The Dynamics – Part Six

This is the sixth in an ongoing series of articles entitled The Dynamics. This installment is The World Systems – Repetition.

“The fourth area of The World Systems in this Dynamics series is Repetition. I collaborated a long long time ago with a gentleman who did a book. His name is on it not mine, but the book was called “How to Tell What You Know.” The concept behind this book was very simple. You tell them what you are going to tell them, you tell them and then you tell them what you told them. That’s how you get your point across. Well, that’s a good concept and at that time it worked and I think it still works.  However, the word merchants, and the advertising agencies, and the corporations and the government have carried that much further along.  Now you tell them, you tell them, you tell them, you tell them. Then you tell them what you told them and you tell them what you told them; in other words repetition. The idea today is basically brainwashing. If you tell them long enough they will believe you. That was probably one of the key factors behind Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister in World War II.  You tell them and you tell them and you tell them until they believe the falsehood is the truth. As I say, in this time and space that’s been elevated to an art. If you are not aware that you’re going through this brainwashing obviously you’re in the commitment without ever knowing it.

This is a personal thing because it’s been with me almost all of my adult life. One of the things that will push one of my buttons is when someone tells me something and I’ve heard it. Because I always pay attention to people when they are talking to me what I can’t stand is when that person tells me more than once. If I didn’t understand them I will let them know. I’ll say that I didn’t understand them or I didn’t hear them. Now if I don’t say that, I heard them and what I don’t want is to be told that again and again. I find repetition not only an insult but also repetition as a point of danger inasmuch as it shows their insecurity in my belief and their need to try to get me, by repetition, to either agree or understand them in which case they are literally trying to overpower me. I’ve never liked that.

Now in this day and age we see this as a consistency, especially in governments, as propaganda. You are told and you are told and you are told and it makes absolutely no difference that you’re not being told the truth. Lies become truth when you’re told them long enough. Just read a newspaper any day of the week, as there is hardly one iota of truth on those pages that is, at the very least, not manipulated news. About the only thing that seems to be true in todays newspaper is today’s date and possibly the location of the event. After that there’s not much in it.  There is so little truth in the media that it has now really become a farce. It is all manipulated news and you are being told exactly what you’re being told.

If you ever want to check this out sometime, and I don’t really know if you’d ever be privy to it, but incidents go on all the time in a city of this size. Quite often you’re there or around there when an incident occurs; a fire, an accident, a robbery or whatever and in some cases you may literally visually be privy to the event. Then turn on your six or eleven o’clock news and hear what the media says. You can’t even match it up. If you listen to what they say, never mind the pictures as they are fairly factual and they aren’t going to mess with much of that, but then listen to their story or better yet read it in the newspaper. Its manipulated news and that manipulated news is placed in front of you as a repetitive process to convince you of a certain thing. One of my other pet peeves is weather reporting.  Here in the northeast you have seasons and we have seasons in Dallas. These seasons are more extreme in the sense that your winters are colder and our summers are hotter. So what happens is all summer long they keep harping away on how hot it is and wouldn’t it be nice if it cooled down. Now, the minute the seasons change and it gets cool they start harping on how cold it is and wouldn’t it be nice if it got warm. That’s manipulation. What it’s doing is brainwashing everybody into thinking is what they are in is an uncomfortable state and things would be better if that state was changed rather than recognizing that winter is supposed to be cold and generally is and summers are supposed to be hot and generally are and the way to enjoy a season is to recognize that’s the way it is. Yet they will manipulate those facts to make you feel uncomfortable. Isn’t it hot, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a cool day. Well, they know you’re not going to get a cool day at least not down here until at least until October or November.  So then when it gets cold and we have our ice storms and everything they say wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were back in the summer. No, it wouldn’t be wonderful because then you’re talking about summer all year round. That’s a brainwashing technique at the very simplest and stupid level and you can run that up the scale to politics and everything else. What do you think, for example, about why celebrities are suing these rag magazines newspapers? Because they are nothing but a pack of lies and it’s manipulated news or manipulated truth, which is really a lie. I can make a statement to you that I really don’t believe the government is doing their job. So you go out to get your paper and there’s this banner headline that reads Tiffen accuses government of blah, blah, blah. They are basically saying what I said but it has been manipulated around into a whole different phrase and a whole different state.

What I am saying is that one of the controls and factors that really put you in a position of loosing your identity is to put you in a perspective in which whether it’s the truth or not, and often not, it’s repeated enough till you and everybody around you begin to believe it. See how easily that goes back to number one. If you keep being told that you are first, you are first, and you’re not really first however, you begin to believe that you’re first. But, in order to maintain that first you’ve got to be competitive. Now you believe in the competition and if you believe in the competition you’ve got to get aggressive. So now whether you like it or not you’re caught up in the aggression of the competition and you’re right back to where the whole circle closes and you’re all caught up in this thing. That’s the way the system is going to go. There’s no way out of it because we’re locked into that particular syndrome.” – Gregge Tiffen, 1984

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 7 – The World Systems – Fear.