The Dynamics – Part Seven

This is the seventh in an ongoing series of articles entitled The Dynamics. This installment is The World Systems – Fear.

“The fifth point here, in case you haven’t caught it already, is that the first letters of the previous four elements in the world systems (First, Extremes, Aggression and Repetition) spell the word FEAR and that’s the bottom line. Fear of what you may ask? Everything! The Fear of not having your money, fear of not having relationships, fear of not having this, not having that, and fear of not doing this or not doing that. It’s fear time people. The idea now among those who are manipulating these systems is, if you can get them running scared you can keep them running.

For example, the IRS threatens you and that is the biggest threatening weapon of the government. So what do they threaten? Have you ever stopped to think about what is it that they threaten? They threaten your money or your possessions. So what? I’m not telling you in effect you don’t fight for it, but the point is, what kind of a threat is that? Are you telling me that you can’t recoup from something like that? Are you telling me that if they take a thousand here or two thousand there or whatever the case may be that you can’t do this all over again? If you did it once, you can do it all over again and be wiser, smarter and a bit more careful, but you can do it. So when you come right down to it you have 75, 85, 90 years here on this sojourn and in case you haven’t thought about it people – you ain’t gonna take it with you. Nothing. The only thing you are going to get out of here with is what you came with and that’s your consciousness.

You have to start weighing and evaluating and ask yourself what am I afraid of. You mean you’re afraid of loosing this person? Is that the only person in the world? I’m a romantic at heart. I really like a lot of romantic love songs and I will go along whistling just what you whistle, I can’t live without you baby. Of course I can live without you baby. I can live without you anytime I want to live without you. If I want to convince myself I can’t live without you then I’ll live in misery. You’re the only person in the world for me. That’s a bad world because if you develop a limp we’re in a lot of trouble. Romantically we may subscribe to those things but in actuality we have to grow up and face reality.

I’ve got to hand it to old Franklin Roosevelt as he probably said the most important metaphysical thing that was ever said by a politician, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. I can’t think of another term ever uttered by another politician in relatively modern times that has more meaning and value than that. It’s true, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Almost everything developed out of the previous four areas I have covered are going to be developed for the sole purpose of putting you into a state of fear of some sort or another. Again, fear of your job position, undermining your own identity, intelligence, and your own self-respect as everything is based on that. And what’s so bad is the repetition. Most of the people around you are going to buy into it. Chicken Little, the sky is falling, the sky is falling and that’s how they’re going to feel about it, the sky is falling. The sky isn’t falling but if you buy into any one of those areas you are truly buying into the sky is falling concept.

Now, I have never met a fearless person in my life. I’m not a fearless person. Everybody has some fear button in there. Part of the development of an individual in terms of a life lesson is a development, which eliminates or reduces, but hopefully eliminates whatever fear buttons you’ve got. At least if you can get them down to a minimum level you’re going to function fairly well because you really started at a pretty high level. One of the great fears is that nobody loves me or nobody likes me. Peer rejection is the biggest fear going and probably polling right up there with the number two fear of being destitute; money or financial fears or I’m going to be broke. I mean you put those two together and you’ve got it locked up. You could fill every institution in the country with that. Then from there you can make an almost infinite list of fears that go on and on and on. I’ve never seen a fearless person but I have seen individuals who have reduced their fear factors to a bear minimum. They have done that by staying out of these four areas. First – Extremes – Aggression – Repetition.

We often like to think of aggressive people, you know the old warrior type like Conan the Defender as being fearless. I fought in a couple of wars and I can’t claim to have seen or been involved with anything spectacularly unusual as wars go, but I have seen so called heroes, apparently fearless, just go to pieces. I remember the very first time I saw that and I was totally appalled because you just don’t think that a fearless person has any fear. There is a breaking point for everybody as every person has his or her fear point as a human individual. We generally don’t know what it is until we’re up against it but you don’t really want to avail yourself of wherever that point is to see how far you can go. What you want to do is recognize where those areas are now and begin to eliminate them. For the most part you are going to be dealing with the fear of rejection and financial fears so obviously you should start there.

Like many of you here or maybe all of you are in pretty satisfactory careers at this point. You may not be making all the money you wish to make but you’re making a good living. Now, you can’t tell me that you don’t harbor some deep seated fear that at some point that’s going to be cut off. You’re going to loose your job, situations are going to change, or you won’t have as many clients, whatever the case might be depending upon what you do. Everybody harbors that. That’s the point, the financial fear of what happens if all of this gets cut down? What happens if I make this major commitment to buy this new house or this new car, get married or have a baby? What happens if suddenly I can’t handle or pay for it? That’s not a conjecture, that’s a fear and if you allow that to go much further it’s going to eat away at you. What happens if she or he leaves me, what happens if I never find someone in life to be my companion? Those are fears, unfounded fears that cause you to buy into all the rest of this in one form or another. It just isn’t going to happen that way unless you want it to happen that way in which case its like laying down and just taking what comes along.

This takes us to the point of discussing what really amounts to the bypassing of these structures. People, this is not a fancy dance. The first thing you’ve got to make up your mind to is recognizing this and realizing – I don’t want to buy into this. I am going to bypass it. I am not going to get into a competitive position of being first. I am not going to let other peoples extremes dictate where I am. I am not going to go out and aggressively fight in any battlefield. I am not going to submit myself to the brainwashing of constant repetition and I am not going to buy into fear factors. Bypassing it all is the recognition of where your foundation and stability lay. Tell yourself and see yourself every single day of your life doing something that keeps you out of these positions. Not easy and what it calls for on your part is constant attention. For once you’ve got to stop being lazy. For once you’ve got to grow up to some degree of maturity and stop playing the little girl or the little boy looking for a mama or daddy to take care of you. For once you’ve got to stand on your own two feet and say, damn it, if I don’t do it it’s not going to get done. There’s nobody who is going to carry you through this. No church, no prayer, no fancy phrase, no secret password, no witch’s brew, and no alchemist’s stone. Nothing is going to get you through this but YOU! But, it takes attention. You’ve got to start listening to what is being said, observing what’s happening, questioning most of what’s going on around you and especially with yourself. You’ve got to find your foundations and your values now!” – Gregge Tiffen, 1984