Free Will – Part 1 – Timing

Fundamental mystical knowledge, applied in daily life, is to use your Life power in order to direct energy. That means using your Free Will.  It is in your power to stand on the banks of an empty pond demanding fish. It is also in your power to recognize that the elements you are interested in bringing forth in your life are to support your learning and your advancement – fish or no fish. Do you tolerate the world setting up delays and obstacles? Do you allow the world to force you into action?

You can tell the difference between operating at your tempo compared to being forced out of your tempo. If others are driving you, you are always struggling and tugging at the fishing rod. You cannot get your intended results and move ahead.

It is Free Will that coordinates your individual development. You are not here by mistake. You are mistake-free because you are here at exactly the right time for you to be here. You started out this lifetime at the perfect time with no variance. It is your Free Will and your experience that determines the variations for direction. These are your intellectual judgments.

Before we go any further, let us consider some major changes the planet is going through with the solar system. In this transitional cycle, there no firm fabric. Standard conditions are being replaced by totally unfamiliar patterns of change. We see this in erratic weather patterns with storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. Seasons are more undefined. We also see major changes in the attitude of successful companies making labor upheavals with no human concern. There is a chasm created from irritation between the young looking forward and the older looking back to lifestyles from the focal point of a quality of life being overlooked. Be kind to yourself. Create Time.

Yes! You can create “time.” The basic rule is to listen to the timing of the Universal heartbeat. Take notice of the natural cycles in nature. There is something going on within each cycle of growth. “Now is the only time” is a frequently quoted statement, but what does it actually mean?  It means that the current cycle is the only one occurring because you never see a whole cycle. You only see one immediate point in time. It is impossible to be ahead or behind on a cycle. Everything preceding this point no longer exists, and what is ahead does not exist. In fact, there is no roadway in a cycle. That means that momentum is all that there is at any given point.  Energy produces its own cycle.

How much momentum are you running on? The answer to that question is the only way you can know your cycle. Your Free Will provides momentum, which results in a desire to act. Ask yourself if you are where you want to be. Are you moving with as much energy as you have, or are you fishing on the banks of an empty pond? It is you who moves. Activity is the direct result of you providing the momentum, not the things around you moving.

Stay tuned as this gets really interesting…more to come in July 2016.