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G-Systems International is continually publishing new material based on Gregge Tiffen’s work to aid in personal development. Check back often to see what new works are available!

“We need to make sure as time goes on that we have a library of this Universal work to live way beyond us. The key is to make sure this knowledge is correlated accurately as a contribution for your children and hopefully your children’s children. In today’s environment, it takes money and materials to do this work. Your support and contributions are greatly appreciated.” – Gregge Tiffen

Below is a complete list of our current publications. Most are available through P-Systems. You may order any available publication directly from their respective websites; each publication’s description notes which vendor or vendors it is available from.

Life In the World Hereafter
Softcover Edition – [Click Here For Pictures]
A message from Gregge: “For the past 46 years I have had the privilege of traversing the vast terrain of metaphysics. The journey over those hills and valleys has been beautiful and astonishing and I have often wished that I could have taken each one of you with me. But, of course, that was not possible.

“However, the time has come to recount some of that journey via the written word which has led me to the completion and publication of my book, ‘Life In The World Hereafter – The Journey Continues.

“As you might imagine from the title, it is a story that can, and will, raise controversy among those that believe life continues and those that believe physical death is the end of our experience. In concert with those who have long urged me to complete this book, we are prepared to move forward with the publication and distribution of these fantastic and uplifting experiences.

“It was also felt that the physical makeup of the work should reflect the highest quality of my work through the visual presence of the book itself. To this end the printing of Life In The World Hereafter will be accomplished using the finest materials available within the printing establishment.

“As I approach my 80th year on this amazing planet, I know that you will find this written journey a comforting and worthy means by which I can share my vision of Life with you. Don’t leave Earth without it!

The softcover edition is currently available from P-Systems.


The Story Of Infinity
Softcover Edition
Where do you search for the meaning of Life? There is pure excitement in this authentic and fascinating mystery. The Story of Infinity – An Esoteric Investigation gathers the particulars for you, leading you away from misinterpretations and misuse and into what was originally intended centuries ago. Gregge Tiffen tells us that this story was written in mystical code thousands of years ago by mystics and for mystics. The code was shared only among the mystics themselves, except on occasion when it was revealed by mystical teachers to train students who were sincere in their search for the meaning of Life.

The Story of Infinity gathers the particulars for you to lead yourself away from misinterpretations and misuse into what was originally intended for you centuries ago. It is currently available from P-Systems.


First Encounter Series
Not one, but three volumes! Although each volume is complete and can be enjoyed without the others, The First Encounter Trilogy illuminates three distinct aspects of your on-going journey here and wherever else you find yourself.

Volume 1: Into the Universe – Extraterrestrial Activities.
This science is no fiction. Gregge tells us that the time has come to understand how we have been pioneers about life in outer space, about the ability of that life to transport itself, and about extraterrestrial’s abilities to communicate with us. He introduces us to experiences he has had in order to give us a perspective on the part we play as participants on Planet Earth. It matters very little if you share the on-going interest in extraterrestrial activities or not. It’s never too soon to be prepared to understand your part in the Grand Design.

Volume 2: Down to Earth – Terrestrial Activities
We delve deep into the earth. Gregge is our tour guide into the subterranean society some fifty miles below the crust of earth’s surface. He gives us a perspective into the details of living with empowerment, the cause and effects of losing control, and the means of how to maintain control once we are aware of the responsibilities to use the Power wisely. Here is a perspective you won’t want to live without.

Volume 3: Earth and Second Earth
This is your call to a Higher Intelligence. No matter what knowledge you seek, no matter what guidance you seek, and no matter what your circumstances, there is a place in the Universe that is directly accessible for you to meet any one of your requirements. Take advantage of Gregge’s knowledge, experience, and training to raise yourself above earth’s energy level and tap into another level with deliberate intent and preparation. This volume provides you the specifics about the transference of energy between earth incarnate and second earth discarnate.

All of the volumes in this series are currently available from P-Systems.

In 2006, Gregge began a tradition of publishing booklets that shed new light on ancient wisdoms in pocket-sized editions for quick and easy reference wherever you are. Each of our booklets measures 7 by 4 inches and is designed to fit into a 4 by 8.5 inch letter-sized envelope for mailing to family and friends as well as easily slipping into your own pocket.

Booklet Ordering Information:
Booklets are available as part of our Booklet Of The Month subscription program or individually. For all booklet orders and inquires please contact P-Systems.

2012 One Edition Booklet:

January 2012 Echo


2011 Booklets:

January 2011 Open Secrets – Mystical Longings
February 2011 Open Secrets – Revealing Habits
March 2011 Open Secrets – The Nature of Feminine Truth
April 2011 Open Secrets – The Hidden Worth of New Wealth
May 2011 Open Secrets – An Air of Optimism
June 2011 Open Secrets – An Honest Performance
July 2011 Open Secrets – Creative Powers Released
August 2011 Open Secrets – Karmic Identifiers
September 2011 Open Secrets – One Original Thought
October 2011 Open Secrets – Ancient Rituals
November 2011 Open Secrets – Invisible Action
December 2011 Open Secrets – Sacred Passageways


2010 Booklets:

January 2010 Before an Afterlife
February 2010 Communication with the Living
March 2010 Near Life Experiences
April 2010 A Taste of Devotion
May 2010 Sight Seeing
June 2010 Sex, Lies and Assumptions
July 2010 Time Travel
August 2010 Economical Rates of Progress
September 2010 In Search of Wisdom
October 2010 Mysterious Investigations
November 2010 The Legacy for Generations
December 2010 Gifts of Enjoyment


2009 Booklets:

January 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Originality
February 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Polarities
March 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Creativity
April 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Application
May 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Change
June 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Humanity
July 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Awareness
August 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Cycles
September 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Completion
October 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Innovation
November 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Universality
December 2009 The Language of a Mystic – The Winter Solstice Story


2008 Booklets:

January 2008 Life – The Staircase of Many Steps
February 2008 Fanned Fire And Forced Love Never Do Well
March 2008 Deserve Success And You Will Command It
April 2008 Promises Are Debts To Be Met
May 2008 Pleasure Is Short – Wisdom Is Infinite
June 2008 Impatience – Fishes In An Empty Bowl
July 2008 To Know Another – Know Thyself
August 2008 Give Nothing – Get Nothing
September 2008 Learning Without Experiences Is A Bell Without A Clapper
October 2008 Deeds Are Fruits – Words Are Leaves
November 2008 An Empty Heart Makes An Empty Purse
December 2008 Faith Is Abundance In The Making


2007 Booklets:

January 2007 The Significance of Beginning
February 2007 The Numerology of Love
March 2007 It’s Springtime – Flow with the Power of Nature
April 2007 Tax Time – Are You Taxing Yourself?
May 2007 Mother Nature
June 2007 Father Time
July 2007 Feeding Freedom – The Meaning of Independence Day
August 2007 Do Angels Take a Vacation?
September 2007 What You Should Get from Education
October 2007 The Great Pumpkin – Was Charlie Brown Right?
November 2007 The Power of Giving Thanks
December 2007 The Winter Solstice – Giving To Yourself


2006 Booklets:

November 2006 Thanks Giving: The Power of Prayer and How It Works
December 2006 Winter Solstice: The Christmas Story


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