The Bicircadian

This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

The Bicircadian system was developed by Gregge Tiffen and surpasses most all astro-evaluation systems in use today. It is a chart formulated on a mathematical plot relative to the initial karmic time-clock initication. From this difficult and obscure formula comes a chart of such vast potential, that it can and is used as the basis for a whole series of program services.

Your first personal exposure to your Bicircadian is a session in which it is used to expand detailed applications of the Fixed Star report. Using the same ten categories that you have in your Fixed Star, the Bicircadian information extends and details your application of these ten areas on a very practical level. In essence then, what you receive from you Bicircadian is further methodology to allow you more finite and impactive experience with your Fixed Stars. We feel that this information is so important, that we set up a separate session for its presentation rather than trying to insert it into your Fixed Star report. Additionally, since your Fixed Star was sent to you by mail, your direct Bicircadian session allows you to ask the questions you may have about your Fixed Star report.

The Bicircadian is the second essential programs necessary to define a clear picture of your personal sojourn blueprint. With this information you now have your identity basics and you should be capable of instituting a more dynamic lifestyle, one that is suitable to your intent and purpose as a student on an infinite journey of fulfillment.

A word about the sequence of services for your “personal blueprint”…

The Fixed Star Report must be performed first, followed by the Bicircadian. There will be no exceptions to this sequence and it is done in this manner so that the student can clearly see the issues and use the tools properly.