G-Systems Products

We currently offer the following products to our clients:

Home Study Media:
Although the primary focus of G-Systems International is on the individual, we find some issues are universal enough that a less personalized approach can still be extremely valuable. This led to our development of a series of audio recordings, available in audio CD and MP3 format. Click here for a complete title list of what is currently available.

To order these materials or for more information, contact our office by email or phone at (972) 447-9092.

Nutritional Supplements By Mail:
It became apparent to us early on that if we were to provide the information needed in a Health Profile, we would have to back up that information with guidelines on nutritional supplements so that the user could complete an effective health program. Nutritional information of that nature takes long and often tedious research and we found it more practical to keep that level of research and knowledge on hand at our headquarters where it could be checked and updated as needed. The new technologies in nutrition have exploded in the past few years and more advanced and effective products are coming into the marketplace every day. That led us to providing nutritional supplements directly in support of our suggested health programs.

We maintain a constant evaluation program related to new product development as well as an in-house testing program of these products. All nutritional supplements within your range of interest can be ordered directly from us. As with any product, be it cars or nutritional supplements, there are very large differences in quality; we only provide the highest quality products available for nutritional supplementation. Nutritional supplements can be ordered by calling our offices at (972) 447-9092 and we will ship them directly to your home or place of business.

Terms, Conditions, and Policies

All appointments and/or services must be paid in full prior to services being rendered.

We accept personal checks, money orders and/or cashier’s checks. We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Our office hours are from 10:00AM until 5:00PM Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday. We are closed for all Federal holidays.

All appointments are recorded; the recording will be given or mailed to you after your appointment.