The Life Reading Follow Up

This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

When you had your Life Reading done by Gregge or through one of his authorized interpreters, your life took on a new meaning and direction. This new direction does not come overnight like some gift from the gods, but as a result of your application to the information provided to you and your willingness to make your lifestyle more effective and fulfilling.

This necessary change of direction requires, more than anything else, that you go through an unlearning process. You must get rid of old ideas and habits and replace them with new and vital methodology. In one sense you are going back to square one and are beginning the game of life from a fresh start. Junking the old and establishing the new takes a good deal of effort and attention to the smallest of details.

Because there are so many changes going on in your life at this juncture, it is easy for you to become confused and unsure of yourself. This is where a session of the Life Reading Follow Up can be of great help. Working with you we can assist you in identifying the current obstacles and show you new methods of instituting the positive aspects of your life learning lesson. This follow-up session helps you to move in the right direction at a much faster pace than you might expect if you were to make these changes on your own. Additionally it helps clear your thinking so you can more accurately measure how you are being influenced by the residue from the background life. It is this awareness that makes it possible for you to make effective corrections and meaningful headway.

Although there is no set time between your Life Reading appointment and when you should seek a follow-up session, experience has indicated that approximately six to ten weeks provides the span of time experience necessary for one to identify the existing blocks and determine in which areas new focus should be applied.

The Life Reading information that came directly through Gregge is a requirement for this service. Life Readings through Gregge are no longer available to new clients.

Important Note:  There are others in the metaphysical community offering services called Life Readings; they may purport to have been trained by Gregge to offer such. Gregge did not train anyone, nor was he given permission to train anyone, in extrapolating life reading energy patterns.  He held this as a sacred trust bestowed upon him for very specific reasons. Therefore, only Life Reading information that came directly through Gregge will be recognized and used by G-Systems International in order to maintain the accuracy and integrity of Gregge’s training and mission.