Control, Faith and Trust

“Getting control and keeping control seems to be a full time passion in our current lifestyle. We like to think that we are in charge, at least most of the time, and we are very reluctant to give up our controlling interests in any area of our activities. Yet, the most vital requisite for a complete and joyous life is the ability to share control with the Universe so that you can receive the support and opportunities that make life complete.

Let’s explore the issue of life control and cover the elements of when to have it and how to go about letting loose of it at the right time for maximum advantage.

To give up control is a threat to survival and means certain death because survival, according to the laws of the jungle, means staying in control. The physical body says, “As long as I am in control, I am going to live.” Its only interest is survival. However, you cannot give up control until you have it so let’s consider the meaning of control from a metaphysical and mystical vantage point. Control is the direct application of energy for the purpose of influencing destiny (destination) of a person or an event.

I am not in control over you unless I influence your destiny. That is true generally as well as individually. From the day you were born, parents schools, jobs and rules (wherever you go) have provided situations of control. Obviously, it is hard to regain your destiny and reverse the process of control after all these years in the making. But, of course it can be done. Begin with the recognition that you have been in situations of control from the very beginning of your life. Isn’t it time to give your body cells the option to make choices and decisions in a loving and caring way? What you are trying to do is gain control of yourself in order to stop fighting the habitual messages the cells have been giving you from, at the very least, this one lifetime of situations.

Ask yourself, “How intense has the control been in every aspect of my life?” How long and how deep has it settled into the cells of my body?” How else can you increase or decrease your control if you do not know what you are dealing with from this point forward? It is the willingness at my point of faith that indicates to me if I am making a dogma, a person or my work a controlling factor. Are you in the drivers seat or not?

Once you have begun to gain control of control, you can act on faith, but faith in what? Faith in a government, a society, a person? What do we mean by faith? Faith is conviction that relinquishing control is in your best interest. What this all comes down to is letting go and letting go requires having possession of control. Without trust, many people appear to be letting go when all they are doing is shifting gears. What do we mean by trust? Trust is the act of conviction that faith will not harm you. Trust is an act of faith that your consciousness is operating by universal direction. At this point, it is essential to understand that the Universe will not show you anything more while an error is being made that needs to be corrected. The responsibility to make those corrections belongs to each of us in our own way. No progress is possible until the necessary corrections are made at your point of awareness because there is no forward motion without harmony.

Understand the Universe exerts pressure for the purpose of re-balancing, and that control never reverts to the Universe. Your consciousness is always aware of what constitutes advancement. Consciousness serves the ultimate purpose directed by the Universe.

The body has no destiny of its own. It is mundane. It is you who is designed to keep the flow of energy open between you and your body and between you and your consciousness. This takes focus and attention on your consciousness, with awareness about which is which. The flow occurs by you relinquishing and accepting, relinquishing and accepting ad infinitum.

Consciousness has no trouble relinquishing anything because it is the expansion of consciousness to determine its destiny through relinquishing and acceptance. Consciousness is destiny and has faith and trust as its Source.
– Gregge Tiffen