The Fixed Star Follow Up

This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

The more one uses and applies metaphysical information, the more obvious it becomes that there are unlimited applications of the system. Perhaps nowhere is that reality more evident than in the daily use of the Fixed Star information. Continual application soon brings the individual to the realization that there must be a whole host of advanced technologies at his or her fingertips and that not to have this knowledge is to invite considerable frustration in one’s life development. Recognizing this, we have made available a Fixed Star follow-up session.

The Fixed Star follow-up session may be used in two different ways. First to expand your knowledge and use of the Fixed Stars and second to assist you in any segment of application in which you are not realizing maximum results. The session is designed to illuminate three areas:

1. Greater depth as to the star’s functions and characteristics.

2. More information relative to the spectrum effects of the star.

3. Greater study of the methodologies available to you for application.

Most of the focus in the session is put on the methodology and exploring the various ways that you can make applications within the framework of your personality function. As you might imagine, no two people will apply the same tool in the same way, just as no two people drive a car exactly the same way. We tend to make conditions fit our lifestyle. Application of the Fixed Stars is no different and when you learn how to use them within the framework of your own personal style, results are not only more gratifying, but manifestation becomes easier for the user.