Marriage Bicircadian Analysis

This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

We see marriage as a business and a most complex one at that. We feel that trying to run such an intricate operation has within it more pitfalls than one would normally find in any other lifestyle activity. It is also apparent that the application of a personal Fixed Star and Bicircadian to a marriage, family or household is not nearly efficient enough to keep the marriage entity moving forward in a healthy and vigorous state.

The Marriage Bicircadian Analysis takes away the guess work of operating this unit successfully. The areas covered deal with partnership visibility, partnership attitude, effective problem solving, effective decision making, community interface, finances, social activities, shearing, spiritual bonding, evolution and progress, and goal setting. In those cases where two individuals are sharing a common relationship without the legal entity of a marriage contract, the analysis would also apply.

We require the month, day and year that the marriage took place. The time and location (city/state) and the two parties names. In some cases the analysis can be prepared in advance of the marriage date, provided the accurate time and location information can be furnished.