Humanity – Part 1

“It is very important to recognize that life interacts in the sequence of creation before humanity arrives on the planet. If we had arrived as observers at that point, we would not have seen anything in form, but we would have felt energy in operation. This is not something that is generally understood and accepted, but it is a very exciting part in the sequence of creation. The good news is that you have always known this story. Consequently, you know that what you are currently seeing and hearing around you today is not within the Law at the point you find yourself. Science, religion, politics and other doctrines keep painting your glasses black so you cannot see. However, you know if you take them off long enough, you are going to see what you have always known. You only observe in light of what you know.

We know that everything that is to be created has already been created out of First Cause. When we get to the finite level, we are meant to learn about the natural, regenerative processes on the physical level. Up to this point, we have learned that the form of the earth is established on the spiritual level and how, as a result, Life interacts between the Universe and the space prepared for the planet to exist. We now come to a new level of discussion regarding the energy of that Life Force. There is continuity as we deal with the upper levels of awareness. We move to the portion of the story about how the energy works on the finite levels of awareness. We need to know how humanity manifested on this planet. What are the details of creation that bring us to this point of our awareness? The Universe, in its natural progression and outworking, set up a place for the planet in a specific space. Once the space was prepared, the Universe brought the planet into being and divided the planet according to its needs for the heavens and the earth. It brought forth, out of Its own energy of spirituality, the interaction of Life. We cannot add anything to creation because everything has already been created.

When consciousness of the planet was first brought into manifestation in the form of humanity, people did not manifest in physical form. Originally, the form was more like fog talking shape, or what we think of as ghostlike. The physical form was in the blueprint for humanity, but it was not manifested until the molecules were gradually slowed own (over eons of time) from a faster frequency to a much slower frequency in order to match the slower frequency of the planet. It was at that particular point that the free will of the planet determined it would maintain itself in its own interaction with Life. Having done this, humanity was left to its own will and was given dominion to take over the planet.

When you see the word dominion, I want you to think of a benevolent King in every true sense of the word. He rules his country by the grace of his people. He is given dominion over his kingdom and over all the people in it. The welfare of those people and the operation of that kingdom, to the best interests of all the people living there, is an enormous responsibility. Do not ever take dominion out of that context. People’s relationship with their pets is an example of the affinity and love of dominion. There is a mode of energy around people and their pets, and the pets respond the same way they are given attention. Humanity is the recipient to a natural progression of the Law. Each person must rule with dominion and with all the responsibilities that attend to being the king. However, the average person will not face the responsibility of dominion to the planet. We are divorced from the proper way of exercising dominion. Dominion is the full operation of free will. The planet is your home, your kingdom and your responsibility. You are kings and queens. In terms of observable manifested life, humanity is given dominion over ever thing as the natural progression because nothing in the Universe is ever left alone and void. All things must follow, and all things must have their appropriate manifestation. We are the baby who has taken the first breath. We are breathing on our own. The umbilical cord has been cut. Humanity has been given dominion and humanity is to take control.” – Gregge Tiffen