The Fixed Star Report

This service is a written report and does not require any appointment time.

Fixed Stars derive their names from the fact that in relation to this planet, they move no more than one degree every seventy-five years (75 years). This is a unique placement if you consider that even the slowest moving planet in our solar system moves over 2 degrees a year and the fastest moving planet moves over one half degree every hour. The use of Fixed stars was a central skill of ancient mystics and necromancers. The analytical understanding of these stars was kept in such secrecy that practically nothing was ever written about them. Subsequently in the evolvement of celestial effects, the consideration given to Fixed Star influences faded and was eventually lost. We have researched and refined that ancient science and have integrated it into our systems. As far as we know, we provide the only analytical application for Fixed Star influences in this country.

At the very beginning we would like to impress upon you the tremendous effect Fixed Stars exert on your life. They literally determine what you CAN DO and what you CAN NOT DO and HOW YOU ARE TO DO IT. That may seem to be an irrational thought to you, but experience has shown the pressure of Fixed Star effects to be unmovable. When your Fixed Star Report is done and compared to your personal historical information, you will see, perhaps to your discomfort, that our statement is valid.

Everyone approves their incarnated “BLUEPRINT” before they arrive here. You have been made aware of these Fixed Star positions and their influences. Your approval constitutes an exercise of “free will” and so you cannot complain that you are put under the domination of a blind, unfeeling Universal Force. Learning what you can and cannot do within the framework of your Fixed Stars will give you a life power beyond anything you have imagined. By mathematical plotting, astronomers have identified one hundred and thirty (130) Fixed Stars. We use seventy three (73) of these stars in our system. Of the seventy three, forty (40) produce positive influences and thirty three (33) produce negative influences. Your Fixed Star assignment positions are determined by the mathematical plotting your Bicircadian Rulers and computed from our exclusive “Release Time” formula.

The Fixed Star Report does not require an appointment. It is prepared in written form and mailed to you. This report is specifically designed for you and the fact that it is provided in text rather than in person no way generalizes the material. Your report will give you a full explanation of the Fixed Star system, your individual positions, what they mean and how you are to use them. You will also receive a detailed breakdown of each of your Fixed Stars, their number and their characteristics. All this information is provided to cover the ten essential lifestyle areas of your personality, ego, your mind and/or problem solving, decision making, world systems, your money, your mate/partner relationships, spirituality, changes and expansions and your future goals. This spectrum of analysis provides you with the “working tools” to effectively and efficiently activate your “learning lesson” as outlined to you during your Life Reading.