Fixed Star in the Bicircadian

This service is available by telephone or in person with us or a G-Systems authorized interpreter.

When we do the original mathematical computation of your Fixed Star and Bicircadian Chart, we produce a very detailed personal astrolog. This logarithmic model furnishes us with almost unlimited information in whatever area we desire. Consequently, we can provide you with continuing insight into you and your life. Of particular interest is the effect upon you brought about by your Fixed Star positions in your astrolog.

This effect helps to further determine and identify your strengths and weaknesses and give you advanced designs for your lifestyle methodology. Analysis is applied to the exact azimuth of the log on which the star falls. This provides you with an intensely detailed study of available applications that you have in order to make the most use of the position. This information becomes even more vital when one considers a negative star position since all negative star positions are there to provide a “warning”. Appearing in any one the common ten areas of analysis, evaluation of the negative star can provide you with protective methodology to avoid serious errors or the replication of negative life patterns.

This session adds considerable depth to how you can function successfully. By going into detailed analysis, we can bring you to a fine point of understanding and usage. We do not see this service as advanced information, but rather consider it as an essential coupling to the basic Fixed Star/Bicircadian system.