Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to commit to a specific number of follow-up sessions?
A: Follow up work regarding your development is a matter of personal choice. We can, however, supply extensive information on your various issues throughout your lifetime.

Q: Do you counsel children?
A: No. We will not directly counsel anyone under the age of 21. We can, however, provide information about a minor to the parent and/or legal guardian of that minor.

Q: Are sessions recorded?
A: Yes, all sessions are digitally recorded. A copy of the recording is sent to you via mail immediately after your session is completed.

Q: What are the fees for your services?
A: Because the services are variable, fees are set by the specific service(s) required and/or requested. Please contact our office for fee details.

Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: After you become a client, you may take advantage of a 20% discount on all services ordered for you personally during your birthday month. We do send out an annual birthday notice reminding you of this discount.

Q: Does your work have a large audience?
A: Yes, we have clients all over the globe. Our services are also used by a significant number of businesses and professional mental health care practitioners worldwide.

Q: Has Gregge been published?
A: Yes, in books and numerous periodicals! We also have a large selection of CD recordings available from his lectures, workshops and teleconferences. His books are available through P-Systems. The CD’s may be ordered directly from us.

Q: Did Gregge train other people to do this work?
A: In addition to the direct consultation services still provided by this office we have professional interpreters who have been trained and and are under exclusive contract to G-Systems International to interpret Gregge’s work. Contact our office for an appointment with us or with one of these professionals.