Consciousness And Body Cells

“Every time you have made an honest decision in your life, you have felt good about it. Maybe at the time you didn’t like doing it, but retrospectively you find it was right to make the decision and act on it. The times when you have refused to go through the analytical process are the unfortunate times. When you haven’t made the decision or accepted someone else’s, you don’t feel good about it at all. It’s as simple as that.

Problems arise when you don’t make many decisions and act on them. For instance, its bedtime and you tell yourself you really should do something. Then you tell yourself that you’re too tired so you don’t do it. You have shut out the analytical process and refused to use your will. If you don’t use the will, you’re not positioning yourself to be in the flow of consciousness that is there for you. That’s the danger.

You have a couple of billion brains in your body because all your cells are thinking. All the cells in your body act as storage units. They accept information, store information, process information and communicate information. That’s what consciousness does. Because we have a physical vehicle, that’s what the body cells do. If we were on another planet, there would be some other means for us to accept, store, process and communicate information. Every cell in your body thinks. The harder you try to think in your head, the less likely you’re going to analyze because analysis doesn’t happen in your head. You can’t see consciousness as a separate little thing in the solar plexus bouncing around like some kind of rubber ball because consciousness is your totality. Consciousness, as seen in the human individual, is the construction of the physical vehicle and its cellular mass.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve never been given the opportunity to think about ourselves in that way. We grow up within a framework that says that certain things are acceptable and other things are unacceptable. However, every time you deny one cell of your body its recognition, you have cut off one cell of consciousness. You are denying the use of consciousness at that particular point. When you isolate those cells that you don’t accept, there isn’t any flow of energy. When there isn’t any flow of energy, the cells know that they have been rejected and they begin to die. It’s the only thing they can do because everything, including nourishment, is taken away from them. The lack of acceptance takes away part of your analytical capability which means you are missing that bit of information and your decisions are not going to be made very well. Any part of your body has a lot to tell you.

The first thing is to accept your body for what it is, whatever it is because when we are talking consciousness we mean from the tip of your toes to the top of your head as it sits there now. Let’s take the example of being overweight. You look at yourself and say “Oh, I don’t even want to think about it.” When you do that you are giving instructions to the cells that you don’t want to deal with them. You’re saying, “Get out of my life.” The cells that are in the fat area say, “Hey, we’re being thrown out, and we’re not liked anymore.” They feel very badly about this. Then you go out and see this marvelous piece of chocolate cake. You can’t resist because the cells in the fat area are the ones that would make the analysis and give you the will to resist, but you have shut them off. You told them that you didn’t want to think about them or talk to them, so they are not available to be used. You eat the chocolate cake because you can’t use that part of the analytical information. If you could, those cells would be saying, “Oh, wait a minute. Don’t eat that piece of cake because we don’t need it and we can’t process it properly.” That would be the analytical motion that would give you the will to say, “No, I really don’t want it.” This works just as well with money, sex, or anything else.

Your body processes the directions you give to the cells to not contribute to the action that produces the will. You might ask, “Can I use will to do the wrong thing?” The answer is no because if you are using will, you can’t do the wrong thing. You feel badly when you avoid going through the analytical process to make a decision and to exercise will. At that point, you are telling all or parts of your body to shut down.

You can see this in individuals who sleep a lot. Whenever they come up against something, they crawl into bed and go to sleep. That’s the avoidance of will. They say, “If I’m asleep, I don’t have to analyze, and if I don’t have to analyze I don’t have to make a decision. If I don’t have to make a decision, it will all go away.” They wake up in the morning and it didn’t go away at all. The imperfect state is when the flow of consciousness is blocked at the point of analysis. Therefore, it doesn’t become the action of will. When you love yourself for whatever you are, you are loving yourself in totality. This allows all your cells to naturally go through the function of the analytical process and make decisions. The perfect state is when the flow of consciousness is used at the point of analysis and finds itself as will taking action.” – Gregge Tiffen