True For All Time

“The purpose of life throughout time is to reach optimum control over your experience through the fulfillment of your needs, wants, and desires. The objective of your life, yesterday, today and tomorrow is to use the control you have developed to advance your awareness and learn within your own framework.  When you were released by the Universe into existence, you were given a specific space in the cycle of motion that we refer to as time. That motion in space was not available, and will never be available to any else but you. You have never given up your identity and you never can. The fact is, you have a Universal base of energy support that is all yours.

As an integral part of the Universe, you must know that you are not designed to be weak, angry or impotent. You exist with the potential to recognize conditions for what they are without any condition rattling the core of your being. This is true for all time. An experience does not do anything to you that you do not want it to do. Lying to yourself and hiding from yourself is very hard work! Such habits come from invalid identifiers that are ingrained inside of you in cellular storage units from past experiences. They are invalid because they act as layers upon layer of insulation that you have created from what you think is the need to protect yourself.

Take back what is yours! Recognize the quality of your experience without guilt or obligation. Recognize that the world does not owe you anything and get some fresh air into your thinking. First steps need to be done in small enough ways in order for you to notice the results.

Believe in the importance of everything you do. What seems like the most insignificant things in our lives often turn out to have the largest benefits. Likewise, what often seems like the biggest things turn out to actually be quite insignificant. How you do anything is how you do everything.” – Gregge Tiffen