Background Life Expansion

This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

As is so often the case, answers to metaphysical questions tend to raise further questions. In this context we have discovered that individuals having gone through their Life Reading Profile, develop a strong desire to find out more about their previous background life in order to have a better understanding of exactly how and when its residue effect them in the current experience.

We have always subscribed to the precept that you never know too much you yourself and that includes the background life residue that you must deal with in order to advance with your current life learning lesson. Therefore, an in-depth study of the background life details will provide that very vital information and help you clear any confusion and blocks in handling the residual effects of the past life.

This session is designed to focus on the background life personality and experience with particular emphasis on those parts that are obviously causing the most problems in this current experience. For example, sometimes it is the background personality that is prohibiting the current personality from taking its rightful position. We will then dissect that background personality, layer by layer, so that you can see every nuance of its impingement upon your current identity. Or suppose you can’t handle relationships. We will investigate all background life relationship conditions and match them with current blocks.

All in all, a Background Life Expansion session is a deep learning experience pointing ways to new methodologies and turning the control back to who you currently are and away from the personality you were.

The Life Reading and Life Reading Profile information that came directly through Gregge is a requirement for this service. Life Readings and Profiles through Gregge are no longer available to new clients.

Important Note:  There are others in the metaphysical community offering services called Life Readings; they may purport to have been trained by Gregge to offer such. Gregge did not train anyone, nor was he given permission to train anyone, in extrapolating life reading energy patterns.  He held this as a sacred trust bestowed upon him for very specific reasons. Therefore, only Life Reading information that came directly through Gregge will be recognized and used by G-Systems International in order to maintain the accuracy and integrity of Gregge’s training and mission.