New 2012 Booklet “Echo” from The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen – Now Available

G-Systems International is pleased to announce the 2012 First Annual Booklet edition in The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen. 

Echo reverberates the ancient mystical communications derived from Gregge’s specific training in the Far East. Prior to that time and in preparation for some very specialized training, he experienced intimate astral communications much of which is now revealed to us.

As you read along, listen to how the words resonate within you. Spend some time and watch your thoughts, words, and attitudes in action. It’s you who gives direction to energy. It’s you who gets back exactly what you put out; no more and no less. Sound familiar?

To order this 7″ x 4″ 25 page cover stock edition booklet printed in the USA you can go to the link below to order online or send your payment for $10.00 (which includes shipping) to:

P Systems
PO Box 12754
LaJolla, CA 92039

California residents please add 7.5% sales tax.  For reduced rates on bulk orders of 5 or more copies, please call P Systems toll free at 1.888.658.0668.