The Dynamics – Part One

This is the first in an ongoing series of articles entitled The Dynamics. We begin with Time. 

“Time as you and I know is speeding up dramatically. This is not something that is just fancy and metaphysical.  We are actually moving vortexally at a faster rate of speed. The clocks haven’t changed nor has the calendar.  You look at a clock and for all intents and purposes, you are looking at 24 hours. You don’t have 24 hours in a day anymore. Literally even though the clock is registering 24 hours you are loosing minutes a month in actual space-time.  The clock (or science) per se, will never register this. But the fact of the matter is that if you look at a vortex that represents a cycle and that cycle is normally registered as 24 hours, we don’t have 24 hours anymore.

That cycle is now shorter and it’s beginning to shorten by minutes each month so that by the time we finish a decade we’re probably going to loose as much as 2 hours off the 24. Now this loss isn’t clock time, but it is actual creative time. Even now most of you, if not all of you, say “I don’t know where the day goes” or “I’ve got so much to do and I don’t seem to be able to get it done” and you look at whatever it is, your workload or scheduling or whatever you’ve got and you say “Gee, I haven’t scheduled more, I don’t necessarily seem to have a greater work load, but I don’t seem to be able to do all of these things that have to be done within the space of time that I’ve allotted.” The reason for this is that you just don’t have the time you think you have.

Add to this is the fact that you actually do see things speeding past you.  Everything is moving at a very rapid rate. Decisions are being made faster. Products come to market quicker. Businesses sprout up and die faster than they ever did before; today they’re open and tomorrow they’re closed. Scientific advances and discoveries are moving much faster. The space program is working far beyond its original timing limits, Ad infinitum!  Literally everything around you is moving more rapidly. It seems as if one minute you’re looking at a niece or nephew or child and think “Oh, isn’t he cute” at 6 months old and before you know it he’s a year and a half. You say, “where did all the time go or what happened to all this time?”  That’s pretty much the timing characteristics that we now face. It doesn’t rob you so much of time or creativity as it puts a pressure on you and your own particular tempo, or vortex if you like, to speed up to match it.

Now the problem for a lot of us, and in particular for the older generation, is that we’re not used to speeding up at that kind of rate. The background habit is that we meet circumstances that come up as quickly as we can. In between that circumstance and let’s say the next event there is breathing space. We kind of collect ourselves and get back to norm and then when the next crisis comes up we take care of it.

What is happening now is when one crisis finishes the next crisis begins.  There is no space in there that is enough space for us to recoup. We are on this speeding train so we don’t really have the marvelous time that we used to have to kind of lay back and watch the clouds go by, take a deep breath, put ourselves back together and get up and face the world again. By the time we’re laying down on the beach it starts to rain and we have to pull ourselves together and get up and do something about it.  That’s the kind of time we’re losing and consequently that literally produces an untold stress on the system, psychologically, physically and even spiritually. That’s why you may be observing around you and you yourself may be involved with, seeing people going off the deep end. Everybody is hanging from limbs. People are acting odd, they’re going crazy, weird things are happening and people are telling you that they can’t cope anymore.  Well, this is all part of that timing problem. 

The object of this condition and the result is not to wipe us out. The Universe is not making a move here to see how many people it can eliminate in a few decades. The object is to put you in a position to see whether you can take advantage of what amounts to a quantum leap forward in your development. And, in all honesty, you will never get another chance like this. One of the great things that you’ve got to see is that it is an opportunity no matter how it may appear to you. This is a real opportunity. And, if you can do well in this you’ve literally taken a masterful jump in growth, and I’m talking of course in terms of spiritual growth. You’re taking a jump as it relates to your learning lesson, your taking it as a spiritual being, and your taking it as consciousness. In effect you’re going to not only gain, but also really learn.  Literally learn a tremendous amount more than you’ve ever known before.  What you can learn during this time would be equal to four to five decades under so called normal circumstances.

Really, it’s a question at least in my way of thinking, of are you’re willing to meet the challenge and to take advantage of it because that is really what it comes down to. Being able to say all of this is well worth it because of the end result. A result, which you really can’t see at this point and can only assume, is going to mean more to you than what you really have to put out here in order to make all of this function.”  – Gregge Tiffen

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2 – The Dynamics of Survival.