to do.
In metaphysics, consciousness defies description. “Universal totality” comes close but that is just a hint. If we could define infinity, it would no longer be infinite and your consciousness is an integral part of your infinity. Symbolically, we can look at the total Universe as a body and each one of us a cell, a part of the Universal body in totality. Consciousness is energy that permeates every cell of your body and cannot be seen in a microscope, but it is the total feeling of knowing. “ I know that I know, but I cannot tell you how I know.” To be generous with yourself, give yourself over to the Universe and find yourself!
Use opportunities. Take your inherent knowledge to figure out what to do with what you already know. Prayer and meditation put a burden on consciousness that it is not designed to bear. It is designed to relive its own experiences in pure, free form. Consciousness is already wise and you are born brilliant regardless of who you are, where you were born, or what your physical condition appears to be. We are each expected to add to that brilliance through experience. There are things each of us can only do on our own. As we experience what we know, experience expands and becomes another part of what we know. When we examine the early explorers who circumnavigated the world, we find they learned by doing. They provided their own specific knowledge to experiences. Applied knowledge is aware experience that ultimately turns experience into wisdom.
I may not know who you are, but your existence, your presence, provides an image for me to reflect upon about myself which adds to my experience. Finally, one day, the point comes when I have followed my experience to where it leads me. I realize, in consciousness, that I have acquired all the experience that I want and I crawl into bed very content. My experience continues on. Nothing is held back in the continuation of the energy flow.” – Gregge Tiffen

Humanity – Part 1

“It is very important to recognize that life interacts in the sequence of creation before humanity arrives on the planet. If we had arrived as observers at that point, we would not have seen anything in form, but we would have felt energy in operation. This is not something that is generally understood and accepted, but it is a very exciting part in the sequence of creation. The good news is that you have always known this story. Consequently, you know that what you are currently seeing and hearing around you today is not within the Law at the point you find yourself. Science, religion, politics and other doctrines keep painting your glasses black so you cannot see. However, you know if you take them off long enough, you are going to see what you have always known. You only observe in light of what you know.

We know that everything that is to be created has already been created out of First Cause. When we get to the finite level, we are meant to learn about the natural, regenerative processes on the physical level. Up to this point, we have learned that the form of the earth is established on the spiritual level and how, as a result, Life interacts between the Universe and the space prepared for the planet to exist. We now come to a new level of discussion regarding the energy of that Life Force. There is continuity as we deal with the upper levels of awareness. We move to the portion of the story about how the energy works on the finite levels of awareness. We need to know how humanity manifested on this planet. What are the details of creation that bring us to this point of our awareness? The Universe, in its natural progression and outworking, set up a place for the planet in a specific space. Once the space was prepared, the Universe brought the planet into being and divided the planet according to its needs for the heavens and the earth. It brought forth, out of Its own energy of spirituality, the interaction of Life. We cannot add anything to creation because everything has already been created.

When consciousness of the planet was first brought into manifestation in the form of humanity, people did not manifest in physical form. Originally, the form was more like fog talking shape, or what we think of as ghostlike. The physical form was in the blueprint for humanity, but it was not manifested until the molecules were gradually slowed own (over eons of time) from a faster frequency to a much slower frequency in order to match the slower frequency of the planet. It was at that particular point that the free will of the planet determined it would maintain itself in its own interaction with Life. Having done this, humanity was left to its own will and was given dominion to take over the planet.

When you see the word dominion, I want you to think of a benevolent King in every true sense of the word. He rules his country by the grace of his people. He is given dominion over his kingdom and over all the people in it. The welfare of those people and the operation of that kingdom, to the best interests of all the people living there, is an enormous responsibility. Do not ever take dominion out of that context. People’s relationship with their pets is an example of the affinity and love of dominion. There is a mode of energy around people and their pets, and the pets respond the same way they are given attention. Humanity is the recipient to a natural progression of the Law. Each person must rule with dominion and with all the responsibilities that attend to being the king. However, the average person will not face the responsibility of dominion to the planet. We are divorced from the proper way of exercising dominion. Dominion is the full operation of free will. The planet is your home, your kingdom and your responsibility. You are kings and queens. In terms of observable manifested life, humanity is given dominion over ever thing as the natural progression because nothing in the Universe is ever left alone and void. All things must follow, and all things must have their appropriate manifestation. We are the baby who has taken the first breath. We are breathing on our own. The umbilical cord has been cut. Humanity has been given dominion and humanity is to take control.” – Gregge Tiffen

Consciousness And Body Cells

“Every time you have made an honest decision in your life, you have felt good about it. Maybe at the time you didn’t like doing it, but retrospectively you find it was right to make the decision and act on it. The times when you have refused to go through the analytical process are the unfortunate times. When you haven’t made the decision or accepted someone else’s, you don’t feel good about it at all. It’s as simple as that.

Problems arise when you don’t make many decisions and act on them. For instance, its bedtime and you tell yourself you really should do something. Then you tell yourself that you’re too tired so you don’t do it. You have shut out the analytical process and refused to use your will. If you don’t use the will, you’re not positioning yourself to be in the flow of consciousness that is there for you. That’s the danger.

You have a couple of billion brains in your body because all your cells are thinking. All the cells in your body act as storage units. They accept information, store information, process information and communicate information. That’s what consciousness does. Because we have a physical vehicle, that’s what the body cells do. If we were on another planet, there would be some other means for us to accept, store, process and communicate information. Every cell in your body thinks. The harder you try to think in your head, the less likely you’re going to analyze because analysis doesn’t happen in your head. You can’t see consciousness as a separate little thing in the solar plexus bouncing around like some kind of rubber ball because consciousness is your totality. Consciousness, as seen in the human individual, is the construction of the physical vehicle and its cellular mass.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve never been given the opportunity to think about ourselves in that way. We grow up within a framework that says that certain things are acceptable and other things are unacceptable. However, every time you deny one cell of your body its recognition, you have cut off one cell of consciousness. You are denying the use of consciousness at that particular point. When you isolate those cells that you don’t accept, there isn’t any flow of energy. When there isn’t any flow of energy, the cells know that they have been rejected and they begin to die. It’s the only thing they can do because everything, including nourishment, is taken away from them. The lack of acceptance takes away part of your analytical capability which means you are missing that bit of information and your decisions are not going to be made very well. Any part of your body has a lot to tell you.

The first thing is to accept your body for what it is, whatever it is because when we are talking consciousness we mean from the tip of your toes to the top of your head as it sits there now. Let’s take the example of being overweight. You look at yourself and say “Oh, I don’t even want to think about it.” When you do that you are giving instructions to the cells that you don’t want to deal with them. You’re saying, “Get out of my life.” The cells that are in the fat area say, “Hey, we’re being thrown out, and we’re not liked anymore.” They feel very badly about this. Then you go out and see this marvelous piece of chocolate cake. You can’t resist because the cells in the fat area are the ones that would make the analysis and give you the will to resist, but you have shut them off. You told them that you didn’t want to think about them or talk to them, so they are not available to be used. You eat the chocolate cake because you can’t use that part of the analytical information. If you could, those cells would be saying, “Oh, wait a minute. Don’t eat that piece of cake because we don’t need it and we can’t process it properly.” That would be the analytical motion that would give you the will to say, “No, I really don’t want it.” This works just as well with money, sex, or anything else.

Your body processes the directions you give to the cells to not contribute to the action that produces the will. You might ask, “Can I use will to do the wrong thing?” The answer is no because if you are using will, you can’t do the wrong thing. You feel badly when you avoid going through the analytical process to make a decision and to exercise will. At that point, you are telling all or parts of your body to shut down.

You can see this in individuals who sleep a lot. Whenever they come up against something, they crawl into bed and go to sleep. That’s the avoidance of will. They say, “If I’m asleep, I don’t have to analyze, and if I don’t have to analyze I don’t have to make a decision. If I don’t have to make a decision, it will all go away.” They wake up in the morning and it didn’t go away at all. The imperfect state is when the flow of consciousness is blocked at the point of analysis. Therefore, it doesn’t become the action of will. When you love yourself for whatever you are, you are loving yourself in totality. This allows all your cells to naturally go through the function of the analytical process and make decisions. The perfect state is when the flow of consciousness is used at the point of analysis and finds itself as will taking action.” – Gregge Tiffen