Compatibility Analysis

This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

There is nothing within the spectrum of human endeavors more challenging than that of “getting along” with another human being. In a close relationship just “getting along” is not enough if the relationship is to develop and grow. For the most part we learn by trial and error, which is, at best a painful experience.

Because of the range and accuracy of Fixed Star and Bicircadian charts, you now have an easier and more substantial method of understanding and interacting with another person. This method is known as interfacing. Essentially, it is a comparative session between the charts of two or more individuals. This comparison is conducted under the same headings as those that appear in the Fixed Star analysis, that is “Personality” is compared “Personality”, etc. Using this method of interface, one can find the compatibility quotient of two people, but even more importantly, can learn to interact with each other to attain the highest possible level of understanding and harmony.

The Compatibility Analysis is an absolute must for married partners, for those intending to make long range commitments to each other, for parents in understanding their children, and for adults in learning how to deal with their parents and other relatives.

For those who are considering going into a business venture or those who need greater understanding in dealing with business associates with whom they already have an association this interface will help prevent costly business errors.

Essentially, this interface takes all the guess work out of relationships, replacing the trail and error system with an intelligent awareness that engenders mutual respect. It clears away the trouble and confusions normally associated with developing relationship and gives one a solid sense of stability and self control.