Booklet Of The Month Subscription

G-Systems International is pleased to announce the Booklet of the Month Subscription Membership. The following list indicates the titles for booklets we are publishing each month. The subjects have been chosen by Gregge according to specific energy patterns of interest and concern. When you become a member you will automatically be mailed your copy of the new booklet each month. Booklets can also be ordered individually outside of the subscription membership

For all subscription or individual booklet orders and inquires please contact P-Systems.

2012 One Edition Booklet:

January 2012 Echo


2011 Booklets:

January 2011 Open Secrets – Mystical Longings
February 2011 Open Secrets – Revealing Habits
March 2011 Open Secrets – The Nature of Feminine Truth
April 2011 Open Secrets – The Hidden Worth of New Wealth
May 2011 Open Secrets – An Air of Optimism
June 2011 Open Secrets – An Honest Performance
July 2011 Open Secrets – Creative Powers Released
August 2011 Open Secrets – Karmic Identifiers
September 2011 Open Secrets – One Original Thought
October 2011 Open Secrets – Ancient Rituals
November 2011 Open Secrets – Invisible Action
December 2011 Open Secrets – Sacred Passageways


2010 Booklets:

January 2010 Before an Afterlife
February 2010 Communication with the Living
March 2010 Near Life Experiences
April 2010 A Taste of Devotion
May 2010 Sight Seeing
June 2010 Sex, Lies and Assumptions
July 2010 Time Travel
August 2010 Economical Rates of Progress
September 2010 In Search of Wisdom
October 2010 Mysterious Investigations
November 2010 The Legacy for Generations
December 2010 Gifts of Enjoyment


2009 Booklets:

January 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Originality
February 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Polarities
March 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Creativity
April 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Application
May 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Change
June 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Humanity
July 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Awareness
August 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Cycles
September 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Completion
October 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Innovation
November 2009 The Language of a Mystic – Universality
December 2009 The Language of a Mystic – The Winter Solstice Story


2008 Booklets:

January 2008 Life – The Staircase of Many Steps
February 2008 Fanned Fire And Forced Love Never Do Well
March 2008 Deserve Success And You Will Command It
April 2008 Promises Are Debts To Be Met
May 2008 Pleasure Is Short – Wisdom Is Infinite
June 2008 Impatience – Fishes In An Empty Bowl
July 2008 To Know Another – Know Thyself
August 2008 Give Nothing – Get Nothing
September 2008 Learning Without Experiences Is A Bell Without A Clapper
October 2008 Deeds Are Fruits – Words Are Leaves
November 2008 An Empty Heart Makes An Empty Purse
December 2008 Faith Is Abundance In The Making


2007 Booklets:

January 2007 The Significance of Beginning
February 2007 The Numerology of Love
March 2007 It’s Springtime – Flow with the Power of Nature
April 2007 Tax Time – Are You Taxing Yourself?
May 2007 Mother Nature
June 2007 Father Time
July 2007 Feeding Freedom – The Meaning of Independence Day
August 2007 Do Angels Take a Vacation?
September 2007 What You Should Get from Education
October 2007 The Great Pumpkin – Was Charlie Brown Right?
November 2007 The Power of Giving Thanks
December 2007 The Winter Solstice – Giving To Yourself


2006 Booklets:

November 2006 Thanks Giving: The Power of Prayer and How It Works
December 2006 Winter Solstice: The Christmas Story