The Dynamics – Part Two

This is the second in an ongoing series of articles entitled The Dynamics. We continue with Survival. 

“The second dynamic in these times is one of survival.  Not survival as in life or death but survival in a real spiritual sense. If we handle this properly and come out as survivors, what we have done is probably gotten rid of the human growth limitations that tend to hold and anchor us down. We become really terrific beings. It brings us to a point of spiritual survival that has great value and in a real sense moves us to a whole new level.

You have to realize that when you come back, that is the reincarnation concept, which is a learning concept, you come back at a time that is ideally right for your development. Now I’m going to make an assumption that I can’t prove, but being in the work for as long as I have it’s a fair assumption.  Those of us who can survive these times, and in effect survival means accomplishment, we’re going to bypass a number of reincarnations that would have been the slow step-by-step baby process of learning. What we are now taking is a quantum leap.  The Universe is basically saying “Gee, you did a really nice job so we think what we’ll do is let you skip grades 5, 6 and 7 and you can go on to grade 8. Actually this is not a bad deal because you can assume 5, 6 and 7 are typically going to have a lot of drag and sludge in them because basically that’s how the learning experience goes here.  Remember that for every learning incarnation you have you have to have an incarnation to set a problem up. So just for the heck of it let’s say you’re graduated 3 steps. You’re actually missing 6 incarnations. How long would that take? Well, conceivably it could take a couple of million years depending upon the timing of when everything was right for you to come back. So if you don’t think a couple of million years isn’t a big quantum leap for this school I don’t know what would be. When you look at that you’ll realize that in a real sense it’s got to be worth it. Not only have you made the advancement but also you’ve been able to get over a lot of these slow and sometimes-ridiculous development areas that you no longer have to deal with on a step-by-step basis. That just puts you enormously ahead in the whole spiritual process.  The problem here of me telling you about it is that I can tell you about it but I can’t give you any real connection in consciousness that gives you an insight and have you say “Oh yeah, I feel it right here, so you’re right.”  You just have to take it as a premise and see how it feels after you mull it about for a bit.

The object then in this time frame is basically the object of survival. What we’re looking for here is to meet the demand.  Going back at bit, the demands are not placed on us by other people. The demands being placed on us are by the system. The system, which is operated by people, can be anything. For the most part it is going to be governments of one sort or another. But, it is also going to be representative of any part of the system, i.e. banks, schools, municipalities, and corporations, whatever. And you are going to find very weird things coming up. The system is not going to treat you kindly.  One of the things you can depend upon is that every time you learn the rules they’re going to come around and change those rules. The minute you think you’ve got a handle on something, somebody has another rule, or a new rule, or the other rule has been dropped.

To prove my point here is an aside example. During the Reagan campaign for the presidency of the United States he said he had no intention of raising taxes. And during the summer after he was elected, while we were all asleep, including the Congress of the United States, they passed a tax reform bill as a rider to another bill. When you looked at it, it cost the American taxpayers about $29 billon dollars. What they did was to close all the tax breaks that were available up until that date and everybody slept through it. So, Mr. Reagan didn’t have to say he was raising taxes; he already did by cutting off the tax breaks. The big ones. The important ones that made a lot us, especially people who are in business, function a lot easier. And even the people who just go and pick up their paychecks were effected because we were asleep at the switch.  That is the kind of rule changing I’m referring to. That’s the kind of thing that catches you asleep and what can you do about it? By the time anybody woke up to it, it was ipso facto. There was nothing that could be done. The IRS was sitting there chuckling, counting the money coming in and everyone was gnashing their teeth and there was nothing that could be done about it. You are dealing with a system that moves like that.  This is worldwide; not just the United States, but governments all over the world are doing this on a monopoly board. You have got to realize you either have a choice of going along with this and being caught up in this vortex, or somehow at your own level reaching some degree of protection so that at least you can minimize this ponderous effect of the rules and the rule changes. What I am trying to do, if I can, is to open your eyes, your consciousness, and your mind to what is happening so that you can redevise yourself to some degree so that you can see what is going to be needed.  

The thing that bothers me most, in all honesty, is the fact that the so called uneducated or under educated part of our society, the ones that normally take the blunt of all the negative conditions of major changes and control, will riot and rebel. That would be disastrous but I honestly can’t say to you that that is not within the realm of possibility because these are the people who usually get the worst conceivable end of the deal. They are the ones who’s paychecks reflect the tax bites, the cost of living, housing, the elderly who are on fixed incomes, and inner city people who are trapped in this thing. The more astute and intelligent the individual, the better the probably of having a fair fighting chance but, those who are not in that category may bring about an uprising and in that case you are in chaos. I’m not here to sound like some doomsday prophet but I also feel I’m a realist and the realistic view of this is that there is a potential possibility that we cannot ignore. This is a part of the survival scheme too. Can we live through that? The country may survive but you may be looking at the survival of a cripple and that is not survival at all.”  – Gregge Tiffen, 1984. 

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 3 – The World Systems – Being First