With only a few exceptions, we request a seven (7) day lead time on forecasts. We recognize that when you need forecast information you often need it “yesterday,” but our system of analysis, as efficient as it is, cannot do the job it was designed to do under irrational deadlines. Please keep this in mind when planning your order. We do not want you to be disappointed and unless we have been given adequate lead time, we will be obligated to delay your report.

No traveler with any intelligence would begin a trip without some form of navigational aid, whether that be a map, a computer guidance system, or knowledge of the stars. These navigational aids are essential if one is to arrive at the correct destination with dispatch and minimal encumbrances.

Everyday life is a journey of unique experiences. It is both exciting and perilous at the same time and requires the best of our talents if we are to reach a safe port. Yet most people begin this perilous journey each day with little or no directional aid to help guide them. That is a condition we have remedied with our Bicircadian forecast reports.

Bicircadian forecast reports are a personal analysis covering whatever period of time you desire. These reports are not done in generalities, but are assayed from a considerable amount of vital personal data available to us through our unique tri-level matrix system. With these reports you have at hand a rational, clear, and accurate guidance scenario that will assist you in making numerous daily decisions. They will provide you with the directional guidance that you need to make conclusive use of your capabilities.

The Bicircadian forecast reports can take place in three forms, The Six Month Forecast, The Six Month Calendar (the calendar can also be done for businesses) and the Astroradial.