Awareness Is The New Wealth – Part 2 Of 3: The Mental Body

“Before we transition into the worth of the mental body, I want to reinforce that the physical body is your big issue as long as your vehicle is needed. And it is! If we were to weigh the value of your body,  the physical value would be ninety-percent while you are in an incarnated form on Planet Earth. The worth of your mental body is five-percent, and the worth of your spiritual body is five-percent.

Now we are getting into what gets to be interesting, metaphysical and exciting. This opens up vistas that I have not known anyone else to touch upon. The average person would say that if you are talking “mental”, you’re not talking about a body. However, you do have a mental body and it plays a very strong role as an interconnection between your physical and spiritual body. These are not disconnected units. The health of the mental and spiritual body has a definitive effect upon the way the physical body may or may not take in and process information. How does this work? You can understand this visually if you draw an outline of a physical body and within that outline trace another body outline to indicate a mental body. The one thing it has that you don’t have yet is experience, which you are hopefully gaining now.

Let’s get metaphysically practical. In energy form, there’s encompassed inside your physical body another living body. It is your background life body. It is now in the mental form as energy, but it is there. You have it in size, shape, function and experience. It is the background life residual mental energy in your body that has already had its experience. Isn’t this becoming interesting? You had a previous life experience. This means that you had and used a physical body. You are now dealing with current events as learning opportunities in a different physical body. Common sense tells us that the health of the background body must be included as residual. Is that part of your physical make-up? No, residual energy is not part of your physical make-up.

The stored residual energy is the foundation of your mental body because the background body doesn’t exist anymore. Residual is in a non-physical energy form, which you translate through your body cells, mix up with your current experience, and manifest. The manifestation includes your residual form, but it is not a physical reality. It is a residual mental reality that has been carried through from your background life. Therefore, it is there, but it doesn’t have any substance. Residual is there by energy vibration.

The mental body form pushes its way to the fore and becomes a real part of what you are trying to do. Is the current body equal in size to your background life body? Not necessarily. If you’re six foot six inches tall in your background life, you would not necessarily be six foot six inches tall in this lifetime. If you were male in your background life, you are not necessarily a male now. Of course, that is one of the huge changes. It’s as if a different person lives inside of you in a non-physical form, but it is you as a result of your connection to it. Why is the background residual body a mental thing? That is the only place it exists. The background physical body is already gone, but the residual mental body is laid into your cells in an energy form. In your day-to-day reality, you show that mental body energy form a lot. You show it as a result of its mental energy impress within your physical body.

If your body was masculine and it’s now feminine, you will start showing a lot of that specific aggressive masculine strength. One of the things you will try to do is get your body to develop that kind of masculine strength, which is all wrong. That is getting back to what you shouldn’t be, just as being in a state of regret if that background body is something you liked. I run into this situation all the time: an individual had a male life in the background life and had a very interesting, active, aggressive and successful masculine life. Now in this lifetime as a result of a balancing experience, the individual incarnates as a female. That female really doesn’t like her body at all. She sees it as something is wrong. She looks at her arm and can’t find the muscles. She stands up and sees she is five foot five inches, but she thinks she should be six foot six. The pain of that mental body that she is attached to can be enormous. Another example is the individual who’s background life body suffered a great deal. Such an individual wants to go back to that mental body because it was taken care of and that meant a form of security. Individuals most often refuse to let go of their mental bodies.

If the mental body doesn’t like it then the physical body isn’t going to like it much better. However, like it or not, it’s the body the mental body has had and it is very demanding. You do not get anything positive out of the mental body because it was the body that was there to set up the vehicle which set up the learning lesson. Do not take this to mean that the mental body is bad. The point is that you don’t want any of that residual mental body energy impinging upon your current life. It’s insidious and seeps its way into everything in your life, and it’s not going to go away on its own. The more aware you are, the more you can see, sense and tell what that energy is trying to tell you in terms of affecting your current physical body and experience. The mental body aways grabs a hold of you if you are not dealing with your physical body. The mental body says, “I am you.” – Gregge Tiffen