5th Ruler Retrograde – Changes, Expansions And Movement

Warning: These are highly volatile retrograde conditions, meriting great caution.

This is the most significant retrograde of all and is one that supports war and warlike actions. Everything from sword rattling to the volatile and violent conditions existing now around the globe can be expected. Countries are aggressive during this time period and very unwilling to reach compromises of any kind. It is almost impossible to get anyone to the table to talk diplomatically or to sheath their swords to allow for a cooling off period.

Mother Nature can be more susceptible to fires, explosions, volcanic and earthquake activity.

This retrograde also affects machinery and transportation. Crashes begin to occur more frequently shortly after this retrograde begins and as a rule, highway accidents go up during this period. Traveling commercially, if you must, with a reliable carrier that has an established safety record is good sense during this time. Conversely, watch what you are doing on the road in your car, on your motorcycle, bicycle or your horse. You may be driving with good sense, but chances are others are not and defensive driving is the only way you’re going to avoid serious trouble. This is not a good time to let the kids have the car unless they have a fair amount of road experience under their belt.

Also affected is the area of physical activity. It’s a period in which body injury goes on the rise, whether by sport, working out, or simply not paying attention to the movement of your body. Everyone is prone to bumps and breaks. Don’t take physical risks and don’t start new workout programs. Make sure the body has time to repair any damage before you put it under strain again. Increase massage time and time in a whirlpool. Let the body relax. If at all possible, try to avoid surgery during this time frame. If you were born with Ruler #5 retrograde in your natal Bicircadian chart, or if the retrograde Ruler #5 is going to be transiting the 5th Event Angle of your chart during this time period, please take extra care with all of your physical movement.

Relationship issues can heat up quickly and move in erratic directions. Watch your temper during this retrograde. Pushing issues will most likely ignite a similar response until both parties are too deeply invested to be willing to give in. Demands are not likely to be met and pressures are most likely to be resisted. Learn that silence is golden and could, in the end, allow you to keep both your head and your honor.

Launching new projects is not advisable during this retrograde as the 5th Ruler’s powerful energy push forward is dampened and bottled up. Best to wait until the ruler goes direct to make your move.

In every situation during this 5th Ruler retrograde, RESTRAINT is the key word!

The Ruler #5 retrograde will transit one of the ten different event angles in your personal Bicircadian chart. That specific event angle will give you insight into which area you need to be extra mindful of for changes, expansions and movements. Reviewing your Personal Bicircadian Calendar for Ruler #5 position during this time frame will give you that event angle information. Don’t have your calendar? Call or email us for ordering details.

The more we are aware of retrograde conditions and their possible influences, the more we are able to navigate through our life experiences with greater control and clarity.