Symbology Of The Body

We operate on this planet through three levels, spiritual, mental and physical. Because this is a physical planet our body responds to these three areas by assigning its parts as representatives of one or more of these levels.

The left side of the body is the spiritual side while the right side represents the physical plane. Internal organs represent the mental state. Consequently, one can easily judge in what area there is a deficiency by being aware of what side of the body is being affected. Problems on the right side indicate a misuse of physical law and on the left side indicates a misuse of spiritual law. Internal problems indicate that the thought process is holding some negativity.

Body sections are valuable indicators in the symbolical structure. Their shape and condition can tell us a lot about what is going on with our attitude and our life.

Because the head has so many separate features (and is almost always exposed to view) it is a marvelous indicator of one’s condition. The forehead relates to the mental plane. It’s size; expanse and lines tell a complete story of our state of mind. The eyes are assigned to the spiritual level. Their size, shape, color, the lids and any abnormalities such as muscle ticks, give a good indication of our spiritual awareness. The nose represents the physical level. Size and shape are indicators as are problems associated with stuffiness, susceptibility to pollen, colds, etc. The mouth and lips are mental indicators. Size and shape mean something here but not as much as what the mouth and lips do when in motion. Their action during conversation is a dead giveaway as to what is really going on in a person’s head. The ears are assigned to the spiritual level. How they are placed on the head and their shape tell us about a persons spiritual attitude. Ear problems indicate a clear problem with spiritual consciousness.

Extremities are also indicators. Shoulders are physical plane indicators. Arms tell us mental attitude. Hands are spiritual symbols. The torso is physical. Hips are mental indicators. Thighs are also mental. Calves are physical markers and the feet are very sensitive indicators of spiritual attitude.

In short we are a walking story of our physical, mental, and spiritual awareness and concepts. Among ancient mystics it was a common practice to read the body of a stranger or one making a proposal to be assured that what was being said was coming from a source of truth. So accurate was this evaluation that the Orientals designed clothing that covered everything and draped fully to hide the body. Long sleeves with large cuffs were employed to hide the hands so they could not be read. To combat this practice, potentates made it mandatory that visitors prostrated themselves before the throne, arms extended and hands flat. The emperor’s courts mystic would then read the hands of that person and advise the ruler.

In society we like to think that we have our secrets. Little do we know that we are a walking broadcast of what we know, what we think and what we believe. The Universe holds no secrets and we are not made to violate that law. – Gregge Tiffen