Start Dates

This service is available by telephone or email with the G-Systems International office only.

Everything we do from small events to large actions, constitutes a birthing. Just like the birth of a human, this start time will determine the ultimate outcome of an event.

Years ago we constructed an intricate metaphysical model to compute the ideal “time window” for any action. These windows, once computed, are matched to the event so that the start date, in calendar time, is as positive as can possibly be determined. The use of these start dates can help insure a successful venture even in the face of common obstacles.

Although this services is used mostly by our business clients, it is also invaluable when used for individual action. It may be time to stop flying blind. Tossing your fate to the wind is a gamble that can be costly, both in time, money and emotions. If you have an important event or action upcoming, contact us for the perfect start time. Those events can and do include marriage dates, moving dates, times to begin a job, vacation dates, divorce action, buying or selling a home, buying a car, contract signing, incorporation of a business, obtaining a business license, lease signing ad infinitum. There is no event that we cannot provide the most advantageous start date.