Soft Cover Life In The World Hereafter – Now Available

|G-Systems is pleased to announce that Gregge Tiffen’s highly acclaimed book, Life In The World Hereafter: The Journey Continues, is now available in a softcover edition from our publishers, P-Systems, Inc.!

‘We can know what happens after we die,’ writes Gregge as he delves into documented detail to unravel the mysteries surrounding death and dying.

In his book, Gregge explains how each of us can ‘die well’ and shares important information about how our choices here in this life affect our life in the hereafter. He also gives readers a glimpse of what lies beyond our last incarnation in the Earth School.

This distinctive, original and unabridged manuscript is bound into a 180-page soft cover book, printed in the United States. (ISBN 978-0-9754494-5-5)

The book is $29.75 which includes shipping and handling inside the United States. To order copies, go to

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Also available are the specially designed companion bookmarks for Life In The World Hereafter. Named “Mark My Words: The Journey Continues,” these bookmarks have 40 colorful Post-it notes attached to them for referencing sections of significant interest to the reader. Each bookmark is available for $2.50, and can also be purchased at

A picture of the bookmark may be viewed at