Retrograde Alert 2021 – Ruler 3


The energy impress of Ruler #3 emphasizes the ego area of your Fixed Star Analysis and Bicircadian chart. By definition, ego is the act by which you make your statements of conviction. The 3rd Ruler has not been in a retrograde position since 2018. Please take deep breaths everyone as we move through this very touchy and potentially explosive time period. Although Ruler #3 is a relatively short retrograde it is a potent one and when combined with the conditions of the Retrograde Ruler #10 where our ability to see the future is somewhat hampered, we must remember that the Law of Cause and Effect never sleeps. What we cause when our egos run unchecked will have an effect in the future.

“This Ruler #3 retrograde focus is on issues of people getting along with people. It tends to turn the simplest of conversations into bitter confrontations. The reason is this particular retrograde draws out the worst issues of the “spoiled child” that lies within each of us.

Sometimes the issue simply ends up in which one party feels that they are not getting enough attention while the other party feels they are overworked, underpaid, and should be given a vacation that includes unlimited spending money and no time limit as to when they need to return. This is very difficult, to say the least.

Even those who deal on national and international levels don’t escape this effect. It can often deteriorate into who has the biggest gun and whose ball it is; and if I can’t play I’ll take my ball and go home.

During this retrograde it will be the little things that count. Every molehill is a potential mountain and every itch can become a raging infection. Self-discipline is a MUST. Bite your tongue and count to 10 or 15 or whatever. Stop playing the “poor little me” game, as everyone has his or her own little red wagon to pull.

Remember that everything is more sensitive than it appears. Glass is really fine crystal and the ice over the water is only a reflection. Step very lightly!” – GT

Now that the message about Ruler # 3 retrograde is out of the way, please know that we will be sending out a December Inside Line newsletter this month in honor and celebration of Winter Solstice 2021. Watch for it in your inbox sometime before December 21st. It will be an uplifting piece we promise.
My very best to each and EveryONE of you!